Linkin Park’s New Track with Steve Aoki – A Light That Never Comes Full

Linkin Park has amazingly surprised its admirers at a sports and music festival held in Tokyo, Japan earlier this month by collaborating with Steve Aoki, the famous Dance DJ to initiate an astounding but unlikely new association.

Linkin Park

On the first day of the Summer Sonic event, Linkin Park performed in the morning. Both the acts of Linkin Park were on the Bill. Here Linkin Park performed a series of their hits and made their fans go mad about them. However, Mike Shinoda, the rapper of the group hinted about a special second appearance of the band by advising the event’s crowd to check out Steve’s Aoki’s gig later at the night and he actually made good by showing up on the stage of the Summer sonic event with band mate Chestor Bennignton when the DJ hit the decks. They then together launched one of their new song’s performance right on the stage.

The song was ” A light that never comes” much to the delight of audiences. Shinoda in that event itself also revealed the collaborative effort between the Linkin Park and Steve Aoki, by saying that I and Steve met up an year before and instantly connected. After that meeting what happened was just amazing and it actually happened quite organically, and in no time we were shooting ideas back and forth. This meeting was the one that made us realize that we can collaborate together to make some good music.

What Songs They Sing in Baroque Pop?

Baroque pop or simply referred to as English Baroque is one the most famous subgenres of rock music. Baroque pop came into existence during the era of early 60s as a result of fusion of classical music with the pop rock. This subgenre basically originated in the United Kingdom and United States of America. Though it started during early 60s but got its popularity in mid 60s. The music got so famous during that time that currently mid 60s era is widely known as Baroque Era.

Baroque Pop

Several rock bands tried their hands with this art form and earned huge success. Some of the prominent names include The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Moody Blues, The Rolling Stones, The Left Banke and Love. The Baroque pop enjoyed some diverse characteristics when compared with other genres of rock music. This genre of rock music was intended to be quite less ‘loud & wild’ than the traditional rock music genres of that era. It was kind of more serious as well as a bit ‘mature’ offshoot than other genres of rock music world. A wide range of classical instruments were used in this style of rock music.

But this subgenre of rock music enjoyed short term success and started fading away in 70s with emergence of Hard rock, Disco rock and most specially Punk rock. But later in 90s, the Baroque pop underwent some revivals by some of the leading rock artists of the time like Regina Spektor, Belle & Sebastian and The Divine Comedy which brought it back to the race.

The Moody Blues – Nights In White Satin


Review of the Book Moonwalk by Michael Jackson Himself

Moonwalk BookMicheal Jackson – well the name is sufficient to describe words like talent, popularity, music, fame, name and everything else that explains prestige. Of course there are many books that have been written on this celebrity and king of rock music world. But there is one & only one book that has been written by the celeb himself. That book is his own autobiography that has been written in his own words by himself. The book is Moonwalk by Micheal Jackson. The book was published in the year 1988 and Shaye Areheart along with Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was the editor. So here is the review of the book Moonwalk by legend himself

The book is Michael’s biography but at the same time he was just 30 years old when the book came out so it is more of a snapshot to his life till that date. Micheal described his life as a kid, his childhood memories, his struggle time, rise to success, tensions & stress from showbiz, his love for his kids, his hopes, peace and many more from the core of his heart.

Michael Jackson Moonwalk

The book appears more of as a conversation with the legend himself straightforwardly as if he is sitting before you telling you his life story. He has also discussed in the book about his plastic surgeries, isolation, and gossip reporting along with famous life in a bubble. The book portrays Michael’s search for a true friend and his inner loneliness and sad part of his life.

This book is a strong recommendation for all Michael’s fans if you want to feel close to him and have an insight of Jackson’s life.

Who Was Gaye Advert (Punk Rock Star)?

Gaye BlackPunk rock has not only influenced male artists but some of the renowned female artists also got profoundly associated with this genre. Gaye Advert (born on 29 Aug, 1956) was one of the first female rock stars of the punk rock movement. She was an English punk rock musician, who played bass guitar in the band. She had photogenic looks. Her “panda-eye make-up and ubiquitous leather jacket were the trademark of her personality.

Gaye Advert and T.V. Smith, both belonged to Bideford, a small coastal town in Devon. In 1976 both moved to London and formed a band there. Later that year they got married. Gaye Advert became a sex symbol for her own style and attained the rank of Top of the Pops.

