Review of the Complete David Bowie Book by Nicholas Pegg

David Bowie is one the world’s most renowned and famous rock music artist and my favorite too. David’s career is considered one of the most intriguing as well as colorful in the contemporary rock music world. Today we will be reviewing the book ‘The Complete David Bowie’ that has been written by Nicholas Pegg on the life of David. So let us take a look at the review…

The Complete David Bowie

This book covers each & every aspect of our hero David’s life from his early time to his first early appearance in the 60s as ‘balladeer Davy Jones’ to his stunning gender-bending twist as Ziggy Stardust in early 70s to his music work & contribution to rock music world. This book also features some of the David’s unreleased rarities together with histories & list of his live shows along with certain unknown facts about his life.

The author has taken some liberty explaining all the aspects of Bowie’s life and that is the area I loved most since it provides an opportunity to all David fans to have a close insight to Bowie’s life. Well the book is almost 736 pages and that is a bit lengthy for a normal person but for a hardcore David fan it is very little since the book is written so beautifully by Pegg that it keeps the reader’s interest held till end.

Even the language used is quite simple yet attractive and the big plus is the unknown factors of our legend’s life that covers all the tiny this & that of the book making it a must read for every Bowie fan.

15 Interesting Facts about the Metal Legend Metallica

Metallica, the world famous rock & roll band from California has and still is rocking the world with its unique genre of music. Here are some interesting yet unknown facts about this famous band – Metallica.

Metallica Burning Skull

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Have a look

  1. Overall there have been 8 members who played in band till date – James, Lars, Robert, Kirk, Cliff, Dave, Ron and Jason.
  2. The shortest song ever done by the band was of length 3:08 minutes. It was ‘MotorBreath’ from the famous album ‘’Kill ‘Em All’’ in the year 1983.
  3. Metallica till date has supposedly sold out 100 million records at global level.
  4. Overall 10 Studio Albums have been released by Metallica
  5. Metallica have played 1724 shows in their 30 years span of career
  6. Metallica has performed in almost 60 countries.
  7. The band has won overall 14 Grammy awards
  8. Member of the band – Kim Hammett is a vegetarian
  9. The first single from Metallica was ‘Whiplash’. This was from ’Kill ‘Em All’’ from the year 1983.
  10. Father of famous drummer of Metallica Lars Ulrich, Torben Ulrich is an applauded former tennis pro
  11. Metallica were inducted in year 1999 into the prestigious Wall of Fame of San Francisco.
  12. Kirk Hammett, the lead guitarist of the band is also the oldest member of the band. He is 49 currently.
  13. The band has a full time staff of team of 83 people.
  14. Metallica always makes use of private airplane during tours and that too of color blue and white only.
  15. Lars Ulrich has a habit of eating without cheese pizza after every concert.

5 Unknown Facts about Jimi Hendrix

When one counts for the best & never to forget legends of rock music world, one name that no one can ever miss is Jimi Hendrix. Jimi or simply saying Gypsy Guitarist is considered one of the most influential rock music artists the rock music world has ever produced.


Jimi Hendrix Smoking

Though this guitar legend died almost 42 years back from today still he rules over the hearts of his fans. Today we are providing a tribute to this legend by offering his fans with some of the unknown yet interesting facts about the life of this iconic guitarist who changed the interface of rock music world. Here are some of the unknown facts about the legend himself

Jimi Hendrix:

  • Jimi was born with name Johnny Allen which was later on changed by his father to James Marshall. He was lovingly referred to as ‘Buster’ by family and later on ‘Young Jimmy’. Finally the name ‘Jimi’ came into existence due to Chas Chandler, bassist of ‘The Animals’ who also became manager of Jimi.
  • Jimi died at a very young age of 28 becoming a part of rock music world’s group of celebrities dying under the age of 30.
  • Jimi was sentenced to jail but then he chose a stint in serving army over jail. But even there he was quite undisciplined and was famous for sleeping during his duty.
  • The final album by Jimi was highly accredited yet suffered lots of controversies since its cover page had pictures of beautiful naked girls.
  • Jimi was very famous for setting fire to his guitars.

