Is Rock Music Cursed being Surrounded by Crime?

There is not nay question or debate over the success, popularity, high demand of rock music in the world ever since its origin. But that is just one side of the coin – the name, fame, silver lights, camera, reputation, money, high status. But what about the opposite faces of the rock music which is quite grey. The opposite face is shocking, awful, surrounded by drugs, violence, abusive language and even jail. While looking at the bright side of the rock music world how can one avoid or underestimate the dreadful reality of the rock music world? This grey side of the rock music world leads to a debate – whether rock music is cursed being always surrounded by Crime?

Rock and Criminal

Rock music stars and jail time blend together like weed and whiskey, bars and stripes and hookers and cocaine. Well no wonder that many of our favorite musical heroes actually ended up in trouble with the law that leads to jail. This article in honor of the forever famous debate of our rock stars being ‘criminal minded ‘(well though they are criminal of stealing our hearts)?

The most famous example is of one & only legendary Ike Turner. He was accused of being beating brutally his wife, Tina Turner. Plus also got involved in drug charges and died due to cocaine overdose in the year 2007. But whatever happened in his personal life we can’t deny that he was a damn good guitar player and one hell of a creative entity behind the mighty ‘Rocket 88’. He gained immense fame, popularity, recognition and high status as the creator of first rock and roll song ever.

So is it true or a myth that rock music is cursed being always surrounded by Crime but we can’t stop loving it?

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