Book Review – The Beatles Anthology

The Beatles have and still are mesmerizing the world with their bewitchery rock music. There have been numerous books written over the band. But one book that has actually mesmerized me is The Beatles Anthology [view it at amazon]. Here is a short review of the book for our rock fans.

The Beatles Anthology Book

The Beatles Anthology has been so far the best one of the best book in its genre. Actually the reason could be that it is for the first time ever that someone has tried to let the band itself tell its own success story without any outer alteration or narration. This is the strongest positive aspect of the book.

The Beatles Anthology portrays profoundly comprehensive interviews with the stars themselves – Paul, Ringo, John and George. Moreover, the book also provides incredible mixes from George Martin (producer), Neil Aspinall (manager) along with Derek Taylor (publicist/ friend and Apple guy for band).

The book starts with separate four biographies of our Heroes, told by them which is the prime asset. It proceeds ahead into detailed descriptions concerning all of their lives being together year by year. The flow of the book is amazingly interesting and holds you by its each word. To me it appears more of as a conversation instead of a mere story, which again is a big positive. This attribute of the book makes you feel their personalities strongly & clearly along with their passion and love for their band and each other.

On a finishing note, the book is equipped with several plus factors. It should not only be read by Beatles fans only but others who are looking for a close insight with true success.

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