Inductees of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The biggest & foremost prestige for any rock artist in the rock music world is considered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame which was established in the year 1983 to honor the admirable rock artists. It is prominently dedicated in recording the olden times of some of the eminent & best known most influential rock music bands, musicians, music producers along with those who have by any chief way prejudiced the wide music industry globally.

Hall of Fame Museum

For any rock music world artist, the most important & crucial achievement in his life will always be to be an inductee in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Inductees of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are broadly categorized into six divisions (initially it was four but later on two more categories were added on).

These six categories of inductees of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are as below –

  • Performers
  • Non – Performers
  • Lifetime achievement
  • Early Influences
  • Award for Musical Excellence
  • Sidemen

There have been various inductees in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But overall there have been only 18 performers of the music world who have been inducted more than once in their lifetime. Clyde McPhatter, a famous artist, was the first ever artist who got inducted twice in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Moreover the only artist to be actually inducted thrice has been Eric Clapton. Also Stephen Stills has been the only one who got inducted twice but in the same year.

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