A Preface to Gypsy Punk

Gypsy Punk is a different kind of rock music genre since it is a hybrid rock musical genre. Gypsy Punk musical genre crosses successfully and elegantly the traditional form of Romani music with contemporary Punk Rock. The first rock music group that incorporated Gypsy music with punk rock music was Mother Head Bug.

Gypsy Punk

This rock band was active typically in the 90s, precisely in early 90s. But this genre got majority of fame among people when Gogol Bordello adapted this rock music genre. The band Gogol Bordello presented the world with Gypsy Punk via their music album namely Gypsy Punks: Underdog World Strike. The front man in this art piece was Eugene Hutz and described their art performance as Gypsy Punk Cabaret. This was the actually time when Gypsy Punk spread in the world like hot cakes.

Initially this genre of rock music had to face some criticism. The major reason was that critics considered Gypsy Punk as quite exploitation of the traditional Roma culture. But later on it got the fame which it enjoys even today. Bands using Gypsy punk genre frequently blends rock beats along with instrumentation but with some difference.
The difference is that this genre uses quite more conventional Gypsy instrumentation like accordion, drums, fuddle, tambourine, saxophone and trumpet. One more difference is there. Due to speckled cultural composition of the traditional Gypsy culture, some bands sing usually in a number of different languages. Sometimes these bands frequently switch the language in a number of times even within the same single song.

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