11 Cool Facts about Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan is a legendary American rock music singer, musician, songwriter, artist, record producer as well as a writer. Today we are paying a tribute to this legend who served the rock music world for several years by providing all the fans of Bob with some unknown facts about his life.

Bob Bylan Photo

Have a quick look –

  1. Bob’s real name is Robert Allen Zimmerman
  2. Bob’s father was a semi professional player of baseball.
  3. Bob is always accused of introducing Fab Four to marijuana.
  4. Bob was very much obsessed with ‘Rebel Without a Cause’ star James Dean.
  5. Bob’s great grandfather along with his uncles possessed the largest movie theatre in Minnesota, Hibbing. This was the time when young Bob used to watch films free of cost.
  6. Bob’s band was once rejected. Well this was the time when he was in high school in 10th grade. The reason behind rejection was that the student council found Bob & his band’s performance too shocking at the time of audition.
  7. Bob has been a great scammer ever since his college times. He was famous for scamming his friends out of clothing & cigarettes.
  8. The pet names by Suze Rotolo for Bob were “RAZ” and “the Pig”.
  9. Bob has got an honorary doctorate from the University of St. Andrews in the field of music in the year 2004.
  10. Bob’s first wife Sara Lownds used to worked as a Playboy bunny before marriage.
  11. Bob was a huge admirer of Elvis. After the death of this legend, Bob didn’t talk to any person for almost a week.

Bob Dylan’s Second Show at Gagosian Gallery

Mr. Bob Dylan’s latest art exhibition was opened in the last week of November at the Gagosian Gallery in New York City. The exhibition named as Revisionism: Thirty New Works will end on 12th January. This is the famous musician’s second attempt at the Gagosian Gallery, the first being soured with some sort of controversies regarding plagiarism. The controversy pertained to the resemblance of images in the Asia Series with that in the public domain. The photographs were criticized by the audiences and the Asia Series was not of a sort of success.

Gagosian Gallery

Image Credit: www.nytimes.com

But, this second attempt of Bob Dylan is a way better than the previous one. On the release, Gagosian said that ‘Dylan has transformed popular design elements from Bondage Magazine to Babytalk by reconsidering the syntax, graphics and chromatic content of each’. Gagosian further outlined that Dylan has combined a wide number of popular styles in this art show to impart new themes and meanings to the images. The work of Dylan has always been surrounded with a lot of criticism or at least it becomes a ground for deep analysis by trade and music analysts.

So far, the gallery has released only one image titled Baby Talk Magazine: Strengthen Your Baby (2011-2012). Babytalk is the oldest baby magazine in the United States and it has made this attempt. The artwork at Revisionism: Thirty New Works consists of large scale and silkscreened canvases that re-contextualize the magazine covers with pop culture iconography.

Bob Dylan to Reopen Port Chester’s Capitol Theatre

Bob Dylan

(GANNETT PHOTO NETWORK) Bob Dylan live. (Gannett News Service photo by P.G. Brunelli)

It was officially stated on BobDylan.com (the official site of the singer) that Bob Dylan is going to help reopen the theatre in Westchester. Also he is going to give a live performance at Port Chest landmark on September 4, which was recently refurbished. The tickets will become available for sale on Friday at 10 a.m. You too will be able to purchase re-sale tickets right at Bob’s website beginning from Monday.

The Cap has only 1 800 seats available, so it becomes one of the most intimate places to see the legend. I presume the tickets will fly. The admission to the Dylan’s performance is 18 and older.

The Cap was in a really bad condition and it was Peter Shapiro who invested $2 million to restore its hall. The hall actually was used by Grateful Dead and Janis Joplin as a rehearsal base before touring.

To crown that all, I would like to say Bob Dylan has a really busy tour schedule in the United States and Canada. All the details can be found on his FaceBook page. Check up if he is going to be in your city.