Adverts’ early career was greatly affected with The Roxy club, London’s first live punk venue. Actually, they were one of the ground-breaking bands who performed there during its first 100 days. The Adverts’ raw, passionate sound, quickly grabbed the attention of Brian James, the Damned’s guitarist who later offered the group an opening spot on the Damned’s imminent tour. “One-Chord Wonders” was Adverts debut single which was regarded as one of the greatest early UK punk singles.

In July 1977, this single prompted much larger and better Anchor Records for Adverts. The band released their subsequent single “Gary Gilmore’s Eyes”. This single became hit in U.K. and was considered to be amongst UK Top 20 hits. This single was band’s earliest punk to do a great business in the market.

Review of the Complete David Bowie Book by Nicholas Pegg

David Bowie is one the world’s most renowned and famous rock music artist and my favorite too. David’s career is considered one of the most intriguing as well as colorful in the contemporary rock music world. Today we will be reviewing the book ‘The Complete David Bowie’ that has been written by Nicholas Pegg on the life of David. So let us take a look at the review…

The Complete David Bowie

This book covers each & every aspect of our hero David’s life from his early time to his first early appearance in the 60s as ‘balladeer Davy Jones’ to his stunning gender-bending twist as Ziggy Stardust in early 70s to his music work & contribution to rock music world. This book also features some of the David’s unreleased rarities together with histories & list of his live shows along with certain unknown facts about his life.

The author has taken some liberty explaining all the aspects of Bowie’s life and that is the area I loved most since it provides an opportunity to all David fans to have a close insight to Bowie’s life. Well the book is almost 736 pages and that is a bit lengthy for a normal person but for a hardcore David fan it is very little since the book is written so beautifully by Pegg that it keeps the reader’s interest held till end.

Even the language used is quite simple yet attractive and the big plus is the unknown factors of our legend’s life that covers all the tiny this & that of the book making it a must read for every Bowie fan.

Review of Heavier Than Heaven: A Biography of Kurt Cobain by Charles R. Cross

One of the most influential rock bands of the century has been Nirvana. One of the prime members of nirvana – Kurt Cobain has always lived in the hearts of his fans. This wonderful book ‘Heavier Than Heaven: A Biography of Kurt Cobain’ is all about the life of this legend and is written by Charles R. Cross. Today we will be reviewing this book – a masterpiece of Kurt’s life.

Kurt Cobain Smoking

Kurt has always been my favorite. He was the lead singer, song writer as well as guitarist of the Nirvana. He was the one who with Krist formulated this band in 1985.This book covers all the life aspects of this legend. This book was actually the first in-depth life story of this icon who was also a troubled genius. The book explicitly covers all the facts of life of Kurt, from struggle time to success, from love issues to his personal life, from his thinking to his suicide.

From my side, hats off to Charles for creating this masterpiece with such a precision. Handling the life of such a big star, a legend with such exactitude, especially from the emotional point of view, is incredible. The unbelievable amazing work is a result of 4 vital years of research, 400 interviews, Kurt’s unpublished diaries’ research and bulk of documentations. The book, in fact each & every word of the book, successfully does the justice to the legend’s fans. Charles has covered everything from Kurt’s rise to fame to his suicidal attempt and finally death, everything with such a care that every word looks like a magnum opus itself.

A strong recommendation of this book to all Kurt’s fans

Book Review – Elvis and Me

The book Elvis & Me has been written by Elvis Presley’s ex wife Priscilla Beaulieu Presley. This book is actually the story of this famous couple of the time. The book portrays on various shades of Elvis’s life and character. I recently read this book. Here is the book review of the ‘Elvis and Me’.

Elvis and Me BookThe book revolves around the time when Priscilla met Elvis for the first time when she was 14, how they fell in love with each other, their marriage, the time after their marriage, the love & fights they had and eventually their divorce. Priscilla Beaulieu has narrated the entire story from her point of view. The core of the book portrays the feeling how a person loves another person unselfishly, even adapting him with his flaws. The book has been written beautifully since you can easily grow up page by page with Priscilla and her inner feelings of joy, sadness and finally her wretchedness.

I really like the book but at some portions (may be being a hardcore Elvis fan) the book does not justify (at least not me). The happy part of the book seems like a fairytale but the sad part and especially the deep sore feelings of rejection by Priscilla just made me shiver. But still a must read for all Elvis fans and those who are not Elvis fans (what are doing here?) go through it to have a keen look to the fact how one person can be selflessly in love with another. View the book at Amazon.

