Pearl Jam’s Fans in Missoula Wait for Hours to Buy Tickets

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Back in June Pearl Jam accounted their show in Missoula which will take place on the 30th of September at University of Montana Adam’s Center. Well such behemoth rock bands don’t very often visit Missoula very often, but Jeff Ament (band’s bassist) was born in Montana. The last time the band from Seattle visited Missoula back in 2005.


Fans in Missoula were unlucky; they simply couldn’t purchase tickets online and were forced to do it in an old-fashioned way. They had to wait for many hours in line so great the need for tickets was.


When the Adams Center opened there were more than 100 Pearl Jam fans waiting for their chance to get additional 1100 tickets.

The rush is really great. People got ready for a day-long waiting and the place now resembles camping with tourists. They camp for many hours. One woman was even reading up for her exam she is taking in couple of days.

It is always pleasant to see such a great devotion to the band and its music. For me Pearl Jam is a really great fan and I have two T-shirts in my collections. If you want to honor the band too, you can check up Pearl Jam clothing collection available at our store.

Plus, as always a well-known but really great video: Pearl Jam ‘Black’ (Love Pearformance).

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