7 Lesser Known Facts about the Beatles

The Beatles

Beatles is a name that needs no introduction in the field of music. If you are big fan of the Beatles you must know following unknown facts about the band:

  1. In the initial days of the Beatles formation, Lennon thought that George Harrison is too young to join as he was just fourteen at that time. But later Lennon was impressed with his determination for singing and he was selected as the main lead guitarist.
  2. Stuart Sutcliffe, the Lennon’s art school friend had sold one of his paintings to buy a guitar. He recommended the band’s name Buddy Holly and the Crickets.
  3. The band got the one month termination notice when Koschmider came to know that they had been performing at the rival Top Ten Club which was against their contract and revealed the underage of Harrison to the German authorities.
  4. The band’ first recording was done in EMI’s Abey road studio under the direction of Martin where Best was replaced with Ringo Starr.
  5. The major partnership of song writing of Lennon and McCartney lead the band’s success but they bound Harrison’s as a lead vocalist because of his unprofessional behaviour.
  6. In 1963, the Beatles recorded the album ‘please please me’ and they get the resounding success in this. The song reached the number one in ‘record retailer’ in London.
  7. The Beatles tenth capitol album ‘yesterday and today’ the initial album cover was banned and then modified it by using friendly pictures.

Bonus: The Beatles: 1962 – Love Me Do – BBC Documentary

5 Cool Tie-Dye Folding Techniques

Tie-dye is a bright and colorful pattern made famous during the 1960s. Still popular today, you can tie-dye your own clothes to save money and make unique designs by using any one of the standard tie-dying techniques.

A significant part of tie-dying is the folding. How you fold your garment determines what type of color pattern you`ll get when you`re done. Try out different folding styles to create unique patterns for your tie-dyed clothes.



For knot tying, which is the basic form, you`ll need to hold the material at both ends and twist it into a rope. The rope is then tied into a knot that you should tighten, but be careful that you don`t damage the material. Make as many knots as you want for your pattern. You can use string or rubber bands to hold the knots in place and add thin lines to your finished patterns.



Spirals give a swirled look to your clothing. Start by laying the fabric on a flat surface and put your thumb and two fingers on the spot for the design`s center. Use the weight from your hand to hold the material steady as you twist. You`ll need to flatten the material with your free hand each time you twist so you don`t have folds popping up. Keep twisting until you almost have a “fat pancake” look to your fabric.

Use as many rubber bands as you can to keep the pancake together, intersecting the bands at the center without disturbing the fabric`s shape. If you`re going to immerse the fabric into the dye, just set the pancake into the bath and don`t stir.



Electric bunching is simple and will give you a wild pattern, but it works best on thinner fabrics. Simply gather the fabric into little bunches until it`s ball-shaped. Leave as much of the cloth`s surface exposed as you can and use rubber bands or strings to keep it together. When you put the ball into the dye bath, don`t stir. Turn it over occasionally instead.



Rosette is a circular pattern in which you`ll have small circles overlapping or touching in your finished product. Use a pencil to make little dots on the cloth in whatever pattern you choose. The dots will be the centers of your circles.

Using your thumb and forefinger, pick up each dot and move it to your other hand. Use rubber bands or strings tightly around the base of the circles and wrap to the tip and back. Your ties must be tight to get the correct pattern.



Roll your fabric into a loose tube, from bottom to top. Tie into spots you want stripes to run down. You`ll need to loop rubber bands around the tube or use string and knot before immersing in dye or squirting your color on.

Use your imagination to create different styles using folding techniques and different color dyes available on the market today. Informational providers, accessed when you these guys, have dye hints and other useful advice available.

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Interesting Facts about Motley Crue

Motley Crue, an American heavy metal band that rose to fame in the 1980s, formed in Los Angeles in 1981. Lead singer Vince Neil, drummer Tommy Lee, bassist Nikki Sixx and lead guitarist Mick Mars took the music scene by storm, with number one hit albums such as “Dr. Feelgood” and “Girls, Girls, Girls.” The band was almost as famous for the hard partying lifestyles of the members as it was for the music, making for some interesting facts.

