3 Toughest Music Instruments to Learn

There are numerous musical instruments that are used for variety of musical purposes. However, the three most toughest music instruments to learn are:


violinIn advance stages of learning, violin player find it quite interesting and pleasing instrument. But with the passage of time, they start believing that learning path of violin is not easy but a long learning process. Violin players should always be prepared to practice difficult techniques every day. The toughest factors for violin are its bow technique, unusual positioning and correct finger placing on the note. The violin practice is critical but if you focus, you can really improve. You need to have patience to learn violin, the toughest music instrument.

Shenandoah Violin Solo – Mairead Nesbitt



FluteFlute is the interesting music instrument to learn and play. Playing flute is not easy as it requires the proper combination of breathing and your hands. It would be better if you join learning session for flute. Lot of practice and your hard work will definitely help you to gain the perfection in this. The material of the flute and its quality significantly affect the flute playing. It is advisable that before buying the flute, you should always ask professionals.

Rhonda Larson performs her flute solo, “Be Still My Soul”


TablaThe playing technique for tabla is quite difficult as it involves the extensive use of the fingers and palms to produce different sounds. Learning tabla requires a lot of concentration and attentiveness. The modulating effect of the drum makes it unique amongst the other music instrument.

Tabla Solo By PT. Yogesh Samsiji Part 3

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