Sonic Youth History in a Nutshell

When one thinks over the precious jewels in the wide rock music world how can one forget to mention Sonic Youth? Well for those who have not yet recalled – Sonic Youth is an alternative band of the rock music world. This is an American based rock band from the city New York. This band was formulated in the year 1981. The famous lineup of this immensely popular rock band incorporated the guitarist Thurston Moore, bass guitarist Kim Gordon, drummer Steve Shelley, bass & guitarist Mark Ibold and vocals & guitarist Ranaldo. The band has been well known for their unique style, incredible tremendous music and some famous music pieces.

Sonic Youth Photo

Sonic Youth are among those few rock bands in the history of rock music world that have enjoyed success & fame ever since their origin and enjoyed it throughout the times. Plus this is also a part of those very few bands that have enjoyed critical acclaim too throughout their career. This incredible rock band had expressed an immense variety of influences in their time. These influences ranged from composer Cage to proto punk musician Smith.

The major acclaim that this band enjoyed was for redefining what a rock guitar could actually do. The band was also famous for using a variety of unorthodox sort of guitar tunings and also for preparing their guitars with some different objects like screw drivers or drum sticks in order to alter the timbre of the instrument for a unique variation in the music. Unfortunately the band was declared having an ending for sometime by Ranaldo.

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