Review of the Complete David Bowie Book by Nicholas Pegg

David Bowie is one the world’s most renowned and famous rock music artist and my favorite too. David’s career is considered one of the most intriguing as well as colorful in the contemporary rock music world. Today we will be reviewing the book ‘The Complete David Bowie’ that has been written by Nicholas Pegg on the life of David. So let us take a look at the review…

The Complete David Bowie

This book covers each & every aspect of our hero David’s life from his early time to his first early appearance in the 60s as ‘balladeer Davy Jones’ to his stunning gender-bending twist as Ziggy Stardust in early 70s to his music work & contribution to rock music world. This book also features some of the David’s unreleased rarities together with histories & list of his live shows along with certain unknown facts about his life.

The author has taken some liberty explaining all the aspects of Bowie’s life and that is the area I loved most since it provides an opportunity to all David fans to have a close insight to Bowie’s life. Well the book is almost 736 pages and that is a bit lengthy for a normal person but for a hardcore David fan it is very little since the book is written so beautifully by Pegg that it keeps the reader’s interest held till end.

Even the language used is quite simple yet attractive and the big plus is the unknown factors of our legend’s life that covers all the tiny this & that of the book making it a must read for every Bowie fan.

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