‘Ed Force One’ Plane of the Iron Maiden Band

Last time we spoke about Bob Dylan’s cycle, now it is time to switch to something considerably bigger – a jet Boeing 757-200 of the Iron Maiden band. They called it ‘Ed Force One’. Actually, the guys didn’t purchase it; they just used it as a transport during their ‘Somewhere Back In Time World Tour’ back in 2008.

Ed Force One

The reason why they used a jet plain instead of trains or busses was pretty simple. As Bruce Dickenson (commercial pilot of Astaeus) explained they had to tour in countries which were rather distant from each other. ‘Ed Force One’ could take them pretty quickly to any corner of the world. With airplane they could get to move fans in the same period of time than without it, without waiting for weeks for the gear to come.
They have converted ‘Ed Force One’ into a combi and painted it with Iron Maiden livery and the list of the tour dates of that year. After the Iron Maiden tour, when the plain returned to its regular charter flights, Astaeus retained the artwork . The artwork was removed only after the biased African passengers refused to board the plane. They were afraid it had been possessed by evil spirits.

The decals were restored to finish the band’s world tour in 2009. You can see it in a famous documentary Iron Maiden: Flight 666, which was shown in 42 countries including (of course) Great Britain where it was shown on BBC4.
In 2011 the plane was used once again during ‘The Final Frontier World Tour’ with an adapted artwork.

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