Pearl Jam’s Fans in Missoula Wait for Hours to Buy Tickets

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Back in June Pearl Jam accounted their show in Missoula which will take place on the 30th of September at University of Montana Adam’s Center. Well such behemoth rock bands don’t very often visit Missoula very often, but Jeff Ament (band’s bassist) was born in Montana. The last time the band from Seattle visited Missoula back in 2005.


Fans in Missoula were unlucky; they simply couldn’t purchase tickets online and were forced to do it in an old-fashioned way. They had to wait for many hours in line so great the need for tickets was.


When the Adams Center opened there were more than 100 Pearl Jam fans waiting for their chance to get additional 1100 tickets.

The rush is really great. People got ready for a day-long waiting and the place now resembles camping with tourists. They camp for many hours. One woman was even reading up for her exam she is taking in couple of days.

It is always pleasant to see such a great devotion to the band and its music. For me Pearl Jam is a really great fan and I have two T-shirts in my collections. If you want to honor the band too, you can check up Pearl Jam clothing collection available at our store.

Plus, as always a well-known but really great video: Pearl Jam ‘Black’ (Love Pearformance).

3 Best-selling Nirvana T-shirts at Our Store

Yesterday I wrote about ex-Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl and his huge drumsticks, today I am will feature top 3 Nirvana T-shirts available at our store. These are tees that you purchase most often and there is a sound reason for that which I will try to explain.

Nirvana Nevermind T-shirt

Nirvana Nevermind T ShirtThis tee is actually the best selling item of the entire Nirvana collection. Nevemind is the second studio album of the band. It was released on the 24th of September in 1991. ‘Nevermaind’ became a real commercial hit, primary due to ‘Smells Like a Teen Spirit’, the songs which I still listen to from time to time. The album even replaced Micheal Jackson’s ‘Dangerous’ in the Billboard charts in 1992.

Nirvana Smile Tee

Nirvana Smiley T ShirtPersonally I know people who were this type of shirt but don’t even listen to Nirvana and for me the reason is obvious – the smiley T-shirt look cool, so why not? I search Internet to find anything about logo history and the only thing I found that the Nirvana’s logo was created under the influence of an emblem of a strip club in Seattle called “Lusty Lady”.

Nirvana Come as You Are T-shirt

Nirvana Come as You Are T Shirt‘Come as You Are’ song was written by Kurn Cobain for the ‘Nirvanmind’ album. The song was recorded at Sound City Studios in Van Nuys, California and extremely quickly. Kurt needed only three takes to record guitar solo and two takes to record vocals. During the vocals recording Kurt accidentally sang “… and I don’t have a gun’ too early after the guitar solo. They decided the mistake sounded cool and kept it in the final recording.

Plus some videos for you =)
Nirvana – Come As You Are

Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit

World’s Largest Drumsticks Belong to Dave Grohl

David Eric “Dave” Grohl is known as a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, lead vocalist of Foo Fighters and the drummer of the Nirvana band. He is too a co-founder of rock band Them Crooked Vultures and the number of side projects of minor importance.
Worlds Largest Drumsticks

In fact it is not Dave who owns the giant sticks, but his native town Warren, Ohio, where recently a status of two 900-poud drum stick was unveiled. Rolling Stone reports that these sticks were certified as the largest in the world by Guiness Book of Records.

The huge sticks will be on public display until September at Warren Amphitheater, then they tocated to Dave Grohl Alley. According to Rolling Stone, Dave was born in Warren but lived there only couple of years. When he was a child, his family moved to Virginia suburbs of Washington D.C.

You can see the huge drumsticks being crafted on the video I am embedding here too.

Worlds Largest Drumsticks David Grohl alley Warren, Ohio

The Most Expensive Guitars in the World (2012)

This is a quick review of the most expensive guitars which belonged to famous people. A guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments. Have you ever though that that the most expensive guitar ever could cost like huge villa on ocean bank. If you had 2-3 million dollars, would you buy a villa or a guitar?

Fender Stratocaster1. Fender Stratocaster – 2.7 million dollars

The most expensive guitar is the world is Fender Stratocaster signed by 19 greatest musicians among which are: Bryan Adams, Eric Clapton, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Paul McCartney and others. It was sold for $2.7 at auction coordinated by Bryan Adams. All the money was forwarded to a Reach Out to Asia, a non-profit organisation.





1968-Stratocaster2. Stratocaster of Jimi Hendrix (1968) – About 2 million dollars

Jimi Hendrix played this guitar at Woodstock in 1969. Nobody knows for sure whom it belongs to now, but rumours say that some one paid Paul Allen $2 000 000 to own it. Paul Allen is Bill Gate’s right hand. In 1900 the guitar was sold for $198.000 only. Good investment, Paul.






