Oboe – Most Suave yet Difficult Instrument to Play

Music world is all about instruments bending together with the player. Musical instruments have played a vital indispensable role in the popularity of music. Even rock music has been surrounded by numerous musical instruments, some classical while some innovated (while experimenting) by artists. The variety of musical instruments in rock music has always been a matter of attraction to people.


Some instruments are very simple yet some are quite difficult to learn & play. One such instrument that has always been considered one of the most elegant, suave yet one of the most difficult one to learn & play is Oboe. In rock music world, Oboe has been widely used after the period of 1970s. Before the year 1770, this graceful musical instrument was termed as hautbois or hoboy. The name Oboe was originally adopted in the year 1770 while the musician playing Oboe was termed as Oboist.

Oboe is basically a soprano-ranged musical instrument with double reed. Oboe belongs to the woodwind family and is crafted from a fine wooden tube that is usually a 60 cm long tube. The idiosyncratic Oboe tone is typically versatile. The Oboe tone has always been described typically as “bright”. This musical instrument is equipped with a conical bore, some metal keys along with a flared bell. The sound in Oboe is formed by blowing into Oboe’s reed while vibrating some air column. Peter Gabriel (famous rock artist from the well recognized band ‘Genesis’) has always been well known for playing Oboe in some of his band’s studio recordings.

Sonata for Three Oboes – a Really Great Sound of Professional Playing

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