A Preface to Psychedelic Rock

Well the rock music world is very deep. It has been star studded with numerous jewels in the form of genres. One of such jewel studded genre is Psychedelic rock. Well Psychedelic rock is considered to be influenced or inspired by typical Psychedelic culture. This is also considered an exemplary attempt to replicate as well as enhance the mind altering exquisite experiences of drugs of Psychedelic.

Psychedelic Rock

This rock music is immensely famous since it uses new techniques of recording along with beautiful commendable effects in order to draw on sources (non – Western typically) like ragas and some drones of popular Indian music. This genre was promptly pioneered by world famous rock musicians including The Beatles, The Yard Birds and also by The Byrds.

This genre of rock music world emerged successfully during the era of mid 60s among famous blues rock and folk rock in both UK and USA. But the genre acquired its peak success between the years 1967to 1969. Psychedelic rock has also been well known for influencing the formulation of psychedelic soul as well as psychedelic pop. This genre is well famous for acting as a bridge for the transition from folk based & blues based rock music to glam rock, progressive rock and hard rock. The major contribution
of Psychedelic rock music genre is considered its contribution in the development of one of the most popular & in high demand rock music sub genre – The Heavy metal.

Even today Psychedelic rock genre is known for its hazy guitar sound, audacious compositions along with extended solos.

6 Popular Guitar Playing Techniques: Beginners’ Guide

The talent for music is something that one acquires right from the birth but one definitely needs great practice to come up as a good musician. Similarly to become a great guitarist, you must feel the music from within but must also learn the requisite skills.

Here are some guitar playing techniques that can help the rising guitarist to enhance their skills:

  1. In order to execute the guitar bend correctly, play your first note and then bend your guitar’s string with the playing finger itself which can be helped eventually by other fingers till the time you hear the next note.
  2. To perfectly play the hammer-on technique, pluck the first note only and then hammer the second note at a higher fret.
  3. In order to learn the difficult material on the guitar, play it as slow as you can. You can go by dissecting each passage and then learning it inside & out. Always play it very slowly by focusing on the technique, and once you are clear with the technique you can resume the normal flow of the beat.
  4. To get the tapping right with the guitar, tap it with the middle finger or the index finger at the written fret of the guitar.
  5. To achieve the natural harmonic in the right way, always touch the string lightly and do not press it down over the fret bar and then pluck it.
  6. To play the palm mute perfectly, always touch the string of the guitar with your right hand’s palm.

A Preface to Gypsy Punk

Gypsy Punk is a different kind of rock music genre since it is a hybrid rock musical genre. Gypsy Punk musical genre crosses successfully and elegantly the traditional form of Romani music with contemporary Punk Rock. The first rock music group that incorporated Gypsy music with punk rock music was Mother Head Bug.

Gypsy Punk

This rock band was active typically in the 90s, precisely in early 90s. But this genre got majority of fame among people when Gogol Bordello adapted this rock music genre. The band Gogol Bordello presented the world with Gypsy Punk via their music album namely Gypsy Punks: Underdog World Strike. The front man in this art piece was Eugene Hutz and described their art performance as Gypsy Punk Cabaret. This was the actually time when Gypsy Punk spread in the world like hot cakes.

Initially this genre of rock music had to face some criticism. The major reason was that critics considered Gypsy Punk as quite exploitation of the traditional Roma culture. But later on it got the fame which it enjoys even today. Bands using Gypsy punk genre frequently blends rock beats along with instrumentation but with some difference.
The difference is that this genre uses quite more conventional Gypsy instrumentation like accordion, drums, fuddle, tambourine, saxophone and trumpet. One more difference is there. Due to speckled cultural composition of the traditional Gypsy culture, some bands sing usually in a number of different languages. Sometimes these bands frequently switch the language in a number of times even within the same single song.

Sonic Youth History in a Nutshell

When one thinks over the precious jewels in the wide rock music world how can one forget to mention Sonic Youth? Well for those who have not yet recalled – Sonic Youth is an alternative band of the rock music world. This is an American based rock band from the city New York. This band was formulated in the year 1981. The famous lineup of this immensely popular rock band incorporated the guitarist Thurston Moore, bass guitarist Kim Gordon, drummer Steve Shelley, bass & guitarist Mark Ibold and vocals & guitarist Ranaldo. The band has been well known for their unique style, incredible tremendous music and some famous music pieces.

Sonic Youth Photo

Sonic Youth are among those few rock bands in the history of rock music world that have enjoyed success & fame ever since their origin and enjoyed it throughout the times. Plus this is also a part of those very few bands that have enjoyed critical acclaim too throughout their career. This incredible rock band had expressed an immense variety of influences in their time. These influences ranged from composer Cage to proto punk musician Smith.

The major acclaim that this band enjoyed was for redefining what a rock guitar could actually do. The band was also famous for using a variety of unorthodox sort of guitar tunings and also for preparing their guitars with some different objects like screw drivers or drum sticks in order to alter the timbre of the instrument for a unique variation in the music. Unfortunately the band was declared having an ending for sometime by Ranaldo.