Book Review – The Beatles Anthology

The Beatles have and still are mesmerizing the world with their bewitchery rock music. There have been numerous books written over the band. But one book that has actually mesmerized me is The Beatles Anthology [view it at amazon]. Here is a short review of the book for our rock fans.

The Beatles Anthology Book

The Beatles Anthology has been so far the best one of the best book in its genre. Actually the reason could be that it is for the first time ever that someone has tried to let the band itself tell its own success story without any outer alteration or narration. This is the strongest positive aspect of the book.

The Beatles Anthology portrays profoundly comprehensive interviews with the stars themselves – Paul, Ringo, John and George. Moreover, the book also provides incredible mixes from George Martin (producer), Neil Aspinall (manager) along with Derek Taylor (publicist/ friend and Apple guy for band).

The book starts with separate four biographies of our Heroes, told by them which is the prime asset. It proceeds ahead into detailed descriptions concerning all of their lives being together year by year. The flow of the book is amazingly interesting and holds you by its each word. To me it appears more of as a conversation instead of a mere story, which again is a big positive. This attribute of the book makes you feel their personalities strongly & clearly along with their passion and love for their band and each other.

On a finishing note, the book is equipped with several plus factors. It should not only be read by Beatles fans only but others who are looking for a close insight with true success.

Women Power in Rock & Roll

From the inception of rock and roll music, it was dominated by men. But since 1960 some changes started occurring gradually. These changes included introduction of female rock artists on the global platform of music. Few of the top woman rock n roll artists are Patti Smith also known as Godmother of punk, Janis Joplin, Stevie Nicks, Suzi Quatro.

Patti Smith

It was harder for women to enter this male centric music world and they also faced many problems like unfair pay, sexual aggression, exclusion, exploitation. But they managed quite well. They always had risen out to challenges like fight over audience, critics, bandmates. In 1977, Patti smith a rock singer explained it’s really hard to work in rock and roll. Here are few more stories of some well known women rock artists.

In the 1960’s, The queen of rock “Janis Joplin” started her career with never give up attitude. It is considered as the beginning of women rock artists but it was a tragic career in rock history too. She knew that she was stepping into boys playground, and to give men a strong competition she became the loudest ,toughest and boldest person. She even started drinking, smoking and consumed drugs too. Her stage performances were explosive. Unfortunately because of heroin overdose on 4th October, 1970 she died.

Stevie Nicks is another name in this list. She was one of the top rock artist of 1970s and she is also considered as the most selling rock artist in the history of rock for her group Fleetwood Mac. She transformed this normal group in to extraordinary one.

41 Greatest Classic Rock Bands

Rock music world has got numerous genres but still today the classical rock music has its own different place in the wide rock music world. Classical rock music has got its own different & diversified style, pattern, manner and technique that separate it from other rock music forms. Even today Classical rock era is considered the Golden era of the rock music world. But have you ever wondered about the greatest artists of classical rock that have contributed devotedly in making classical rock so special? This article is a tribute to all such classical rock bands that with their unique fashion, technique and a Midas touch of music has left the world mesmerized.

Classic Rock Bands List

Here we are portraying world’s 25 greatest classic rock artists classical rock world ever had.

  1. The Beatles
  2. The Rolling Stones
  3. The Who
  4. Led Zeppelin
  5. Jimi Hendrix
  6. Bob Dylan
  7. The Doors
  8. Pink Floyd
  9. Eric Clapton
  10. Elton John
  11. John Lennon
  12. Eric Clapton
  13. Queen
  14. Eagles
  15. Fleetwood Mac
  16. David Bowie
  17. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
  18. Creedence Clearwater Revival
  19. Paul McCartney
  20. Aerosmith
  21. Van Morrison
  22. Cream
  23. Grateful Dead
  24. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
  25. The Byrds
  26. AC/DC
  27. The Kinks
  28. Black Sabbath
  29. Alice Cooper
  30. The Allman Brothers Band
  31. Billy Joel
  32. Rod Stewart
  33. Peter Gabriel
  34. The Band
  35. The Moody Blues
  36. Deep Purple
  37. Bob Seger
  38. Genesis
  39. Tommy James & The Shondells
  40. Electric Light Orchestra
  41. ZZ Top