Review of Heavier Than Heaven: A Biography of Kurt Cobain by Charles R. Cross

One of the most influential rock bands of the century has been Nirvana. One of the prime members of nirvana – Kurt Cobain has always lived in the hearts of his fans. This wonderful book ‘Heavier Than Heaven: A Biography of Kurt Cobain’ is all about the life of this legend and is written by Charles R. Cross. Today we will be reviewing this book – a masterpiece of Kurt’s life.

Kurt Cobain Smoking

Kurt has always been my favorite. He was the lead singer, song writer as well as guitarist of the Nirvana. He was the one who with Krist formulated this band in 1985.This book covers all the life aspects of this legend. This book was actually the first in-depth life story of this icon who was also a troubled genius. The book explicitly covers all the facts of life of Kurt, from struggle time to success, from love issues to his personal life, from his thinking to his suicide.

From my side, hats off to Charles for creating this masterpiece with such a precision. Handling the life of such a big star, a legend with such exactitude, especially from the emotional point of view, is incredible. The unbelievable amazing work is a result of 4 vital years of research, 400 interviews, Kurt’s unpublished diaries’ research and bulk of documentations. The book, in fact each & every word of the book, successfully does the justice to the legend’s fans. Charles has covered everything from Kurt’s rise to fame to his suicidal attempt and finally death, everything with such a care that every word looks like a magnum opus itself.

A strong recommendation of this book to all Kurt’s fans

15 Interesting Facts about Lady Gaga

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta or simply saying Lady Gaga is a famous & iconic American rock artist, singer, record producer, songwriter, social activist, a successful businesswoman, a popular fashion designer and an actress too.

 Lady Gaga

The lady with multiple roles is herself a role model for youth. She is well accredited for her beauty, style statement and cool attitude. She has numerous shades of her personality. There are plentiful facts about Lady Gaga which world still is unaware of. Some of them have been comprised here in this article.

So have a look at the interesting facts about Lady Gaga –

  1. The famous & unique stage name “Lady Gaga” has been inspired from the famous Queen’s song – Radio Ga Ga.
  2. Lady Gaga’s height is just 5’1”. She is quite short
  3. Lady Gaga has green eyes and naturally brown hair
  4. She has got 13 tattoos over her beautiful body
  5. She likes people with unique creativity
  6. Lady Gaga loves white roses
  7. Her favorite color is black & lavender.
  8. She has many nick names. Some of them are Loopy, Rabbit teeth, Gagaloo, Mother Monster, The Germ, Little Mermaid and Stefi.
  9. Her favorite cartoon character is Bugs Bunny
  10. Her much loved food is Peach Cobbler
  11. Her much loved drink is Jameson Whiskey on the Rocks
  12. Rainer Maria Rilke is her favorite writer
  13. Lady Gaga closely admires Carrie Bradshaw character from the ‘Sex & the City’ which was portrayed by Sarah Jessica Parker.
  14. She only uses Daisy or Ralph perfume
  15. Lady Gaga does not like cats

Book Review – Elvis and Me

The book Elvis & Me has been written by Elvis Presley’s ex wife Priscilla Beaulieu Presley. This book is actually the story of this famous couple of the time. The book portrays on various shades of Elvis’s life and character. I recently read this book. Here is the book review of the ‘Elvis and Me’.

Elvis and Me BookThe book revolves around the time when Priscilla met Elvis for the first time when she was 14, how they fell in love with each other, their marriage, the time after their marriage, the love & fights they had and eventually their divorce. Priscilla Beaulieu has narrated the entire story from her point of view. The core of the book portrays the feeling how a person loves another person unselfishly, even adapting him with his flaws. The book has been written beautifully since you can easily grow up page by page with Priscilla and her inner feelings of joy, sadness and finally her wretchedness.

I really like the book but at some portions (may be being a hardcore Elvis fan) the book does not justify (at least not me). The happy part of the book seems like a fairytale but the sad part and especially the deep sore feelings of rejection by Priscilla just made me shiver. But still a must read for all Elvis fans and those who are not Elvis fans (what are doing here?) go through it to have a keen look to the fact how one person can be selflessly in love with another. View the book at Amazon.

