Blues – An Essential Component of Today’s Music

Blues is a significant form of music. Most of the music that you hear today contains specific elements of blues in one form or the other. The influence of Blues music is quite evident in all the prevailing forms of popular music like Rock & Roll, Rap, Pop, Jazz or Country.

Afro Americans were the originators of Blues and started this music in the late 19th century in the plantations around Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana as these were the places where most African Americans used to live. Blues music at that time was a combination of work songs, field hollers, religious music, rag time and African music. The Blues music derived a major influence from the African music, as that had a steady and strong beat that was created using drums & some other instruments. This beat and the singing was a major part of the Blues music.

Field hollers and work songs also greatly influenced Blues music, as they were a sort of storytelling songs sung a particular tone. Similarly another musical factors that influenced Blues was Rag time. It influenced the Blues and introduced fast beats with piano. This way as soon as the Blues became popular, it started influencing the rock music in a certain manner.

Although Rock music did not adopt Blues completely, but certainly it borrowed few elements from Blues in order to thicken its music plot. Slowly and gradually every kind of music started to add certain elements of Blues in their own music type to enhance its effect.

Premier of Dave Grohl’s Documentary at Sundance Film Festival

Sound City which is Dave Grohl’s directorial debut venture will get premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on 18th January, before its theatrical release that has been scheduled for next month, that is, February 2013. Sound city – Real to Reel, is the Grohl’s album that enlists some of the musical legends who demonstrate the human element involved in recording and creating music.

Dave Grohl

This directorial venture of Grohl is a documentary, that archives the Van Nuy’s story. Van Nuys is a studio in California, which has witnessed some legendry recording by certain prominent music composers. One of such work was Nirvana’s 1991’s smash hit – Nevermind, in which Dave Grohl played the drums.

Grohl has announced that he will be bringing some renowned names from rock music industry, as his Sound City Players in to the park City’s live concert on the premiere night of Sundance Film Festival. Although there are a numerous speculations about who will be the part of this live concert but there are no certain names. There is no confirmed word about by whom will be the Foo Fighter joined on the stage. As per the speculations circulating around, Vinny Apice, Kevi n Cronin, Taylor Hawkins, Rupert Neve, Jessy Greene, John Fogerty, Barry Manilow, Rick Nielsen may be the part of this grand concert.

Everybody in the music industry is looking forward for this grand premiere of the Grohl’s debut movie Sound City, as it is going to come with a bang in this concert.

Interesting Facts about The Clash Band

One of the Britain’s Most Popular Punk Rock Bands

The Clash was one of the renowned Britain’s punk rock bands formed in the year 1976. With their debut album release namely The Clash in the year 1977, the band got the recognition and headed on their path of making successful rock music. Their third album named London Calling was released in the year 1979 in the United Kingdom. By the release of London Calling, The Clash also gained popularity in the United States. The album was declared as the best album of that time by the Rolling Stone magazine.

Clash Band

The classic line-up members of the punk rock band comprises of Joe Strummer as lead vocalist and guitarist, Paul Simonon operating the bass guitar, Mick Jones also as a lead guitarist, Topper Headon as a drummer. In addition to the most acclaimed rock albums of the 20th century named London Calling, The Clash also released various other popular albums namely Sandinista in the year 1980 and Combat Rock in the year 1982.

The album Sandinista featured a variety of music genres including extended dubs and rap. Sandinista, which is produced by the band members in collaboration with Mikey Dread, one of the famous Jamaican reggae artist; was a bit dragged into controversy both musically and politically during that time. Regardless of the controversies and struggles, The Clash has managed to build a unique place for itself in the world of Punk rock bands with the help of its highly dedicated band members and the amazing music.

How Beatles Changed the Rock Music

There are many different styles of music that encompass the rock music. Even though all rock music bands share the common spirit but the music developed by them is entirely different from each other. When rock music originated in 1950s and 1960s, a band from Liverpool entered the rock music – The Beatles. Before Beatles, only Elvis Presley was the established rock n roll music artist who gave them a competition.

The Beatles
Even then, Beatles admired his music and were also influenced by him to a certain extent. The ensemble of Beatles was supplemented with rhythm guitar, solo guitar, bass guitar, violins, drums and sitar. They experimented with the creative possibilities supported by multiple track tape recording. They changed the rock music to that extent where it was possible to make music in the rock studios but was not possible to produce that kind of music in live performances. They are even today known as the biggest concert draws on earth. Their music greatly influence the life of many people of that generation and also motivated the generation that followed. They at that time became the hottest entities of pop music scene in England at that time.
With such great success, Beatles opened the ample amount of opportunities for the new faces in the rock music market. When they opened up the market in US, many other rock music bands took the advantage of becoming global bands like Rolling Stones and Kinks. The way rock music has achieved global acceptance, much of its credit goes to Beatles.