New Depeche Mode Album Will be Released in 2013

Every single Depeche Mode’s fan is interested in when the band is going to release its new album.

Depeche Mode Band


According to Clash Magazine Depeche Mode is going to release the 12th studio album text year (2013). Nobody knows the when exactly we will be able to purchase it, but they plan launch it in spring. As far as it is known, the band has already recorded twenty songs.

Christoffer Berg is the albums producer, he was also working with Fever Ray and the Knife records. In may Dave Gahan in his interview to the Clash said that the album was sure to be ready by the end of the year.

The Depeche Mode band, formed in 1980 in Basildon, is almost 30 years together and during this time the line up didn’t undergo great changes. The band has only two former members: Vince Clarke (1980-1981) and Alan Wilder (1982-1995).
The music instead did transform to something different, as promised by the band members. Dave says some ‘bluesy’ influences will be present album to come up.

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