Kiss to Release a New Album ‘Monster’ (2012)

The legendary band Kiss will release the 20th studio album called ‘Monster’. Its name was confirmed by the band’s official website. ‘Monster’ is highly expected my millions album; it is scheduled for released on the 16th of October. It was recorded at Conway Recording Studios and produced by Paul Stanley and Greg Collins.

Kiss Monster Album Cover

Kiss Monster Album Cover

Tommy Thayer, the lead guitarist of the band, in his interview said that the sound of Monster will be a bit heavier that of Sonic Boom. It is also known that the album will have a sound similar to Kiss’s first albums. The band says it will be “meat and potatoes” and “straight ahead rock n roll album”.

Kiss have already released the first single “Hell or Hallelujah” in June, which is available on and here in this post too. It was already positively welcomed by fans and critics. It has already taken the first position in iTunes Top Rock Chart.

Today the track listing of the Kiss Monster album is already known and you can find it below.

  1. Hell or Hallelujah
  2. Wall of Sound
  3. Freak
  4. Back to the Stone Age
  5. Shout Mercy
  6. Long Way Down
  7. Eat Your Heart Out
  8. The Devil Is Me
  9. Outta this World
  10. All for the Love of Rock & Roll
  11. Take Me Down Below
  12. Last Chance
  13. Right Here Right Now

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