Burning at a Burning Man Festival

Burning man is a festival of music and art takes place in northern Nevada, in the Black Rock Desert. It attracts thousands of people every year and every year in begins the same day – the last Monday of August and end on the same day to – the first Monday on September. The interesting thing is that it concise with the holiday of the Labor Day.

Burning Man Festival

Image Source: webbery.com, Partick Roddie Photography

So What Burning Man Actually Is?

  • It is a damn huge wooden effigy meant to be burned
  • It is an experiment in community and art
  • It is radical self-expression and self-reliance
  • It is 7 days of crazy joy, good music and unforgettable experience

Last year the height of the effigy burnt was about 104ft, that it is 3m, which is 4 feet higher than the Statue of Liberty which is only 100 feet tall, this year it is will probably be even higher, who knows.

Last year Larry Harvey announced that the Burning Man Festival will be a non-profit thing called ‘Burning Man Project’ to which all the ownership right will be belonged. This process started in April 2011 and supposed to last for three years. This move was caused by ‘bitter infighting’ of the board members.

For the people like us, it don’t really matter who is or who will be the owner of such a great festival. We only want it to be the place where people can find what they come for to the Burning Man Festival. We want quality music, much fun and lots of positive emotions. We want burn out problems ways with that damn 100-feet effigy!

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