Pink Floyd ‘Wish You Were Here’ Album

Wish You Were Here T-shirt‘Wish You Were Here’ was released in 1975; it was a ninth studio album of the Pink Floyd band. There are three major themes the album covers: the music business, absence and Syd Barrett’s mental decline. The song ‘Shine On’ was actually a tribute to him.

Once he entered the studio, when the song was being recorded, but others were so busy and Syd was looking so differently that they even didn’t recognized him. Syd Barrett gained in weight and shaved his body and head, so it was really difficult to recognize old Syd in a new one.

The album enjoyed a really great success. The rush was so great that the EMI group (record company) was unable to release enough copies for everybody who wanted to purchase it. Also Richard Wright and David Gilmour say that ‘With You Were Here’ is their favorite Pink Floyd album.

This album is the second Pink Floyd’s album where Water’s was given a full freedom to use his conceptual themes. It begins with an eight minute introduction which gradually becomes the beginning of “Shine on You Crazy Diamond” song.

The last time when they saw Syd was on Gilmour’s wedding ceremony. That day Syd Barrett left without even saying ‘goodbye’ to anybody. They say Syd’s conversation was ‘not entirely sensible’ and he didn’t even understand the song ‘Shine On’ was devoted to him.

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Pink Floyd – Shine On You Crazy Diamond [Live]

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