10 Interesting Facts about the Pink Floyd Band

Pink Floyd

Here are some cool facts about the famous rock & roll music band – Pink Floyd.

Just have a look –

  1. This famous band Pink Floyd was actually named after the names of two renowned musicians from American Blues, the legends – Floyd Council and Pink Anderson.
  2. In the beginning it was only Mason, Wright and Waters who formed the band. Barrett joined the band later on.
  3. Barrett was kicked out of the band since he was getting over crazy.
  4. Till 1969, people were not fully aware how the band members looked like since before 1969 their album covers rarely had any of their pictures. They were using his benefit to live a normal life.
  5. Pink Floyd had been the first one among British rock bands to make use of famous ‘liquid light show.’
  6. Gilmour is a crazy fan of guitars. He has a broad compilation of guitars (classical ones)
  7. Waters has deep love for golf. Even during their tours, Waters always try to book hotels that were close to golf courses.
  8. Gilmour sold his valuable London house in the year 2002 for $6.48 million claiming that he has now got tired of possessing too many expensive assets.
  9. The founding member of Pink Floyd died of fighting cancer at the age of 65, in the year 2008 at 15th September.
  10. ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ is still their incredible creation and a survey showed that approximately one in a group of 12 people in the world own a copy of it.

19 Quick Facts about Amy Lee

When you count on famous rock women who actually rocked the rock& roll world, one name that rules the heart of millions due to her unparalleled blend of beauty, talent and cool attitude is Amy Lee. Originally named Amy Lynn Hartzler but widely known as Amy Lee, is the lead vocalist and co – founder of popular rock & roll band Evanescence.
She is also a classically skilled pianist.

Amy Lee


Here below are some unknown facts about Amy lee that world might does not know very well.

Here is the list –

  1. She is actually scared of haunted houses
  2. Amy loves to drive rash. She is a ruthless driver scaring off her passengers
  3. She is a strict No diet follower. She loves full fat food
  4. When Amy was a teenager she was a bit overweight
  5. Amy Lee hates politics
  6. She is a Sagittarius
  7. Though we see her black hair but actually she has blonde hair which she has dyed.
  8. Majority of her dresses are designed by herself
  9. She has some allergy from lobster
  10. ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ is Lee’s favorite movie
  11. Her hobbies are drawing, painting and writing (in her journals)
  12. She feels she has been misunderstood widely
  13. She truly believes in supernatural
  14. Amy Lee simply loves beaches and ocean. Beaches are her most favorite places
  15. If Amy was not a rock singer she would either have been a nurse or a social worker
  16. Amy Lee is intensively afraid of sharks
  17. Halloween is her favorite holiday
  18. When she was a kid, Amy Lee wanted to be a veterinarian
  19. Her idol is Michael Jackson

7 Lesser Known Facts about the Beatles

The Beatles

Beatles is a name that needs no introduction in the field of music. If you are big fan of the Beatles you must know following unknown facts about the band:

  1. In the initial days of the Beatles formation, Lennon thought that George Harrison is too young to join as he was just fourteen at that time. But later Lennon was impressed with his determination for singing and he was selected as the main lead guitarist.
  2. Stuart Sutcliffe, the Lennon’s art school friend had sold one of his paintings to buy a guitar. He recommended the band’s name Buddy Holly and the Crickets.
  3. The band got the one month termination notice when Koschmider came to know that they had been performing at the rival Top Ten Club which was against their contract and revealed the underage of Harrison to the German authorities.
  4. The band’ first recording was done in EMI’s Abey road studio under the direction of Martin where Best was replaced with Ringo Starr.
  5. The major partnership of song writing of Lennon and McCartney lead the band’s success but they bound Harrison’s as a lead vocalist because of his unprofessional behaviour.
  6. In 1963, the Beatles recorded the album ‘please please me’ and they get the resounding success in this. The song reached the number one in ‘record retailer’ in London.
  7. The Beatles tenth capitol album ‘yesterday and today’ the initial album cover was banned and then modified it by using friendly pictures.

Bonus: The Beatles: 1962 – Love Me Do – BBC Documentary

Interesting Facts about Motley Crue

Motley Crue, an American heavy metal band that rose to fame in the 1980s, formed in Los Angeles in 1981. Lead singer Vince Neil, drummer Tommy Lee, bassist Nikki Sixx and lead guitarist Mick Mars took the music scene by storm, with number one hit albums such as “Dr. Feelgood” and “Girls, Girls, Girls.” The band was almost as famous for the hard partying lifestyles of the members as it was for the music, making for some interesting facts.

Motley Crue

The First Singer

The first singer of Motley Crue was a man known as O`Dean. Nikki, Mick and Tommy, while the band was still nameless, decided they didn`t care for his vocal pitch or his refusal to work well with the other band members. When they fired him, Mick recommended the lead singer of Rockandi, Vince Neil.