Motley Crue

The First Singer

The first singer of Motley Crue was a man known as O`Dean. Nikki, Mick and Tommy, while the band was still nameless, decided they didn`t care for his vocal pitch or his refusal to work well with the other band members. When they fired him, Mick recommended the lead singer of Rockandi, Vince Neil.

Mottley Cru

Mick`s first band name suggestion was “Mottley Cru,” something he`d seen and jotted down. Nikki Sixx liked the name but not the spelling, changing it to “Motley Crue.”

June 6, 1981

The sixth of June in 1981 was the band`s first official gig together, at the Troubadour. They set a record for attendance and Vince Neil learned a few things from David Lee Roth of Van Halen, who liked the band and took the time to offer some industry insight.

Coffman`s Fines

Determined to make the band a professional hit, manager Allan Coffman imposed a fine system in July of 1981. Any unprofessional behavior merited a fine, such as $20 if a member showed up to a rehearsal with a hangover.

Stephen Pearcy

Stephen Pearcy, singer of another popular 1980s band, Ratt, was offered the job as lead singer by Nikki Sixx in late 1981. Sixx was frustrated with Vince Neil, especially after Neil refused to wear a Santa suit he had made for a Christmas show at the Country Club.


While many people associated the Crue members with tattoos, singer Vince Neil didn`t get one until 1982. His first of many designs is a snake with a music note.

Weight Loss

By 1983, Motley Crue had new management. Doug Thaler, part of the new team, visited the members weeks prior to their tour as an opening act for Kiss. Thaler recommended they lose about 20 pounds each to be in better shape for the tour. Each member lost at least 10 pounds when Thaler returned a couple of weeks later.

Kiss Tour

Motley Crue only opened for Kiss for five shows before they were kicked off the tour by Gene Simmons of Kiss. Reportedly, Simmons was unhappy with the band`s behavior, but Doug Thaler believed it was because the band was outshining Kiss.


In 1984, Motley Crue toured with legend, Ozzy Osbourne, who took an instant liking to the band and was often seen partying with them.

Shout at the Devil

The 1984 album, Shout at the Devil became the band`s first platinum album, with over a million copies sold.

Motley Crue was also known for their wild looks, which often involved mixing biker style clothes, such as Hurley Clothes and more glam rock elements. As the music scene changed, the glam elements, such as makeup, were dropped.

Bonus: Motley Crue – Live at Glen Helen Regional Park, USA 1983 [Full Concert]

Facts About Punk Music

Punk rock is a renowned term with which most of the rock fans are aware. Punk music is a division of rock genre that emerged during the mid 1970s. Regions like United States, United Kingdom and Australia saw the origination of punk music in the initial stages.
The musical effect composed by punk bands were composed with petite songs with the background of hard-edged and fast music, however, its roots can be traced to garage rock and protopunk music genre. Apart from the musical impact made by Punk music genre, the same stayed a powerful factor in influencing younger generation in their fashion, outlooks and culture by their different performance styles. Since, the punk music paved way for several talented and popular artists. These artists singed off from this band and formed individual styles of sub genres.

Chronological observation reveals the detail that media approach in New York gave a break for the publicity of the term PUNK globally. Some of the controversial slogans like “Please kill me” encrypted over artists costumes, a soviet hammer and sickle motive selected for their stage show, are remarkable influences of Punk band. The lifestyle that was adopted by people after seeing the punk followers’ inspiration on punk fashion stayed another factor that motivated people to consider certain convictions for granted. Social issues like drugs, racism, change in morals, etc. Moreover, punk genre stayed a prominent influencing factor for people to consider its music as a form of artists own perspective.

Janis Joplin vs Amy Lee – Who Is More Popular?

Most of the times, when we think about rock music, we only associate male rock artists with it.

Here are two famous female rock artists:

Janis Joplin

Janis JoplinJanis Joplin was an amazing female rock star of 1960. She was the great singer who performed in many pop and folk music albums. She looked marvellous in her exclusive outfits and unique style. Joplin unlocked the door for the generation of female rock artists with his style of singing. She always delivered awesome live performances where she performed with grace and elegance. Janis Joplin tried to express her feelings with help of music. She finally got a perfect musical match for her singing style in her last album “Pearl” which she considered the best and successful, performed with her band Full Tilt Boogie. Unfortunately, the album was released when she passed away because of the overdose of alcohol in 1970.