Interesting Facts about Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson – the name does not need any introduction. He is the ruler of rock & roll, the king of billions hearts and an singer & dancer. Here are some of the interesting and lesser known facts about the God of rock & roll himself.


Michael Jackson

Have a quick look

  • Michael Jackson was a billionaire at age of just 18.
  • The favorite cartoon character of Michael Jackson was Pinocchio.
  • Elizabeth Taylor nicknamed Michael Jackson ‘The King of the Pop’.
  • Jackson patented (& invented) special boots called Anti-gravity boots that he used for popular ‘lean’ in his famous music video ‘Smooth Criminal’.
  • Michael Jackson in his life sponsored the education of 10,000 underprivileged kids.
  • He suffered a rare genitical disease termed as Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency.
  • The famous song ‘Heal the World’ by Michael Jackson became the ‘World Peace Anthem’ by UN in the year 1992.
  • Michael Jackson has not one but two stars on the prestigious Hollywood’s ‘Walk of Fame’. One was for himself while second as a part of band Jackson Five.
  • He was very ticklish
  • Middle name of Michael Jackson was Joseph.
  • Michael Jackson was extremely fond of Mexican Food
  • Date of birth of this king of Pop is 29th August, 1958
  • Jackson had won 13 Grammy awards
  • Michael Jackson once played the role of a Scare-Crow in the Wiz (the movie version of famous the Wizard of Oz).
  • Michael Jackson was a pure vegetarian
  • Jackson is Godfather to Micheal (son of Barry Gibb’s) and Nicole Richie
  • Jackson’s father used to work in a steel mill

7 Interesting Facts about the Band – Beach Boys

Beach Boys have always been famous for their inspiring music, cool attitude and tremendously dazzling style factor. But there are some hidden factors associated with Beach Boys which entire may not be aware of.

The Beach Boys
Some of these interesting facts about the beach Boys Band are –

  1. Dennis Wilson, the drummer of Beach Boys married many times. His sixth wife was actually the illegitimate daughter of Mike Love, his band mate cousin.
  2. Brain was deaf by one ear.
  3. Denis and Mike totally hated each other. The hate was of so extent that a mutual restrictive order was actually obtained in order to keep these two apart.
  4. ‘Beach Boys’ was not the first name that was chosen initially. They had names like Kenny and the Cadets but changed it to Carl and the Passions and then finally Pendletones. Then later they again changed it to Beach Lifestyle and at the last Beach Boys.
  5. Though the name and famous albums of Beach Boys portray their Surfing love but only Dennis among them was able to surf in real practice.
  6. The band was more of a family union. Brian, Carl and Dennis were brothers while Mike was their cousin. Initially these four brothers started the band but later on their friend Al Jardine joined them.
  7. It is supposed that Beach Boys will make their new beginning, a strong comeback soon. Thought the original 3 members of Beach Boys band are around 70 years of age yet the world is enthusiastic over their comeback. Dennis died in 1983.

10 Interesting Facts about the Pink Floyd Band

Pink Floyd

Here are some cool facts about the famous rock & roll music band – Pink Floyd.

Just have a look –

  1. This famous band Pink Floyd was actually named after the names of two renowned musicians from American Blues, the legends – Floyd Council and Pink Anderson.
  2. In the beginning it was only Mason, Wright and Waters who formed the band. Barrett joined the band later on.
  3. Barrett was kicked out of the band since he was getting over crazy.
  4. Till 1969, people were not fully aware how the band members looked like since before 1969 their album covers rarely had any of their pictures. They were using his benefit to live a normal life.
  5. Pink Floyd had been the first one among British rock bands to make use of famous ‘liquid light show.’
  6. Gilmour is a crazy fan of guitars. He has a broad compilation of guitars (classical ones)
  7. Waters has deep love for golf. Even during their tours, Waters always try to book hotels that were close to golf courses.
  8. Gilmour sold his valuable London house in the year 2002 for $6.48 million claiming that he has now got tired of possessing too many expensive assets.
  9. The founding member of Pink Floyd died of fighting cancer at the age of 65, in the year 2008 at 15th September.
  10. ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ is still their incredible creation and a survey showed that approximately one in a group of 12 people in the world own a copy of it.