Portraits of Famous Musicians by Ingrid Black

Today I am going to write more about art rather than about music. Namely I would like to write about Ingrid Black, about which I have learned from Bob Marley’s fan page at FaceBook.com. I have never heard of her and I believe she is not (hopefully yet) famous, because I couldn’t even find an information about her on Wikipedia.

I am not an art professional and can’t say much about her paintings. The only thing I can tell is that I like them. If you understand all that stuff about paining techniques and styles you are welcome to contribute in the comment section. I have found two sentences about her on a contemporary art website. They say she is an experimental and contemporary artist.

Actually she paints not only famous people. On Ingrid Black’s website I have found some landscapes and abstract ideas too. I know lots of people love that thing, so you can check up more of her paintings at IngridBlack.com.

I have added some of her works right here and if you click on the image you will be directed right to our store where you can purchase T-shirts, hats or hoodies on the person. And one more thing before I finish. If you too paint or draw famous rock musicians you are welcome to send us your artworks, we will gladly publish them on our blog. Yes, you can become famous with ShirtHunt.com!

Bob Marley


Mick Jagger

john lennon

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