10 Lesser Known Facts about Elvis Presley

Well who does not know about the king of the rock music world – Elvis Presley? But there are some unknown interesting facts about Elvis which you might not know. Interesting what those facts could be? Just go through this article and you will get the answer. Below here are 10 unfamiliar yet interesting facts about the legend himself – Elvis Presley.

Elvis Presley

Image: nbcnews.com

Have a quick look –

  1. Elvis’s popular black hair was not actually black. He had brown hair. He dyed those to black.
  2. Elvis was born twins but his twin brother was a stillborn. His brother was named Jesse.
  3. Elvis was actually his dad’s middle name which he took and got it milestone in the history.
  4. Elvis, whom every girl dream of, was actually got rejected at school by girls.
  5. The first ever guitar Elvis purchased was actually against his wish at the age of 11 by his mother.
  6. When Elvis was just 15 months old, he almost died in a tornado ofMississippi. If that would had happened that means the world would have been deprived of this legend.
  7. Elvis was a big foodie. He loved deep-fried fatty goodies, potato & cheese soup, meatloaf with mushroom gravy, biscuits, gravy etc. But he hated fish. He could not stand the sight of fish food.
  8. Elvis was 6 feettall and his shoe size was 11.
  9. Elvis met his wife Priscilla when she was just 14 years old and that too during his Germany military services. Eight years later after their meeting he married her.
  10. Elvis had a daughter Lisa who married Micheal Jackson. Later she married Nicolas Cage who was also Elvis’s obsessive.

Best Ever Rock Women Singers

If you think rock music is for men only then you are absolutely wrong. It is a women’s game too. Though the number of women rock singers when compared with the men rock singers is comparatively low but that simply can’t just underestimate the importance of women rock singers in the industry. The contribution from women rock singers gets more crucially incredible when one seek their struggle.

Amy Lee

The struggle was with so called sophisticated male dominated society, with inner self, with typical mythological men, with their family members despite their disagreements. Women successfully crossed all bars including being ‘sexual material’ tags in the rock music to prove the world what they are worth of. This rock music based article is just a heartily tribute to the contribution provided by these legendary, talented and famous women rock music singers.

Joan Jett

Today many of the remarkably breathtaking tremendous rock music pieces are provided by best ever rock women singers. The famous music pieces are Evanescence, The letter black, Icon for hire, Night wish, Within temptation, Valora and many more such outstanding art pieces. Some were loved for their thrilling voice while some for bringing new variations to the genre. Some were experts in make audiences dazzled in their seats while some could make the world crazy in a glance. The big names include Amy Lee, Joan Jett, Ariel, Alissa, Sharon, Sarah, Charlotte, Sid, Nico, Tuna Turner, and many more big names that all cannot be counted here. But their contribution in taking the rock music world to newer heights is indispensable.

Tina Turner – Legendary Rock Women or Ike Turner’s Wife?

Well rock world has got a long list of legends. Some of them also include legendary women who contributed beautifully and exceptionally in the rock music world. Such a name was Tina Turner. Tina Turner, original name Anna Mae Bullock was an American singer, actress and dancer born in the year 1939. She got immense fame as a rock singer who shook the world with her unique music style and remarkable beauty. She started her career in the mid 1950s. She ruled the world successfully with her talent and beauty for more than half a century while she enjoyed numerous awards and recognitions mean while. She was considered the most successful female rock artist.

Ike and Tina Turner

But even Tina Turner was not able to stay away from controversy. This remarkable lady enjoyed a huge success at professional front but faced domestic violence in her married life. She was married to the legendary rock musician of the time Ike Turner. She accused Ike for domestic violence & abuse in her autobiography. She had a split from Ike in the year 1976 and world took this as end of her career.

But this incredibly strong lady stood there as a strong pillar becoming an example for all the women around the world by rocking & shocking the music world again with her shear talent and the rest of the world with her dedication. She enjoyed success even after her divorce and achieved newer heights of success in her life & career. Some critics saw her just as Ike Turner’s wife but she proved the world that she was & she will always be a rocking rock women who can single handedly rock the world with her exceptional music.

Art Rock: Definition and Bands

Who can debate on the fame & popularity of the ever famous rock music? But not only have all known that there are several genres in the rock music that makes it more unique. One of such famous & classy rock music genre is Art Rock. Art rock is a sub genre that originally is supposed to be originated in the late 1960s in the UK. It is supposed that this genre of rock music originated with influences from a blend of artistic avant-garde along with classical music.

Rock Collage

Rock music lovers believe that Art rock music came into existence with just one feeling in the hearts of rock music lovers – to extend the roc & roll limits to newer heights. This came into subsistence as a result of opted experimental along with a conceptual outlook for music. Some consider it similar to progressive rock music genre but nevertheless it is quite different from that.

Though Art rock was developed in the late 1960s but it’s attained the utmost heights of success in the early 1970s. The legendary bands that incorporated in the immense success & fame of Art rock in the rock music world includes big names like Electric Light Orchestra, Jethro Tull, The Moody Blues, Lake and Palmer and Emerson and many more are in the list. The legendary rock artists like Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel also opted for Art rock music genre and took this genre to newer statures of success & popularity with their contribution. Art music’s virtuosity along with a unique musical complexity leads to achieve newest heights of success in the wide rock music world.