7 Interesting Facts about Aerosmith

One of the legendary rock bands in the history of rock music world is Aerosmith. Here we are providing some of the most fascinating yet rarely known 7 facts about the band Aerosmith.

Aerosmith in 1976

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  1. Originally the name which Aerosmith band wanted for them was either Jack Denials or Spike Jones but unknowingly they finally got stuck with this name which later on became a trend and get them huge success.
  2. Even the name of their most famous album ‘Pump’ was not the same when finalized. They wanted to rename it ‘Bobbing For Piranhas’ but didn’t.
  3. A string orchestra of total 52 men was used during the recording of the band’s famous song ‘I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing’.
  4. There was a big buzz in 1978 when Aerosmith band took actually a full ton of carottes with them. Still today no one except the band knows why & for what purpose the carottes were used or taken along with.
  5. Till date, Aerosmith has sold over 90 Million records at global level. In USA the figure is 50 Million which itself is a record.
  6. A total of unbelievable 652 flip overs were made by Steve Tyler on the famous Pump tour.
  7. Well everyone knows that Steven Tyler was thrown out of his High school but not all are aware of the fact that he stole the bass of his school’s band when he was thrown out and till date he carries it. Even one can hear this bass at the end of the most famous song by Aerosmith ‘’Livin’ On the Edge’’.

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