Mottley Cru

Mick`s first band name suggestion was “Mottley Cru,” something he`d seen and jotted down. Nikki Sixx liked the name but not the spelling, changing it to “Motley Crue.”

June 6, 1981

The sixth of June in 1981 was the band`s first official gig together, at the Troubadour. They set a record for attendance and Vince Neil learned a few things from David Lee Roth of Van Halen, who liked the band and took the time to offer some industry insight.

Coffman`s Fines

Determined to make the band a professional hit, manager Allan Coffman imposed a fine system in July of 1981. Any unprofessional behavior merited a fine, such as $20 if a member showed up to a rehearsal with a hangover.

Stephen Pearcy

Stephen Pearcy, singer of another popular 1980s band, Ratt, was offered the job as lead singer by Nikki Sixx in late 1981. Sixx was frustrated with Vince Neil, especially after Neil refused to wear a Santa suit he had made for a Christmas show at the Country Club.


While many people associated the Crue members with tattoos, singer Vince Neil didn`t get one until 1982. His first of many designs is a snake with a music note.

Weight Loss

By 1983, Motley Crue had new management. Doug Thaler, part of the new team, visited the members weeks prior to their tour as an opening act for Kiss. Thaler recommended they lose about 20 pounds each to be in better shape for the tour. Each member lost at least 10 pounds when Thaler returned a couple of weeks later.

Kiss Tour

Motley Crue only opened for Kiss for five shows before they were kicked off the tour by Gene Simmons of Kiss. Reportedly, Simmons was unhappy with the band`s behavior, but Doug Thaler believed it was because the band was outshining Kiss.


In 1984, Motley Crue toured with legend, Ozzy Osbourne, who took an instant liking to the band and was often seen partying with them.

Shout at the Devil

The 1984 album, Shout at the Devil became the band`s first platinum album, with over a million copies sold.

Motley Crue was also known for their wild looks, which often involved mixing biker style clothes, such as Hurley Clothes and more glam rock elements. As the music scene changed, the glam elements, such as makeup, were dropped.

Bonus: Motley Crue – Live at Glen Helen Regional Park, USA 1983 [Full Concert]

Facts About Punk Music

Punk rock is a renowned term with which most of the rock fans are aware. Punk music is a division of rock genre that emerged during the mid 1970s. Regions like United States, United Kingdom and Australia saw the origination of punk music in the initial stages.
The musical effect composed by punk bands were composed with petite songs with the background of hard-edged and fast music, however, its roots can be traced to garage rock and protopunk music genre. Apart from the musical impact made by Punk music genre, the same stayed a powerful factor in influencing younger generation in their fashion, outlooks and culture by their different performance styles. Since, the punk music paved way for several talented and popular artists. These artists singed off from this band and formed individual styles of sub genres.

Chronological observation reveals the detail that media approach in New York gave a break for the publicity of the term PUNK globally. Some of the controversial slogans like “Please kill me” encrypted over artists costumes, a soviet hammer and sickle motive selected for their stage show, are remarkable influences of Punk band. The lifestyle that was adopted by people after seeing the punk followers’ inspiration on punk fashion stayed another factor that motivated people to consider certain convictions for granted. Social issues like drugs, racism, change in morals, etc. Moreover, punk genre stayed a prominent influencing factor for people to consider its music as a form of artists own perspective.

Why Elvis Presley Is The King

We have talked about almost everything of Elvis Presley – the legendary rock artists. We have talked about his life, his career, his fame, prestige and name that are hardy replicable by any other rock artist today or in future. Today we will be discussing about one more important aspect of our legend Elvis’s life which is like another star in Elvis’s already star studded image. It is the huge cultural impact of our legend Elvis over society.

Elvis Presley

Experts say ever since the starting of career, Elvis has had a huge cultural impact over the society. Elvis has been given with adjectives like “Creator of Rock Music”, “Rock Music Giant”, “Rock Music Idol” and many more such praiseworthy adjectives. World has even provided Elvis with the tag of Rock Music God that has never ever been provided to any other artist of rock music.

Cultural impact of Elvis has always been similar to his emotional impact over our society. Youngsters take him as an icon, a style and sex symbol for ladies while men see him as a legend and old people as a warm heartily person. He is someone who single handedly changed the course & preface of entire music world. He was ranked second greatest singer of the world that itself explains the impact of Elvis over the world. His dance moves, recordings, clothing, attitude, style, lifestyle and cool looks have always created a huge brunt over the society being an eminent embodiment. So it not wrong to say that Elvis’s life has created a huge cultural as well as emotional impact over the world which is simply not replicable.

