Pink Floyd Jammed on BBC During the Moon Landing in 1969

Apollo 11 landed on the Moon on the 20th of July in 1969. On that day the entire world stood still, because it was the first mission with a human on board. Neil Armstrong was honored to lead the mission.

The event was broadcasted to approximately 600 million of people all over the world. BBC1, BBC2 and ITV covered the covered a 8-day mission and Pink Floyd were performing during it. David Gilmour was extremely excited to perform live and be a part of an event which was of great importance to the humanity. He was 23 then.

Though, I am sure it was Neil who was more excited than even David, because it was him to make the very first step on the Moon.

Michael Collins had to wait for long 15 hours in lunar orbit for Armstrong and Aldrin to return. All three astronauts returned to Earth in safety after being in Space for 8 days.

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