Original Metallica Line-up Members

If you are an avid music fan and especially of hard rock and heavy metal, then the breath-taking tracks of Metallica such as ‘That was just your life, ‘Cyanide’, ‘Fuel’, ‘The Shortest Straw’ can fill with you with the excitement that you demand. The America originated brand is the biggest heavy metal band of all the time and here is the big news of now.

Original Metallica Lineup Members

Blackened Recordings, the band’s label, would now be the home to all the current albums and videos and all the future releases of Metallica. How this success for Metallica became possible? Yes, due to the hard work of the line-up members. The line-up members till now have played their significant parts in the upbringing of the band to this extent. When it comes to Metallica, the focus is often on James Hetfield. The unbending dedication and devotion that James exhibited from the early days has a prime role to play in Metallica’s success. The band made its innovative start in the year 1981 with the original line-up comprising of James Hetfield for Vocals, Guitar and Bass; Lloyd Grant for Lead guitar and Lars Ulrich for drums.

James was so enthusiastic about his job that he canned his three weeks of intense physical therapy to just four days for the sake of the Summer Sanitarium 2000 tour. The honour of the present success that Metallica is sharing with all its fans goes to the Master head James along with Lars Ulrich for drums, Kirk Hammett for guitar and background vocals and Robert Trujillo for the bass. A total of nine Grammy awards till now and five consecutive number one album debuts on Billboard 200 define the glory of Metallica well.

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