Know What Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum Is

Rock & Roll Hall of fame is a museum that is considered a milestone in the world of rock music. This museum is situated in the downtown Cleveland on the shore of Lake Erie at United States of America. This museum is a dedicated to pay tribute to the world’s some of the best, renowned and most influential producers, promoters, artists, engineers and all those who by any mean have immensely influenced positively the music world through rock music genre. This amazing museum with such indifferent theme was created on April 20, 1983.

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There is an unordered catalog of approximately 660 songs (originally 500) which are the most popular songs from the rock music world. These songs have been selected with a belief that these have been the most dominant & influential in shaping the entire itinerary of rock and roll world. This museum completed its silver jubilee anniversary in 2009 and with grand celebrations their 25th anniversary was celebrated.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame not only achieved fame but with fame they also faced some criticism over past by some personnel. The most recurrent criticism associated with the Hall of Fame is that some does not feel the nomination process to be quite precise & fair and they were blamed for showcasing biasness. According to them the nomination procedure is proscribed by a those individuals who themselves are not musicians. But still today this museum is among the best dedication process for rock world.

What is Acid Rock?

Rock Music has influenced the world since 1950s. Rock Music has ruled the world with its uniqueness. There are many genres of Rock Music. One of most popular one, especially among youngsters is Acid Rock. This genre of Rock Music is a kind of psychedelic rock. This sub genre Rock Music is supposed to be originated in San Francisco. This music is normally associated with the hippies of the early 60s & 70s. This genre of Rock Music is exemplified by few lyrics incorporated with musical improvisation and most importantly extensive instrumental solos. This genre of Rock Music came into wider picture in the early 1960s. This typical ‘Acid’ term was given to this genre due to a specific reason.

Acid Rock

In the early 1960s this kind of music used to serve for acid trips as the background music during underground parties. At that time the most popular one were the ‘Acid Test’ and ‘Merry Pranksters’. Most of the times, Acid Rock is referred to as the ‘Psychedelic Rock’. The most famous Acid Rock brands the world has got over past include ‘Cream’, ‘Grateful Dead’, ‘Jefferson Airplane’, ‘Strawberry Alarm Clock’, ‘Big Brother & the Holding Company’, ‘Pink Floyd’ and many more.

The musical structure of Acid Rock normally makes it unique among other genres. Its musical structure normally revolves around repetitive themes with choruses, verses along with improvised long instrumental solos. The instruments used in this genre of Rock music include electric guitars, keyboards, vocal line-ups, drums and bass guitar. The wide use of phaser along with some other effects has got this genre of music to higher levels in the world of music.

Influence of Rock Music on Young People

Beneath the speculative misconceptions associated with the rock music, lies the truth. Many people in society of different age groups disagree the fact that rock music is attached to any positive influences that can outweigh its negatives. This can be the public opinion because due to lack of right knowledge most the people judge the influence of rock music without understanding the facts associated with it.

Child Punk

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Many blame it for the darkness that exists in the society due the shades of grey that it presents. In fact, it leads society away from darkness. It carries numerous positive influences which are not visible at a swift glance. Rock music in the longer run has not only showcased its positive influences on individuals but on time and society altogether. The positive influence of rock music can be derived from the messages that are conveyed by it. Like, suicide is one of the problems that society needs to deal with and teenagers are more prone towards it.

After receiving overwhelming amount of suicidal letters from teenagers, Good Charlotte band released an anti-suicidal song – Hold On. The embracing of the concept by many teens may have saved many lives. Rock music is the music of the teen generation and any positive message conveyed through it is understood by thousands of teenagers. Many draw motivation from these songs. Rock music has opened various issues and ideas ranging from different segments of society which may have remained overlooked otherwise. Hence, certainly there are some positive aspects of rock music.

Hardcore Punk – Rock Music’s Exemplary Genre

We all know there are numerous genres in our favorite rock music world. One of the most exemplary and diverse sort of rock music genre is Hardcore Punk. Hardcore Punks is simply referred to as ‘Hardcore’. This rock music genre basically originated in late 70s. Normally people get confused by considering Punk rock same as of Hardcore Punk. This genre of rock music is quite faster, heavier, thicker and far more abrasive than regular kind of punk rock. Hardcore has generated the imperative straight edge movements along with its related sub movements as well as youth crew and hardline.

