Courtney Love – The Most Controversial Women Rock Artist

She Ruled Millions of Hearts

Some say rock music world has always been bias with women and some think it is not an appropriate place for women to succeed while some claim that woman has contributed heavily & aggressively in the success story of wide rock music world. Here we are not debating over any of this fact. In actual practice we are combining these three claims. In simple words this article is all about one woman – who is considered the most controversial women rock music world ever had and the same women who established herself in the rock world with her immense talent and ruled millions of hearts with her unique attitude, fashion and style. This woman is – ‘Courtney Love’.

Courtney Love

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For those who do not know this diva – Courtney Love, she is an American musician, singer, actress, song writer and an artist. She gained her initial success by the rock band ‘Hole’ which was formed by her in the year 1989. On one hand she has climbed up the ladder of success and at the same time she has also climbed up the ladder of controversies. Whether it’s her try to hit a journalist or controversy regarding her drug intakes or her statements regarding poor boyfriends, she has always hit the controversial graphs with a bull’s eye. But at the same time she has been doing the same, hitting the bull’s eye in terms of success too. Still till date her art pieces have been getting critically acclaimed and her fans dying to see her performing.

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