How Beatles Changed the Rock Music

There are many different styles of music that encompass the rock music. Even though all rock music bands share the common spirit but the music developed by them is entirely different from each other. When rock music originated in 1950s and 1960s, a band from Liverpool entered the rock music – The Beatles. Before Beatles, only Elvis Presley was the established rock n roll music artist who gave them a competition.

The Beatles
Even then, Beatles admired his music and were also influenced by him to a certain extent. The ensemble of Beatles was supplemented with rhythm guitar, solo guitar, bass guitar, violins, drums and sitar. They experimented with the creative possibilities supported by multiple track tape recording. They changed the rock music to that extent where it was possible to make music in the rock studios but was not possible to produce that kind of music in live performances. They are even today known as the biggest concert draws on earth. Their music greatly influence the life of many people of that generation and also motivated the generation that followed. They at that time became the hottest entities of pop music scene in England at that time.
With such great success, Beatles opened the ample amount of opportunities for the new faces in the rock music market. When they opened up the market in US, many other rock music bands took the advantage of becoming global bands like Rolling Stones and Kinks. The way rock music has achieved global acceptance, much of its credit goes to Beatles.

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