Art Rock: Definition and Bands

Who can debate on the fame & popularity of the ever famous rock music? But not only have all known that there are several genres in the rock music that makes it more unique. One of such famous & classy rock music genre is Art Rock. Art rock is a sub genre that originally is supposed to be originated in the late 1960s in the UK. It is supposed that this genre of rock music originated with influences from a blend of artistic avant-garde along with classical music.

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Rock music lovers believe that Art rock music came into existence with just one feeling in the hearts of rock music lovers – to extend the roc & roll limits to newer heights. This came into subsistence as a result of opted experimental along with a conceptual outlook for music. Some consider it similar to progressive rock music genre but nevertheless it is quite different from that.

Though Art rock was developed in the late 1960s but it’s attained the utmost heights of success in the early 1970s. The legendary bands that incorporated in the immense success & fame of Art rock in the rock music world includes big names like Electric Light Orchestra, Jethro Tull, The Moody Blues, Lake and Palmer and Emerson and many more are in the list. The legendary rock artists like Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel also opted for Art rock music genre and took this genre to newer statures of success & popularity with their contribution. Art music’s virtuosity along with a unique musical complexity leads to achieve newest heights of success in the wide rock music world.

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