A Preface to Psychedelic Rock

Well the rock music world is very deep. It has been star studded with numerous jewels in the form of genres. One of such jewel studded genre is Psychedelic rock. Well Psychedelic rock is considered to be influenced or inspired by typical Psychedelic culture. This is also considered an exemplary attempt to replicate as well as enhance the mind altering exquisite experiences of drugs of Psychedelic.

Psychedelic Rock

This rock music is immensely famous since it uses new techniques of recording along with beautiful commendable effects in order to draw on sources (non – Western typically) like ragas and some drones of popular Indian music. This genre was promptly pioneered by world famous rock musicians including The Beatles, The Yard Birds and also by The Byrds.

This genre of rock music world emerged successfully during the era of mid 60s among famous blues rock and folk rock in both UK and USA. But the genre acquired its peak success between the years 1967to 1969. Psychedelic rock has also been well known for influencing the formulation of psychedelic soul as well as psychedelic pop. This genre is well famous for acting as a bridge for the transition from folk based & blues based rock music to glam rock, progressive rock and hard rock. The major contribution
of Psychedelic rock music genre is considered its contribution in the development of one of the most popular & in high demand rock music sub genre – The Heavy metal.

Even today Psychedelic rock genre is known for its hazy guitar sound, audacious compositions along with extended solos.

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