Washburn 22 series Hawk3. Washburn 22 Series Hawk, custom-made for Bob Marley – 1.2 – 2 million dollars

This guitar is classified as a national asset and it is one of 7 (only) guitars Bob Marley had. He gave this guitar to a technician whose name was Gary Carlsen, who took this as a sign to found a charity organization. Its name is ‘Different Journeys, One Destination”.




Blackie Guitar4. Blackie, Stratocaster Hybrid costs $959,500

This guitar belonged to Clapton. In 1970 many famous guitarists switched from Gibson to Stratocaster guitars. The Blackie was one of the sixes Clapton bought. Such name was given because of the back finish of the guitar.








Gibson-ES0335-TDC15. Gibson ES0335 TDC of Eric Clapton costs $847,500

I should say that this is the most expensive Gibson guitar ever sold from auctions. Eric Clapton played this guitar during the year 1964 and occasionally after.

Top 5 Bassists in the World Ever

Cool BassistFor some people playing a bass-guitar seams to be simple, not interesting and maybe even not important. It is not true! An immature ear very seldom hears the bass in the song, but in fact basses are one of the most important instruments because they add volume to the sound. Do you know that feeling as if someone in clocking from inside your check when music is playing? That is because of the basses!

I have researched the Internet to find information about who are top 5 bassist of all time. Fortunately the Rolling Stone gives only the top of guitarists so I will be unique in that way, hopefully. 🙂

Disclaimer: if you have a different opinion, you can share in the comment section, which is very welcome. 🙂

1. Cliff Burton from Metallica (R.I.P.)

Cliff was born on the 10th of February in 1962 and passed away on September 27, 1986. In 1982 the joined Metallica and took part in recording their first album ‘Kill ‘Em All’. He died in the accident when the band’s bus turned-over during the tour in Sweden.

2. Flea from Red Hot Chilly Peppers

Flea (Michael Peter Balzary) was born on 16th of October in 1962 in Australia. He is one of the co-founders and composers of the band. Flea too is an occasional actor and a co-founder of a non-profit organization, Silverlake Conservator of Music.

3. Geddy Lee from Rush

Geddy Lee Weinrib (birth date: July 29, 1953) is a Canadian musician. He joined the band before it was called ‘Rush’ in 1968 and replaced its frontman Jeff Jones. He has a very unique style and great technique of playing the bas-guitar, which inspired lots of other famous bassists.

4. Steve Harris from Iron Maiden

Stephen Percy “Steve” Harris was born on the 12th of March in 1956 in Britain. He is not only a bassist but also back vocalist and main songwriter of the band. In his early teens, Steve wanted to be a professional footballer, but later he became interested in music and participated in different small band, which were performing in pubs.

5. John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin

John Paul Jones (John Baldwin) was born the 3rd of January in Kidcup, Kent (England). His qualification is not limited to playing a bass-guitar, he is too a songwriter, arranger, composer and record producer. He too plays other string musical instruments like mandolin, koto and lap steel guitar.

Early History of the Rolling Stones Band

The early history of the band began in 1950, when Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were childhood friends. They both went to the same school in Dartford. Later their families moved apart and they entered different educational institutions. Richards was studying at Sidcup Art College and Jagger at London School of Economics.

Rolling Stones Logo

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They met each other at the railway station, when both were heading to classes. Both Richards and Jagger were extremely exited to meet each other. They found out that the same things interested them, namely music of Chuck Berry and Muddy Waters.

Pretty soon they formed a band “Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys” together with Dick Taylor. That was a blues band. In 1962 the rhythm-guitarist Brian Jones and Ian Stewart (keyboards) joined the band and the band changed its name to “The Rolling Stones”. It was difficult for them to find a suitable drummer and lots of different people were playing drums at live performances at first. The band gave its first concert on the 12th of July in 1962 in the Marquee club.

Jones and Jagger created a really unique and interesting music style. Jones was a great fan of blues and he tried to play blues, while as Jagger and Richards were adding rock and roll notes to their music. This extraordinary mixture of different styles had brought wide popularity to the band.

“Come On” Chuck Berry’s song was their first single released in 1963.

Platinum ‘Destroyer’ (Album) of the Kiss Band

Destroyer Album T Shirt

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The album ‘Destroyer’ was released on the 15th of March in 1976. It would be noted that it was not the first successful album of the Kiss band, they have recorded two great albums before: Hotter than Hell (1974) and Dressed to Kill (1975). Their first album Kiss released in 1974 didn’t bring them popularity.

Why Destroyer is particularly important for us because we have two cool T-shirts devoted to this album (besides many others) and I thought you might be willing to get one of those.

Another reason why I decided to write about this album is that the ‘Destroyer’ faced a little brake up in their popularity and commercial success, but this album was a real hit. RIAA certified it as gold on the 22nd of April and also platinum the same year. ‘Destroyer’ was the first Kiss studio album to achieve platinum status.

