Premier of Dave Grohl’s Documentary at Sundance Film Festival

Sound City which is Dave Grohl’s directorial debut venture will get premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on 18th January, before its theatrical release that has been scheduled for next month, that is, February 2013. Sound city – Real to Reel, is the Grohl’s album that enlists some of the musical legends who demonstrate the human element involved in recording and creating music.

Dave Grohl

This directorial venture of Grohl is a documentary, that archives the Van Nuy’s story. Van Nuys is a studio in California, which has witnessed some legendry recording by certain prominent music composers. One of such work was Nirvana’s 1991’s smash hit – Nevermind, in which Dave Grohl played the drums.

Grohl has announced that he will be bringing some renowned names from rock music industry, as his Sound City Players in to the park City’s live concert on the premiere night of Sundance Film Festival. Although there are a numerous speculations about who will be the part of this live concert but there are no certain names. There is no confirmed word about by whom will be the Foo Fighter joined on the stage. As per the speculations circulating around, Vinny Apice, Kevi n Cronin, Taylor Hawkins, Rupert Neve, Jessy Greene, John Fogerty, Barry Manilow, Rick Nielsen may be the part of this grand concert.

Everybody in the music industry is looking forward for this grand premiere of the Grohl’s debut movie Sound City, as it is going to come with a bang in this concert.

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