About Bob Dylan’s ‘Tiger’

Bob Dylan was really cool biker, because he had a good taste on cycles. Triumph Tiger 100, this is what he rode. This model was created on the basis of Triumph Speed Twin. Tiger 100 was better in every possible way, it was faster and lighter.

Triumph Tiger 100

Actually it was the fastest (at that time) model created by Edward Turner. Another advantage of the bike was forged allow pistons, which was a rare case, because the technology then was still rather new.

Cylinders were too innovated; they were gorged in a single casting. 8 studs held them, while as in Speed Twin model there were only six studs. Tiger 100 was too equipped with a single Amal carburetor. It had a larger fuel tank and was finished in silver, but its cost was only 5 pounds more.

Tiger 100 was an ideal bike for real fans of speed and power of those times. It was tasted by Ivan Wicksteed and David Whitworth in Brooklands. It was a six-hour speed ride which estimated that the maximum speed was about 78.5 mile per hour. That was goddamn fast in 1939.

Bob Dylan got into accident riding his ‘Tiger’, but some people believe there was no accident in fact, because he hadn’t been taken even to the hospital. It is known, the singer was really stressed at that time, and there was simply too much pressure and publicity. So he took his chance to get away from all of that and have a rest. It is known Bob Dylan didn’t tour for eight years after the accident.

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