6 Popular Guitar Playing Techniques: Beginners’ Guide

The talent for music is something that one acquires right from the birth but one definitely needs great practice to come up as a good musician. Similarly to become a great guitarist, you must feel the music from within but must also learn the requisite skills.

Here are some guitar playing techniques that can help the rising guitarist to enhance their skills:

  1. In order to execute the guitar bend correctly, play your first note and then bend your guitar’s string with the playing finger itself which can be helped eventually by other fingers till the time you hear the next note.
  2. To perfectly play the hammer-on technique, pluck the first note only and then hammer the second note at a higher fret.
  3. In order to learn the difficult material on the guitar, play it as slow as you can. You can go by dissecting each passage and then learning it inside & out. Always play it very slowly by focusing on the technique, and once you are clear with the technique you can resume the normal flow of the beat.
  4. To get the tapping right with the guitar, tap it with the middle finger or the index finger at the written fret of the guitar.
  5. To achieve the natural harmonic in the right way, always touch the string lightly and do not press it down over the fret bar and then pluck it.
  6. To play the palm mute perfectly, always touch the string of the guitar with your right hand’s palm.

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