Notes on Post Breakup Period of Led Zeppelin (1980s)

After its breakup Led Zeppelin stated couple of projects. The Honeydrippers, formed in 1981, was the first significant one, formed by Robert Plant. It was his old-time wish to create a band with R&B (rhythm and blues) basis. Together with Paul Shaffer, Jeff Beck and Nile Rodgers they even recorded an EP in the United States. Their new style was highlighted in the cover version of the song called ‘Sea of Love’, which was number three on Billboard charts. That was a success.

Led Zeppelin Logo

Led Zeppelin logo, used from 1973

Next year, in 1982, they released a collection of unused and rarely heard records under title ‘Coda’. They added two records from Led Zeppelin’s performance in 1970 at the Royal Albert Hall, three records from the session called In Through the Out Door and a drum instrumental by John Bonham, which included some electronic effects created by Jimmy Page.

Plant, Page and Jones reunited again in 1985, on the 13th of July to perform at Live Aid in Philadelphia. They played only couple of songs with the following musicians: Phil Collins, Tony Thompson (both drummers) and Paul Martinez (bassist). How they performed was far from excellence because of absence of time for rehearsals with drummers; Page’s guitar, which was out-of-tune and monitors which functioned really poorly.

In 1988 they reunited again with the drummer John Bonham (Bonham’s song) to perform live at Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary concert. It was another disaster. Plant and Page could not decide if they should play “Stairway to Heaven”. In addition to that Jones’ keyboards didn’t function properly during the performance. ‘One big disappointment’ this is how Page called that performance.

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