Courtney Love – The Most Controversial Women Rock Artist

She Ruled Millions of Hearts

Some say rock music world has always been bias with women and some think it is not an appropriate place for women to succeed while some claim that woman has contributed heavily & aggressively in the success story of wide rock music world. Here we are not debating over any of this fact. In actual practice we are combining these three claims. In simple words this article is all about one woman – who is considered the most controversial women rock music world ever had and the same women who established herself in the rock world with her immense talent and ruled millions of hearts with her unique attitude, fashion and style. This woman is – ‘Courtney Love’.

Courtney Love

Image Credit: www.fanpop.com

For those who do not know this diva – Courtney Love, she is an American musician, singer, actress, song writer and an artist. She gained her initial success by the rock band ‘Hole’ which was formed by her in the year 1989. On one hand she has climbed up the ladder of success and at the same time she has also climbed up the ladder of controversies. Whether it’s her try to hit a journalist or controversy regarding her drug intakes or her statements regarding poor boyfriends, she has always hit the controversial graphs with a bull’s eye. But at the same time she has been doing the same, hitting the bull’s eye in terms of success too. Still till date her art pieces have been getting critically acclaimed and her fans dying to see her performing.

Courtney Love Interview About Kurt Cobain’s Suicide and more…

Wilko Johnson – Famous Guitarist Who Fight Cancer

CancerFamous guitarist Wilko Johnson has been diagnosed with the pancreas cancer recently. Although he is not a household name but is amongst the list of one of the most influential guitarists in his era. He was quite famous for his unique guitar playing style that was best known as choppy guitar playing way. He is also considered to be one of the people who have contributed significantly and have a major influence in the growth of punk rock. This 65 years old start has chosen not to get any chemotherapy and is still in very good spirit. He also wants to finish one of his album and also has planned a series of goodbye and farewell gigs.

He is best known for his contribution and role in Dr. Feelgood which he left after some time in order to join The Blockheads and Ian Dury. After being associated with them for some time he formed his own rock band Wilko Johnson band which continued to tour till the cancer was detected.

Even after getting diagnosed with Cancer, Wilko didn’t disappoint his fans and assured to carry on his band touring to entertain them. But recently, Wilko Johnson cancelled his tour in which he was going to perform at Canvey Islands. The reason behind this cancellation of tour is his ill health. These shows were supposed to be almost the last shows of his legendary career but given his health conditions he would not be able to perform in these shows.

Wilko Johnson discusses his cancer [YouTube Video]

A Preface to Psychedelic Rock

Well the rock music world is very deep. It has been star studded with numerous jewels in the form of genres. One of such jewel studded genre is Psychedelic rock. Well Psychedelic rock is considered to be influenced or inspired by typical Psychedelic culture. This is also considered an exemplary attempt to replicate as well as enhance the mind altering exquisite experiences of drugs of Psychedelic.

Psychedelic Rock

This rock music is immensely famous since it uses new techniques of recording along with beautiful commendable effects in order to draw on sources (non – Western typically) like ragas and some drones of popular Indian music. This genre was promptly pioneered by world famous rock musicians including The Beatles, The Yard Birds and also by The Byrds.

This genre of rock music world emerged successfully during the era of mid 60s among famous blues rock and folk rock in both UK and USA. But the genre acquired its peak success between the years 1967to 1969. Psychedelic rock has also been well known for influencing the formulation of psychedelic soul as well as psychedelic pop. This genre is well famous for acting as a bridge for the transition from folk based & blues based rock music to glam rock, progressive rock and hard rock. The major contribution
of Psychedelic rock music genre is considered its contribution in the development of one of the most popular & in high demand rock music sub genre – The Heavy metal.

Even today Psychedelic rock genre is known for its hazy guitar sound, audacious compositions along with extended solos.

A Preface to Gypsy Punk

Gypsy Punk is a different kind of rock music genre since it is a hybrid rock musical genre. Gypsy Punk musical genre crosses successfully and elegantly the traditional form of Romani music with contemporary Punk Rock. The first rock music group that incorporated Gypsy music with punk rock music was Mother Head Bug.

Gypsy Punk

This rock band was active typically in the 90s, precisely in early 90s. But this genre got majority of fame among people when Gogol Bordello adapted this rock music genre. The band Gogol Bordello presented the world with Gypsy Punk via their music album namely Gypsy Punks: Underdog World Strike. The front man in this art piece was Eugene Hutz and described their art performance as Gypsy Punk Cabaret. This was the actually time when Gypsy Punk spread in the world like hot cakes.

Initially this genre of rock music had to face some criticism. The major reason was that critics considered Gypsy Punk as quite exploitation of the traditional Roma culture. But later on it got the fame which it enjoys even today. Bands using Gypsy punk genre frequently blends rock beats along with instrumentation but with some difference.
The difference is that this genre uses quite more conventional Gypsy instrumentation like accordion, drums, fuddle, tambourine, saxophone and trumpet. One more difference is there. Due to speckled cultural composition of the traditional Gypsy culture, some bands sing usually in a number of different languages. Sometimes these bands frequently switch the language in a number of times even within the same single song.