Hardcore Punk

This genre of rock music was deeply occupied with abrupt rising in the autonomous record labels in the early 80s and also with the DIY ethics for the underground music prospects. Hardcore Punk has greatly influenced a great number of other music genres. These genres after getting influenced have experienced conventional success. These music genres include big names like alternative rock, grunge, metal core, nu metal, thrash core, Emo, and thrash metal and don’t forget the post-hardcore.

In Hardcore genre, the songwriting put more importance on rhythm than melody. This genre of rock music further got more emphasized through their dressing style. To support their hardcore punk genre rock bands the fans also adopted their dressing style with a dressed down approach of jeans, T-shirts along with a hairstyle of crew cut-style. Along with unique clothing style, diverse music along with influencing other famous music genre, the Hardcore has also influenced greatly the dancing. Hardcore Punk scene has effectually developed slam dancing along with the emergence of stage diving which has now become every star’s famous trend.

Is Rock Music Cursed being Surrounded by Crime?

There is not nay question or debate over the success, popularity, high demand of rock music in the world ever since its origin. But that is just one side of the coin – the name, fame, silver lights, camera, reputation, money, high status. But what about the opposite faces of the rock music which is quite grey. The opposite face is shocking, awful, surrounded by drugs, violence, abusive language and even jail. While looking at the bright side of the rock music world how can one avoid or underestimate the dreadful reality of the rock music world? This grey side of the rock music world leads to a debate – whether rock music is cursed being always surrounded by Crime?

Rock and Criminal

Rock music stars and jail time blend together like weed and whiskey, bars and stripes and hookers and cocaine. Well no wonder that many of our favorite musical heroes actually ended up in trouble with the law that leads to jail. This article in honor of the forever famous debate of our rock stars being ‘criminal minded ‘(well though they are criminal of stealing our hearts)?

The most famous example is of one & only legendary Ike Turner. He was accused of being beating brutally his wife, Tina Turner. Plus also got involved in drug charges and died due to cocaine overdose in the year 2007. But whatever happened in his personal life we can’t deny that he was a damn good guitar player and one hell of a creative entity behind the mighty ‘Rocket 88’. He gained immense fame, popularity, recognition and high status as the creator of first rock and roll song ever.

So is it true or a myth that rock music is cursed being always surrounded by Crime but we can’t stop loving it?

Metallica – A Preface

There have been many big famous names in the wide rock music world that have influenced the world greatly. One of such names in the legendary list of rock music is Metallica. Metallica is a famous American band from Los Angeles, California. It is basically a heavy metal band. The band came into existence in the year 1981. Actually James Hetfield replied to an ad that famous drummer Lars Ulrich at that time posted in a local newspaper.

The band incorporates the group of Lars Ulrich (drummer), James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett (guitarist) and Robert Trujillo (bassist). Metallica is deeply influenced by early heavy metal and hard rock bands and artists such as Queen, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin Deep Purple, AC/DC, Ted Nugent, Aerosmith and Rush.

The fame of this band can be understood by the fact that they were among one of founding “big four” of the popular thrash metal beside Slayer, Anthrax and Megadeth. Their attributes were quite different than other sorts of rock music bands. These include fast instrumentals, tempos and most famous aggressive musicianship.

Nine Grammy Awards have been won by the band that have raised their already star studded reputation & fame to higher level. The band has successfully sold more than a 100 million albums globally. Currently Metallica is the fourth best-selling music artist worldwide. With time Metallica has turn out to be one of the most influential & dominant heavy metal bands of all time.

Is 80s era of Great Rock Music making a Come – Back?

Whether you are a huge Rock Music hardcore fan or not but this question is going to amaze you. Is 80s era of Great Rock Music really making a return? Is it actually coming back to today’s our era? Well it is coming or not but yes truly the golden 80s era is always our favorite. The glorious 80s Pop Culture Box is still the best thing to go for. But there might be some who will say, ‘Has the 80s era ever left us?’. Who can forget the legendary Punk & the Post Punk? The hard rock 80s music along with the emerging glam metal sub-genre not only soothes one’s inner souls but also brought out the fun element in the environment.

Well discussing about 80s rock music is never going to end. But the question here is the current scenario. Many of the 80s famous music elements have been re-pimped as well as re-packaged by artists today. There-packaged ones have got the same popularity like old ones. Well for me that only proves that people are eager for the legendary 80s rock music. Secondly due to the huge successes of these re-packages many artists are also taking 80s rock music, tones and methods as inspiration for their music.

In either way it do turn out to me like 80s era of rock music is ready to make a huge come – Back. Well that is my and other 80s rock music hardcore fans point of views who will always wait for 80s rock music with great ease.