Chubby Checker – 10 Quick Life Facts

One of the legendary rock music artists and inventor of the famous “Twist Dance Style” is Chubby Checker. The hit cover of 60s “The Twist” and the popular “Twist Dance Style” got Chucker with immense fame in the rock music world. Chubby is the one who got Limbo rock, with the trademark Limbo Dance, the immense fame at global fron

Chubby Checker
Here is an brief insight to some interesting and maybe unknown facts of this life

  1. The real name of Chubby Checker was Ernest Evans but he changed it to Chubby Checker before making an entry to rock music world.
  2. The artist was born in South Carolina’s Spring Gulley.
  3. Chubby Checker’s debut hit ‘The Twist’ got listed in the ‘Hot 100 Most Famous Singles’ by Billboard.
  4. Chubby Checker is the only artist who has got nine double sided hits on his name
  5. He is not only a great singer but also a legendary song-writer.
  6. Chubby’s father was a tobacco farmer
  7. Chucker faced a hard childhood. He worked in a butcher’s shop when he was a child. He had also done works like selling ice and shining shoes as a kid.
  8. Chubby was the nick name Chucker got when he was a kid and used to work in a store. The nick name was provided due to the heavy body build up he had.
  9. Chubby started his singing career as a performer on streets and church.
  10. “The Twist” and the “Twist Dance Style” are still considered the benchmark of Chucker’s life which provided him the fame & success, one can only dream of.

Interesting Facts about the Cream Band

Cream is one of the most popular rock bands of era of 1960s. The band consisted of Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce. Here is an insight to some of the best yet rare known facts about the band Cream.

Cream Band

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Have a quick look at these facts –

  • Cream is reputed as the first Super-Group rock band since all three members of the band belonged to some big band names – Bruce from ‘Manfred Mann’, Clapton from ‘Blues-breakers’ while Baker from ‘The Graham Bond Organization’.
  • The band was broken by none other than Clapton when he read a review about their band that the band has turned to be boring as well as repetitious.
  • Even after breakup the band played for three more times on some special occasions – first was the occasion of Clapton’s marriage. The second occasion was a big one when the band got inducted in the prestigious ‘Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’ and third was when they again got reunited for a series of 4 shows in the years 2005.
  • Though the band had only three members but Baker & Bruce were never comfortable with each other. They always avoided each other or else would fight big time.
  • The band actually first decided the name “Sweet and Sour Rock and Roll” but later on Clapton changed that to Cream.
  • Though Bruce & Baker never shared a good relationship still after breaking the band they turned towards forming a new group with name BBM and had guitarist Gary Moore in it.

Interesting Facts about the Dead Kennedys Band

In 1978 in San Francisco, California, Dead Kennedys band incepted as a regular rock band but later it became a big name in the Punk world. In early 1980s, the band got associated with the American hardcore punk movement and then there was no looking back for this Punk band. This was the first American hardcore band that made the great impact in U.K. There are some interesting facts about the band.

Dead Kennedys

  • The band’s first single was released in June, 1979.
  • In San Francisco, on March 25, 1980, Dead Kennedys, punk band performed in Music Awards. For the whole day, the band was practicing and gave a wonderful performance.
  • The song “pull my string” was only performed at the Music Awards and was released only after when band’s done another album.
  • In the beginning of 1980, the band released their single and soon after this Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables their first album was released.
  • In early 1981, Ted was replaced with D.H. Peligro as he publicized that he wanted to leave the band and decided to become architecture. In February 1981, he performed in his last show.
  • In May 1981, when “Too Drunk to Fuck” came out, the song created controversy in UK.
  • In a very short span of time, the band left their hardcore style and changed into jazz style.
  • The band had vilified neo-Nazi skinheads in the past time as members thought that they are trying to destroy the punk scenes.

7 Interesting Facts about Aerosmith

One of the legendary rock bands in the history of rock music world is Aerosmith. Here we are providing some of the most fascinating yet rarely known 7 facts about the band Aerosmith.

Aerosmith in 1976

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Have a quick look –

  1. Originally the name which Aerosmith band wanted for them was either Jack Denials or Spike Jones but unknowingly they finally got stuck with this name which later on became a trend and get them huge success.
  2. Even the name of their most famous album ‘Pump’ was not the same when finalized. They wanted to rename it ‘Bobbing For Piranhas’ but didn’t.
  3. A string orchestra of total 52 men was used during the recording of the band’s famous song ‘I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing’.
  4. There was a big buzz in 1978 when Aerosmith band took actually a full ton of carottes with them. Still today no one except the band knows why & for what purpose the carottes were used or taken along with.
  5. Till date, Aerosmith has sold over 90 Million records at global level. In USA the figure is 50 Million which itself is a record.
  6. A total of unbelievable 652 flip overs were made by Steve Tyler on the famous Pump tour.
  7. Well everyone knows that Steven Tyler was thrown out of his High school but not all are aware of the fact that he stole the bass of his school’s band when he was thrown out and till date he carries it. Even one can hear this bass at the end of the most famous song by Aerosmith ‘’Livin’ On the Edge’’.

