Platinum ‘Destroyer’ (Album) of the Kiss Band

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The album ‘Destroyer’ was released on the 15th of March in 1976. It would be noted that it was not the first successful album of the Kiss band, they have recorded two great albums before: Hotter than Hell (1974) and Dressed to Kill (1975). Their first album Kiss released in 1974 didn’t bring them popularity.

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Another reason why I decided to write about this album is that the ‘Destroyer’ faced a little brake up in their popularity and commercial success, but this album was a real hit. RIAA certified it as gold on the 22nd of April and also platinum the same year. ‘Destroyer’ was the first Kiss studio album to achieve platinum status.

The band began to work on the album in August, 1975. The producer was Bob Ezrin, who also successfully worked with Alice Cooper. He added some production flourishes, sound effects and child choir while recording the album.

The band used some outside musicians to record Destroyer: New York Philharmonic-Symphony Orchestra, Dick Wagner from Alice Cooper, who, though, was not credited. Dick also played the acoustic part the ‘Beth’ song.

The album’s cover was designed by Ken Kelly, fantasy artist. It is Simmons who was found him and was discussing ideas with. Ken agreed to create a cover art but first he asked the Kiss band to perform live to get inspiration. They gave him access to the backstage and Ken liked the performance very much. He was too asked to design a cover for the Love Gun album (1977).

KISS – Detroit Rock City Dodger Stadium 1998

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