Amy Lee

Amy LeeAmy Lee is the one of the best female rock artist. She has the unique style of singing as she can bring so much of variation in notes. She is the lead singer in the rock band “Evanescence” which was founded by her. She has worked in some other musical projects with other rock singers. She got a style to engage her audience and always performed in dazzling way. Apart from this, she is a great person with great heart and always ready to cooperate with other rock band star. In musical industry, her voice is considered to be best amongst the other rock artist.

3 Toughest Music Instruments to Learn

There are numerous musical instruments that are used for variety of musical purposes. However, the three most toughest music instruments to learn are:


violinIn advance stages of learning, violin player find it quite interesting and pleasing instrument. But with the passage of time, they start believing that learning path of violin is not easy but a long learning process. Violin players should always be prepared to practice difficult techniques every day. The toughest factors for violin are its bow technique, unusual positioning and correct finger placing on the note. The violin practice is critical but if you focus, you can really improve. You need to have patience to learn violin, the toughest music instrument.

Shenandoah Violin Solo – Mairead Nesbitt



FluteFlute is the interesting music instrument to learn and play. Playing flute is not easy as it requires the proper combination of breathing and your hands. It would be better if you join learning session for flute. Lot of practice and your hard work will definitely help you to gain the perfection in this. The material of the flute and its quality significantly affect the flute playing. It is advisable that before buying the flute, you should always ask professionals.

Rhonda Larson performs her flute solo, “Be Still My Soul”


TablaThe playing technique for tabla is quite difficult as it involves the extensive use of the fingers and palms to produce different sounds. Learning tabla requires a lot of concentration and attentiveness. The modulating effect of the drum makes it unique amongst the other music instrument.

Tabla Solo By PT. Yogesh Samsiji Part 3

Why Elvis Presley Is The King

We have talked about almost everything of Elvis Presley – the legendary rock artists. We have talked about his life, his career, his fame, prestige and name that are hardy replicable by any other rock artist today or in future. Today we will be discussing about one more important aspect of our legend Elvis’s life which is like another star in Elvis’s already star studded image. It is the huge cultural impact of our legend Elvis over society.

Elvis Presley

Experts say ever since the starting of career, Elvis has had a huge cultural impact over the society. Elvis has been given with adjectives like “Creator of Rock Music”, “Rock Music Giant”, “Rock Music Idol” and many more such praiseworthy adjectives. World has even provided Elvis with the tag of Rock Music God that has never ever been provided to any other artist of rock music.

Cultural impact of Elvis has always been similar to his emotional impact over our society. Youngsters take him as an icon, a style and sex symbol for ladies while men see him as a legend and old people as a warm heartily person. He is someone who single handedly changed the course & preface of entire music world. He was ranked second greatest singer of the world that itself explains the impact of Elvis over the world. His dance moves, recordings, clothing, attitude, style, lifestyle and cool looks have always created a huge brunt over the society being an eminent embodiment. So it not wrong to say that Elvis’s life has created a huge cultural as well as emotional impact over the world which is simply not replicable.

Inductees of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The biggest & foremost prestige for any rock artist in the rock music world is considered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame which was established in the year 1983 to honor the admirable rock artists. It is prominently dedicated in recording the olden times of some of the eminent & best known most influential rock music bands, musicians, music producers along with those who have by any chief way prejudiced the wide music industry globally.

Hall of Fame Museum

For any rock music world artist, the most important & crucial achievement in his life will always be to be an inductee in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Inductees of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are broadly categorized into six divisions (initially it was four but later on two more categories were added on).

These six categories of inductees of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are as below –

  • Performers
  • Non – Performers
  • Lifetime achievement
  • Early Influences
  • Award for Musical Excellence
  • Sidemen

There have been various inductees in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But overall there have been only 18 performers of the music world who have been inducted more than once in their lifetime. Clyde McPhatter, a famous artist, was the first ever artist who got inducted twice in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Moreover the only artist to be actually inducted thrice has been Eric Clapton. Also Stephen Stills has been the only one who got inducted twice but in the same year.