11 Cool Facts about Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan is a legendary American rock music singer, musician, songwriter, artist, record producer as well as a writer. Today we are paying a tribute to this legend who served the rock music world for several years by providing all the fans of Bob with some unknown facts about his life.

Bob Bylan Photo

Have a quick look –

  1. Bob’s real name is Robert Allen Zimmerman
  2. Bob’s father was a semi professional player of baseball.
  3. Bob is always accused of introducing Fab Four to marijuana.
  4. Bob was very much obsessed with ‘Rebel Without a Cause’ star James Dean.
  5. Bob’s great grandfather along with his uncles possessed the largest movie theatre in Minnesota, Hibbing. This was the time when young Bob used to watch films free of cost.
  6. Bob’s band was once rejected. Well this was the time when he was in high school in 10th grade. The reason behind rejection was that the student council found Bob & his band’s performance too shocking at the time of audition.
  7. Bob has been a great scammer ever since his college times. He was famous for scamming his friends out of clothing & cigarettes.
  8. The pet names by Suze Rotolo for Bob were “RAZ” and “the Pig”.
  9. Bob has got an honorary doctorate from the University of St. Andrews in the field of music in the year 2004.
  10. Bob’s first wife Sara Lownds used to worked as a Playboy bunny before marriage.
  11. Bob was a huge admirer of Elvis. After the death of this legend, Bob didn’t talk to any person for almost a week.

15 Interesting Facts about the Metal Legend Metallica

Metallica, the world famous rock & roll band from California has and still is rocking the world with its unique genre of music. Here are some interesting yet unknown facts about this famous band – Metallica.

Metallica Burning Skull

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Have a look

  1. Overall there have been 8 members who played in band till date – James, Lars, Robert, Kirk, Cliff, Dave, Ron and Jason.
  2. The shortest song ever done by the band was of length 3:08 minutes. It was ‘MotorBreath’ from the famous album ‘’Kill ‘Em All’’ in the year 1983.
  3. Metallica till date has supposedly sold out 100 million records at global level.
  4. Overall 10 Studio Albums have been released by Metallica
  5. Metallica have played 1724 shows in their 30 years span of career
  6. Metallica has performed in almost 60 countries.
  7. The band has won overall 14 Grammy awards
  8. Member of the band – Kim Hammett is a vegetarian
  9. The first single from Metallica was ‘Whiplash’. This was from ’Kill ‘Em All’’ from the year 1983.
  10. Father of famous drummer of Metallica Lars Ulrich, Torben Ulrich is an applauded former tennis pro
  11. Metallica were inducted in year 1999 into the prestigious Wall of Fame of San Francisco.
  12. Kirk Hammett, the lead guitarist of the band is also the oldest member of the band. He is 49 currently.
  13. The band has a full time staff of team of 83 people.
  14. Metallica always makes use of private airplane during tours and that too of color blue and white only.
  15. Lars Ulrich has a habit of eating without cheese pizza after every concert.

5 Unknown Facts about Jimi Hendrix

When one counts for the best & never to forget legends of rock music world, one name that no one can ever miss is Jimi Hendrix. Jimi or simply saying Gypsy Guitarist is considered one of the most influential rock music artists the rock music world has ever produced.


Jimi Hendrix Smoking

Though this guitar legend died almost 42 years back from today still he rules over the hearts of his fans. Today we are providing a tribute to this legend by offering his fans with some of the unknown yet interesting facts about the life of this iconic guitarist who changed the interface of rock music world. Here are some of the unknown facts about the legend himself

Jimi Hendrix:

  • Jimi was born with name Johnny Allen which was later on changed by his father to James Marshall. He was lovingly referred to as ‘Buster’ by family and later on ‘Young Jimmy’. Finally the name ‘Jimi’ came into existence due to Chas Chandler, bassist of ‘The Animals’ who also became manager of Jimi.
  • Jimi died at a very young age of 28 becoming a part of rock music world’s group of celebrities dying under the age of 30.
  • Jimi was sentenced to jail but then he chose a stint in serving army over jail. But even there he was quite undisciplined and was famous for sleeping during his duty.
  • The final album by Jimi was highly accredited yet suffered lots of controversies since its cover page had pictures of beautiful naked girls.
  • Jimi was very famous for setting fire to his guitars.

