Janis Joplin vs Amy Lee – Who Is More Popular?

Most of the times, when we think about rock music, we only associate male rock artists with it.

Here are two famous female rock artists:

Janis Joplin

Janis JoplinJanis Joplin was an amazing female rock star of 1960. She was the great singer who performed in many pop and folk music albums. She looked marvellous in her exclusive outfits and unique style. Joplin unlocked the door for the generation of female rock artists with his style of singing. She always delivered awesome live performances where she performed with grace and elegance. Janis Joplin tried to express her feelings with help of music. She finally got a perfect musical match for her singing style in her last album “Pearl” which she considered the best and successful, performed with her band Full Tilt Boogie. Unfortunately, the album was released when she passed away because of the overdose of alcohol in 1970.

Amy Lee

Amy LeeAmy Lee is the one of the best female rock artist. She has the unique style of singing as she can bring so much of variation in notes. She is the lead singer in the rock band “Evanescence” which was founded by her. She has worked in some other musical projects with other rock singers. She got a style to engage her audience and always performed in dazzling way. Apart from this, she is a great person with great heart and always ready to cooperate with other rock band star. In musical industry, her voice is considered to be best amongst the other rock artist.

3 Toughest Music Instruments to Learn

There are numerous musical instruments that are used for variety of musical purposes. However, the three most toughest music instruments to learn are:


violinIn advance stages of learning, violin player find it quite interesting and pleasing instrument. But with the passage of time, they start believing that learning path of violin is not easy but a long learning process. Violin players should always be prepared to practice difficult techniques every day. The toughest factors for violin are its bow technique, unusual positioning and correct finger placing on the note. The violin practice is critical but if you focus, you can really improve. You need to have patience to learn violin, the toughest music instrument.

Shenandoah Violin Solo – Mairead Nesbitt



FluteFlute is the interesting music instrument to learn and play. Playing flute is not easy as it requires the proper combination of breathing and your hands. It would be better if you join learning session for flute. Lot of practice and your hard work will definitely help you to gain the perfection in this. The material of the flute and its quality significantly affect the flute playing. It is advisable that before buying the flute, you should always ask professionals.

Rhonda Larson performs her flute solo, “Be Still My Soul”


TablaThe playing technique for tabla is quite difficult as it involves the extensive use of the fingers and palms to produce different sounds. Learning tabla requires a lot of concentration and attentiveness. The modulating effect of the drum makes it unique amongst the other music instrument.

Tabla Solo By PT. Yogesh Samsiji Part 3

Inductees of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The biggest & foremost prestige for any rock artist in the rock music world is considered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame which was established in the year 1983 to honor the admirable rock artists. It is prominently dedicated in recording the olden times of some of the eminent & best known most influential rock music bands, musicians, music producers along with those who have by any chief way prejudiced the wide music industry globally.

Hall of Fame Museum

For any rock music world artist, the most important & crucial achievement in his life will always be to be an inductee in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Inductees of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are broadly categorized into six divisions (initially it was four but later on two more categories were added on).

These six categories of inductees of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are as below –

  • Performers
  • Non – Performers
  • Lifetime achievement
  • Early Influences
  • Award for Musical Excellence
  • Sidemen

There have been various inductees in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But overall there have been only 18 performers of the music world who have been inducted more than once in their lifetime. Clyde McPhatter, a famous artist, was the first ever artist who got inducted twice in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Moreover the only artist to be actually inducted thrice has been Eric Clapton. Also Stephen Stills has been the only one who got inducted twice but in the same year.

New Rave – It’s Not New

New RaveNew Rave is a sub genre of famous rock music world but still unique of its own kind. Some refer to is nu rave while some term it as neu rave. It is broadly used for that music that fuse unique elements of numerous types of music like new wave, electronic music, techno, indie, electro house, mash-up and how to forget the break beat hardcore.

Till date this music has been broadly & successfully applied to a dubious & arguable music scene that was British based originally and took place between 2005 to late 2008. This genre successfully celebrates the late era of 1980s Madchester along with rave scenes by fast pacing electronica inspired & influenced wide indie rock music. The term ‘raving’ was used to refer to going to some nightclubbing while rave scenes were illustrated by making use of neon colors.

