Post Led Zeppelin Career of Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page (James Patrick Page) was born in 1944. For the majority of people he is known as a guitarist of the Led Zeppelin band. He began his music career as a studio session guitarist and the member of The Yardbirds band until 1968. Later he joined Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and Job Bonham to form Led Zeppelin.

I have already written a post about post-break up period of the Led Zeppelin band from the band’s angle, now I would like to focus more on great person and incredible guitarist, Jimmy Page.

The band broke up in 1980 after John Boham’s (drummer) dearth. He died at Page’s home. Naturally that greatly upset him and he didn’t touch the guitar for a rather long time. He returned to the stage to perform at a Jeff Beck show only next (1981) year.

His next music experience was the super-band called XYZ (ex-Yes-Zeppelin). They rehearsal a lot but had been never officially recorded. Only bootlegged records exist.

Page too collaborated with Michael Miller in 1982 to work on Death Wish II and Death Wish III soundtracks.

Jimmy Page also performed at various charity concerts, usually those were acoustic concerts. Then he recorded several songs with this first band, Yardbirds. In 1985 the Led Zeppelin members reunited to perform at Live Aid concert with Phil Collins and Tony Thomson on drums. has 30 clothing items of the band. They all are in stock! What a fan you are if you don’t have at least one tee of the Led Zeppelin? =)

Adding a bonus video found at
Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton & Jimmy Page Solo – Stairway To Heaven (ARMS Concert 1983)

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