15 Interesting Facts about Lady Gaga

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta or simply saying Lady Gaga is a famous & iconic American rock artist, singer, record producer, songwriter, social activist, a successful businesswoman, a popular fashion designer and an actress too.

 Lady Gaga

The lady with multiple roles is herself a role model for youth. She is well accredited for her beauty, style statement and cool attitude. She has numerous shades of her personality. There are plentiful facts about Lady Gaga which world still is unaware of. Some of them have been comprised here in this article.

So have a look at the interesting facts about Lady Gaga –

  1. The famous & unique stage name “Lady Gaga” has been inspired from the famous Queen’s song – Radio Ga Ga.
  2. Lady Gaga’s height is just 5’1”. She is quite short
  3. Lady Gaga has green eyes and naturally brown hair
  4. She has got 13 tattoos over her beautiful body
  5. She likes people with unique creativity
  6. Lady Gaga loves white roses
  7. Her favorite color is black & lavender.
  8. She has many nick names. Some of them are Loopy, Rabbit teeth, Gagaloo, Mother Monster, The Germ, Little Mermaid and Stefi.
  9. Her favorite cartoon character is Bugs Bunny
  10. Her much loved food is Peach Cobbler
  11. Her much loved drink is Jameson Whiskey on the Rocks
  12. Rainer Maria Rilke is her favorite writer
  13. Lady Gaga closely admires Carrie Bradshaw character from the ‘Sex & the City’ which was portrayed by Sarah Jessica Parker.
  14. She only uses Daisy or Ralph perfume
  15. Lady Gaga does not like cats

Interesting Facts about Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson – the name does not need any introduction. He is the ruler of rock & roll, the king of billions hearts and an singer & dancer. Here are some of the interesting and lesser known facts about the God of rock & roll himself.


Michael Jackson

Have a quick look

  • Michael Jackson was a billionaire at age of just 18.
  • The favorite cartoon character of Michael Jackson was Pinocchio.
  • Elizabeth Taylor nicknamed Michael Jackson ‘The King of the Pop’.
  • Jackson patented (& invented) special boots called Anti-gravity boots that he used for popular ‘lean’ in his famous music video ‘Smooth Criminal’.
  • Michael Jackson in his life sponsored the education of 10,000 underprivileged kids.
  • He suffered a rare genitical disease termed as Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency.
  • The famous song ‘Heal the World’ by Michael Jackson became the ‘World Peace Anthem’ by UN in the year 1992.
  • Michael Jackson has not one but two stars on the prestigious Hollywood’s ‘Walk of Fame’. One was for himself while second as a part of band Jackson Five.
  • He was very ticklish
  • Middle name of Michael Jackson was Joseph.
  • Michael Jackson was extremely fond of Mexican Food
  • Date of birth of this king of Pop is 29th August, 1958
  • Jackson had won 13 Grammy awards
  • Michael Jackson once played the role of a Scare-Crow in the Wiz (the movie version of famous the Wizard of Oz).
  • Michael Jackson was a pure vegetarian
  • Jackson is Godfather to Micheal (son of Barry Gibb’s) and Nicole Richie
  • Jackson’s father used to work in a steel mill

7 Interesting Facts about the Band – Beach Boys

Beach Boys have always been famous for their inspiring music, cool attitude and tremendously dazzling style factor. But there are some hidden factors associated with Beach Boys which entire may not be aware of.

The Beach Boys
Some of these interesting facts about the beach Boys Band are –

  1. Dennis Wilson, the drummer of Beach Boys married many times. His sixth wife was actually the illegitimate daughter of Mike Love, his band mate cousin.
  2. Brain was deaf by one ear.
  3. Denis and Mike totally hated each other. The hate was of so extent that a mutual restrictive order was actually obtained in order to keep these two apart.
  4. ‘Beach Boys’ was not the first name that was chosen initially. They had names like Kenny and the Cadets but changed it to Carl and the Passions and then finally Pendletones. Then later they again changed it to Beach Lifestyle and at the last Beach Boys.
  5. Though the name and famous albums of Beach Boys portray their Surfing love but only Dennis among them was able to surf in real practice.
  6. The band was more of a family union. Brian, Carl and Dennis were brothers while Mike was their cousin. Initially these four brothers started the band but later on their friend Al Jardine joined them.
  7. It is supposed that Beach Boys will make their new beginning, a strong comeback soon. Thought the original 3 members of Beach Boys band are around 70 years of age yet the world is enthusiastic over their comeback. Dennis died in 1983.