Rush Sharing the Enjoyment of Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame with Their Fans

The Canadian rock band Rush was announced to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This has provoked a feeling of pride and glee in all of the Rush fans. All credit goes to the lady behind the scenes Donna Halper. The lady was responsible for first airplay of the band on a U.S radio station. After getting the news that Rush had been inducted, Donna couldn’t control her emotions. She told ‘I’m not a very emotional person when I’m doing business but I had tears in my eyes’. Donna appreciated the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame judges for truly liking the Rush band and its music. This band came up with its own type of rock music in late 60s.

Rush Band Hall of Fame

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The Rush band was originated in the year 1968 in Toronto, Ontario. The band features Geddy Lee as lead vocalist, bassist and keyboardist; Neil Peart as drummer and lyricist; and Alex Lifeson as guitarist. Previously, the band was inducted in the year 1994 for the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.

Rush will be inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on April 18, 2013 after the completion of a ceremony in Los Angeles. Truly; the dedication and effort of the band members and the promotion efforts of music director Donna Halper have played a vital role in helping the band over the years, to finally get inducted for the Hall of Fame.



Slayer: One of the Most Sought After American Thrash Metal Bands

Slayer is one of the most famous American thrash metal bands based in Huntington Park,
California. The band was formed in the year 1981 with the original line up members as Kerry King, the guitarist and Dave Lombardo, the drummer. After that, two new members added their profiles to Slayer, giving a complete shape to the band. The two members were Jeff Hanneman as guitarist and, Tom Araya as singer and bassist. In the year 1985, Slayer recorded ‘Hell Awaits’. The album was a success and sold about one lakh copies in a short period of time. After the huge success, many production companies started offering contracts to the band. The band worked with producer Rick Rubin. But this band got its share of success and recognition after five years of its formation.

Music Slayer

The band got recognition in the year 1986 for its release ‘Reign in Blood’. This release came under the list of the four big thrash metal acts, the other three being Anthrax, Metallica and Megadeth. Till now, the band has released about eleven studio albums, two live albums, six videos and two extended plays. Four of the eleven studio albums received the gold certification in the United States. Slayer was nominated a total of five times for the Grammy awards and won two in the year 2007 and 2008. The band received Grammy in 2007 for the track ‘Eyes of the Insane’ and in 2008 for the track ‘Final Six’.

The New American Beauty for the Music and Beer Lovers

I love music and I love beer, and if they both come in a combo….I love it even more. Music and beer goes together. Isn’t it? If you are both a lover of music and beer, then this news is going to interest you. It’s the new band themed beer. Yes it’s not the way you were assuming it to be.

Americal Beauty Beer

Last year, some wines were introduced featuring the renowned American rock band Grateful Dead and now the band is collaborating with Dogfish Head Craft Brewery to introduce a beer titled American Beauty. The two leading names in the music and the liquor industry are quite hopeful of American Beauty touching the heart of fans.

Both Grateful Dead and Dogfish Head Craft Brewery have started a combined campaign and are welcoming fans to submit their valuable suggestions regarding the ingredients that would match well with both the beer and the music partner. The participants must be at least 21 years old to take part and the last date to enter the suggestions is 31st December. The head representatives will form a judging panel to choose and award the winning participants. This panel will be constituted representatives from both Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and Grateful Dead.

The winning fan would be invited to the Dogfish’s brewpub at Rehoboth, Delaware in the 2013 springs. So, what are you waiting for? Tell the story, put the ingredient and who knows, maybe you are the winner.

Bob Dylan’s Second Show at Gagosian Gallery

Mr. Bob Dylan’s latest art exhibition was opened in the last week of November at the Gagosian Gallery in New York City. The exhibition named as Revisionism: Thirty New Works will end on 12th January. This is the famous musician’s second attempt at the Gagosian Gallery, the first being soured with some sort of controversies regarding plagiarism. The controversy pertained to the resemblance of images in the Asia Series with that in the public domain. The photographs were criticized by the audiences and the Asia Series was not of a sort of success.

Gagosian Gallery

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But, this second attempt of Bob Dylan is a way better than the previous one. On the release, Gagosian said that ‘Dylan has transformed popular design elements from Bondage Magazine to Babytalk by reconsidering the syntax, graphics and chromatic content of each’. Gagosian further outlined that Dylan has combined a wide number of popular styles in this art show to impart new themes and meanings to the images. The work of Dylan has always been surrounded with a lot of criticism or at least it becomes a ground for deep analysis by trade and music analysts.

So far, the gallery has released only one image titled Baby Talk Magazine: Strengthen Your Baby (2011-2012). Babytalk is the oldest baby magazine in the United States and it has made this attempt. The artwork at Revisionism: Thirty New Works consists of large scale and silkscreened canvases that re-contextualize the magazine covers with pop culture iconography.

Lady Gaga Is Now Brunette (+Photos)

Lady Gaga (born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta), a 26-year-old American singer and songwriter tweeted today a photo of hers, where she shows he new hair color, which she calls “Louis Vuitton brown.”

She left only one streak of blog hair: “Im gonna leave one streak of bad by my left ear. Lady when its down, and Gaga when its up. could we belong together?” In couple of hours, though, there was another tweet of hers, that she was to get rid of the streak just to look more like a ‘purist’.

If you check he twitter account, you will see that she receives lots of tweets/question about how to get this color.

Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga Brunette




Rolling Stones Exhibition in London will be Closed on August, 27

The Rolling Stones band decided to mark their 50th anniversary by creating a special exhibition which opened on the 13th of July (2012) at Somerset House, London. This is more than just an ordinary exhibition because it covers the half of the century. It is full of never-seen-before backstage photos and other interesting things. It is really great event for Rolling Stones fans, old and young.

Rolling Stones Exhibition


The London’s exhibition covers the entire career of Mick Jagger and the folk from the very beginning: how the wrote music, how they recorded album and how they toured. During 50 years the Rolling Stones band produced 60 albums (studio and live) and recorded over 100 singles. The exhibition exposes 70 prints of the band: contact sheets, studio sessions, outtakes and reportage photography.

Every visitor of the Rolling Stones exhibition in London will have a rare chance to see different types of photos which document the growth of the band. There are lots of photos taken at small blues pubs and large stadium and the majority of which are photos which were not publicly displayed before.

Finally, the exhibition is FREE! So you can buy a ticket to London and see the history of the Rolling Stones band with your own eyes.

Mick and Keith take a tour of The Rolling Stones: 50 (Video)

Green Day Will Perform at MTV Video Music Awards

Green Day MTV

Photo: Jordan Strauss / MTV

I found this news on the MTV Website, where the article is full of info which is not necessary. So I have picked up only what you would like to know and missed ‘blah blah blah’ which is not worth of your attention.

Today (August, 15) the Green Day band is going to premiere their new video “Oh Love” on MTV and you will be able to see at 7.49 p.m.. Billie Joe, Tre and Mike are going to answer questions submitted by fans during 30 minutes.

Another thing that I bet it will be interesting to learn is that they are going to perform at MTV video awards. Before Pink, Alicia Keys and One Direction were too performing at the show. For Green Day it will be the 5th time, this time on the 6th of September at Staples Center in Los Angeles. Only one star took stage there more times (seven) and that was Madonna.

Knotfest 2012: What to Expect for the Tickets You Purchase

So the guys from Slipknot have been advertising their fest for rather long time via FaceBook and numerous of other sources. Knotfest is the first annual metal event which would be lasting for two days: the tour dates are 18th and 19th of August.

Knotfest Poster

Knotfest Poster

So what are the ticket prices?
Tickets for Knotfest 2012 cost from $25. As far as I know cheapest tickets are not available already. There are also several VIP offerings for people who want and can afford more then standard admission ticket. You can learn more about VIP nation program here.

Council Bluffs, IA @ Mid America Motorplex – the first day
Somerset, WI/Minneapolis, MN @ Somerset Amphitheater – the second day

Knotfest Lineup

August, 18 (Friday)

  • Slipknot
  • Deftones
  • Lamb of God
  • Dethklok
  • Serj Tankian
  • The Urge
  • Prong
  • Dirtfedd


August, 19 (Saturday)

  • Slipknot
  • Deftones
  • Lamb of God
  • Dethklok
  • Serj Tankian
  • Cannibal Corpse
  • Prong
  • Gojira
  • Dillinger Escape Plan


Knotfest VIP
Ready spend more on your ticket for Knotfest? VIP guest will get the following:

  • A bar with drinks
  • Lounge from which you will be able to see the stage
  • Meals and parking
  • Hugs and Kisses from the band members 🙂

So, this is all folks, for now. If I made a mistake in any piece of info provided, please let me know in the comment section. I will correct it immediately.

Knotfest Scheme

Bob Dylan to Reopen Port Chester’s Capitol Theatre

Bob Dylan

(GANNETT PHOTO NETWORK) Bob Dylan live. (Gannett News Service photo by P.G. Brunelli)

It was officially stated on (the official site of the singer) that Bob Dylan is going to help reopen the theatre in Westchester. Also he is going to give a live performance at Port Chest landmark on September 4, which was recently refurbished. The tickets will become available for sale on Friday at 10 a.m. You too will be able to purchase re-sale tickets right at Bob’s website beginning from Monday.

The Cap has only 1 800 seats available, so it becomes one of the most intimate places to see the legend. I presume the tickets will fly. The admission to the Dylan’s performance is 18 and older.

The Cap was in a really bad condition and it was Peter Shapiro who invested $2 million to restore its hall. The hall actually was used by Grateful Dead and Janis Joplin as a rehearsal base before touring.

To crown that all, I would like to say Bob Dylan has a really busy tour schedule in the United States and Canada. All the details can be found on his FaceBook page. Check up if he is going to be in your city.

Portraits of Famous Musicians by Ingrid Black

Today I am going to write more about art rather than about music. Namely I would like to write about Ingrid Black, about which I have learned from Bob Marley’s fan page at I have never heard of her and I believe she is not (hopefully yet) famous, because I couldn’t even find an information about her on Wikipedia.

I am not an art professional and can’t say much about her paintings. The only thing I can tell is that I like them. If you understand all that stuff about paining techniques and styles you are welcome to contribute in the comment section. I have found two sentences about her on a contemporary art website. They say she is an experimental and contemporary artist.

Actually she paints not only famous people. On Ingrid Black’s website I have found some landscapes and abstract ideas too. I know lots of people love that thing, so you can check up more of her paintings at

I have added some of her works right here and if you click on the image you will be directed right to our store where you can purchase T-shirts, hats or hoodies on the person. And one more thing before I finish. If you too paint or draw famous rock musicians you are welcome to send us your artworks, we will gladly publish them on our blog. Yes, you can become famous with!

Bob Marley


Mick Jagger

john lennon