The aesthetics as well as attributes of the popular new rave scene are principally quite parallel to the conventional rave scene, quite being typically centered on psychedelic effects. But the new wave has also faced criticism from media and some other critics in spite of immense fame, popularity and high demand among youngsters. The major reason for criticism is that experts say original sound of actual rave style is scarcely discernible in these so called new rave bands. But as earlier mentioned despite of these criticism and obligations, new rave has not lost any of its fan following and is still in immense demand among people especially youngsters due to its cool attributes.

25 World’s Most Weird Rock Band Names

So have a look at these world’s most weird rock band names –

1. !!!
2. Porno for Pyros
3. Stone Temple Pilots
4. Nickelback
5. Matchbox 20
6. Archers of Loaf
7. Def Leppard
8. W.A.S.P.
9. Smashing Pumpkins
10. The Alan Parsons Project
11. Puddle of Mudd
12. Of Montreal
13. Goo Goo Dolls
14. The The
15. The Mr. T Experience
16. Panic! At the Disco
17. Mr. Mister
18. Limp Bizkit
19. Chumbawamba
20. Enuff Z’nuff
21. Mott the Hoople
22. Hoobastank
23. Toad the Wet Sprocket
24. Thirty Odd Foot of Grunts
25. Hootie and the Blowfish

Weird Band Names

You love rock music? Then you also must have a craze for rock bands? But have you ever wondered that some of the rock bands in the widely famous rock music world have such weird names that leave you speechless regarding the name? Well if you still could not recall much of such weird funny and amazing names in the rock music world then go through this article first. This article has incorporated some of the weirdest, outlandish, hilarious and extra ordinary names that rock music world has ever had. These names are just for info sake and do not say anything with the musical quality of these rock bands. These names still leave us astonished regarding why such names were opted by our favorite rock music artists? Whether it was just for fun sake or a desire to be different or a short cut thought to make a major label out of something unique and extra ordinary.

Porno For Pyros – Pets / Woodstock 1994

Oboe – Most Suave yet Difficult Instrument to Play

Music world is all about instruments bending together with the player. Musical instruments have played a vital indispensable role in the popularity of music. Even rock music has been surrounded by numerous musical instruments, some classical while some innovated (while experimenting) by artists. The variety of musical instruments in rock music has always been a matter of attraction to people.


Some instruments are very simple yet some are quite difficult to learn & play. One such instrument that has always been considered one of the most elegant, suave yet one of the most difficult one to learn & play is Oboe. In rock music world, Oboe has been widely used after the period of 1970s. Before the year 1770, this graceful musical instrument was termed as hautbois or hoboy. The name Oboe was originally adopted in the year 1770 while the musician playing Oboe was termed as Oboist.

Oboe is basically a soprano-ranged musical instrument with double reed. Oboe belongs to the woodwind family and is crafted from a fine wooden tube that is usually a 60 cm long tube. The idiosyncratic Oboe tone is typically versatile. The Oboe tone has always been described typically as “bright”. This musical instrument is equipped with a conical bore, some metal keys along with a flared bell. The sound in Oboe is formed by blowing into Oboe’s reed while vibrating some air column. Peter Gabriel (famous rock artist from the well recognized band ‘Genesis’) has always been well known for playing Oboe in some of his band’s studio recordings.

Sonata for Three Oboes – a Really Great Sound of Professional Playing

Music Festivals for POP Music Fans

Music festivals continue to spread out and expand all over America. There are various styles of music that feature in these music festivals.

Pop Music Festivals

Following are some highly popular pop music festivals that are held in US annually:


Summerfest which is also known as “The Big Gig” is one the longest musical events. It continues for 11 days along the Wisconsin Lakefront and attracts around 1 million people. This festival has also been listed in Guinness Book of World Records as the biggest music festival.


Bonaaroo Arts and Music festival is a four daylong event which is held around Nashville, Tennessee. It started in 2002 and became so popular that it grew itself as one of the premier music festivals of the country.


Sasquatch! began as a hunch in 2002 that there was some space for a music fest that can cater to the eclectic and alternative musical tastes. It initiated in central Washington and is now considered as one of the top music festivals in the North America.