The band began to work on the album in August, 1975. The producer was Bob Ezrin, who also successfully worked with Alice Cooper. He added some production flourishes, sound effects and child choir while recording the album.

The band used some outside musicians to record Destroyer: New York Philharmonic-Symphony Orchestra, Dick Wagner from Alice Cooper, who, though, was not credited. Dick also played the acoustic part the ‘Beth’ song.

The album’s cover was designed by Ken Kelly, fantasy artist. It is Simmons who was found him and was discussing ideas with. Ken agreed to create a cover art but first he asked the Kiss band to perform live to get inspiration. They gave him access to the backstage and Ken liked the performance very much. He was too asked to design a cover for the Love Gun album (1977).

KISS – Detroit Rock City Dodger Stadium 1998

Post Led Zeppelin Career of Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page (James Patrick Page) was born in 1944. For the majority of people he is known as a guitarist of the Led Zeppelin band. He began his music career as a studio session guitarist and the member of The Yardbirds band until 1968. Later he joined Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and Job Bonham to form Led Zeppelin.

I have already written a post about post-break up period of the Led Zeppelin band from the band’s angle, now I would like to focus more on great person and incredible guitarist, Jimmy Page.

The band broke up in 1980 after John Boham’s (drummer) dearth. He died at Page’s home. Naturally that greatly upset him and he didn’t touch the guitar for a rather long time. He returned to the stage to perform at a Jeff Beck show only next (1981) year.

His next music experience was the super-band called XYZ (ex-Yes-Zeppelin). They rehearsal a lot but had been never officially recorded. Only bootlegged records exist.

Page too collaborated with Michael Miller in 1982 to work on Death Wish II and Death Wish III soundtracks.

Jimmy Page also performed at various charity concerts, usually those were acoustic concerts. Then he recorded several songs with this first band, Yardbirds. In 1985 the Led Zeppelin members reunited to perform at Live Aid concert with Phil Collins and Tony Thomson on drums. has 30 clothing items of the band. They all are in stock! What a fan you are if you don’t have at least one tee of the Led Zeppelin? =)

Adding a bonus video found at
Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton & Jimmy Page Solo – Stairway To Heaven (ARMS Concert 1983)

‘Ed Force One’ Plane of the Iron Maiden Band

Last time we spoke about Bob Dylan’s cycle, now it is time to switch to something considerably bigger – a jet Boeing 757-200 of the Iron Maiden band. They called it ‘Ed Force One’. Actually, the guys didn’t purchase it; they just used it as a transport during their ‘Somewhere Back In Time World Tour’ back in 2008.

Ed Force One

The reason why they used a jet plain instead of trains or busses was pretty simple. As Bruce Dickenson (commercial pilot of Astaeus) explained they had to tour in countries which were rather distant from each other. ‘Ed Force One’ could take them pretty quickly to any corner of the world. With airplane they could get to move fans in the same period of time than without it, without waiting for weeks for the gear to come.
They have converted ‘Ed Force One’ into a combi and painted it with Iron Maiden livery and the list of the tour dates of that year. After the Iron Maiden tour, when the plain returned to its regular charter flights, Astaeus retained the artwork . The artwork was removed only after the biased African passengers refused to board the plane. They were afraid it had been possessed by evil spirits.

The decals were restored to finish the band’s world tour in 2009. You can see it in a famous documentary Iron Maiden: Flight 666, which was shown in 42 countries including (of course) Great Britain where it was shown on BBC4.
In 2011 the plane was used once again during ‘The Final Frontier World Tour’ with an adapted artwork.

About Bob Dylan’s ‘Tiger’

Bob Dylan was really cool biker, because he had a good taste on cycles. Triumph Tiger 100, this is what he rode. This model was created on the basis of Triumph Speed Twin. Tiger 100 was better in every possible way, it was faster and lighter.

Triumph Tiger 100

Actually it was the fastest (at that time) model created by Edward Turner. Another advantage of the bike was forged allow pistons, which was a rare case, because the technology then was still rather new.

Cylinders were too innovated; they were gorged in a single casting. 8 studs held them, while as in Speed Twin model there were only six studs. Tiger 100 was too equipped with a single Amal carburetor. It had a larger fuel tank and was finished in silver, but its cost was only 5 pounds more.

Tiger 100 was an ideal bike for real fans of speed and power of those times. It was tasted by Ivan Wicksteed and David Whitworth in Brooklands. It was a six-hour speed ride which estimated that the maximum speed was about 78.5 mile per hour. That was goddamn fast in 1939.

Bob Dylan got into accident riding his ‘Tiger’, but some people believe there was no accident in fact, because he hadn’t been taken even to the hospital. It is known, the singer was really stressed at that time, and there was simply too much pressure and publicity. So he took his chance to get away from all of that and have a rest. It is known Bob Dylan didn’t tour for eight years after the accident.