The Bamboozle

Bamboozle started in 2005 as a two daylong music festival in New Jersey. But now it has been expanded to a three day festival which is generally held in early summers every year.

South By Southwest

South by Southwest is a festival that celebrates both music and films. It is held in Austin, Texas in march every year and it is a week-long festival that is being organized since 1987. It has now become one of the premiere musical event.

6 Popular Guitar Playing Techniques: Beginners’ Guide

The talent for music is something that one acquires right from the birth but one definitely needs great practice to come up as a good musician. Similarly to become a great guitarist, you must feel the music from within but must also learn the requisite skills.

Here are some guitar playing techniques that can help the rising guitarist to enhance their skills:

  1. In order to execute the guitar bend correctly, play your first note and then bend your guitar’s string with the playing finger itself which can be helped eventually by other fingers till the time you hear the next note.
  2. To perfectly play the hammer-on technique, pluck the first note only and then hammer the second note at a higher fret.
  3. In order to learn the difficult material on the guitar, play it as slow as you can. You can go by dissecting each passage and then learning it inside & out. Always play it very slowly by focusing on the technique, and once you are clear with the technique you can resume the normal flow of the beat.
  4. To get the tapping right with the guitar, tap it with the middle finger or the index finger at the written fret of the guitar.
  5. To achieve the natural harmonic in the right way, always touch the string lightly and do not press it down over the fret bar and then pluck it.
  6. To play the palm mute perfectly, always touch the string of the guitar with your right hand’s palm.

Rolling Stones Exhibition in London will be Closed on August, 27

The Rolling Stones band decided to mark their 50th anniversary by creating a special exhibition which opened on the 13th of July (2012) at Somerset House, London. This is more than just an ordinary exhibition because it covers the half of the century. It is full of never-seen-before backstage photos and other interesting things. It is really great event for Rolling Stones fans, old and young.

Rolling Stones Exhibition

Image: RollingStones.com

The London’s exhibition covers the entire career of Mick Jagger and the folk from the very beginning: how the wrote music, how they recorded album and how they toured. During 50 years the Rolling Stones band produced 60 albums (studio and live) and recorded over 100 singles. The exhibition exposes 70 prints of the band: contact sheets, studio sessions, outtakes and reportage photography.

Every visitor of the Rolling Stones exhibition in London will have a rare chance to see different types of photos which document the growth of the band. There are lots of photos taken at small blues pubs and large stadium and the majority of which are photos which were not publicly displayed before.

Finally, the exhibition is FREE! So you can buy a ticket to London and see the history of the Rolling Stones band with your own eyes.

Mick and Keith take a tour of The Rolling Stones: 50 (Video)

Knotfest 2012: What to Expect for the Tickets You Purchase

So the guys from Slipknot have been advertising their fest for rather long time via FaceBook and numerous of other sources. Knotfest is the first annual metal event which would be lasting for two days: the tour dates are 18th and 19th of August.

Knotfest Poster

Knotfest Poster

So what are the ticket prices?
Tickets for Knotfest 2012 cost from $25. As far as I know cheapest tickets are not available already. There are also several VIP offerings for people who want and can afford more then standard admission ticket. You can learn more about VIP nation program here.

Council Bluffs, IA @ Mid America Motorplex – the first day
Somerset, WI/Minneapolis, MN @ Somerset Amphitheater – the second day

Knotfest Lineup

August, 18 (Friday)

  • Slipknot
  • Deftones
  • Lamb of God
  • Dethklok
  • Serj Tankian
  • The Urge
  • Prong
  • Dirtfedd


August, 19 (Saturday)

  • Slipknot
  • Deftones
  • Lamb of God
  • Dethklok
  • Serj Tankian
  • Cannibal Corpse
  • Prong
  • Gojira
  • Dillinger Escape Plan


Knotfest VIP
Ready spend more on your ticket for Knotfest? VIP guest will get the following:

  • A bar with drinks
  • Lounge from which you will be able to see the stage
  • Meals and parking
  • Hugs and Kisses from the band members 🙂

So, this is all folks, for now. If I made a mistake in any piece of info provided, please let me know in the comment section. I will correct it immediately.

Knotfest Scheme