Interesting Facts about the Cream Band

Cream is one of the most popular rock bands of era of 1960s. The band consisted of Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce. Here is an insight to some of the best yet rare known facts about the band Cream.

Cream Band

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Have a quick look at these facts –

  • Cream is reputed as the first Super-Group rock band since all three members of the band belonged to some big band names – Bruce from ‘Manfred Mann’, Clapton from ‘Blues-breakers’ while Baker from ‘The Graham Bond Organization’.
  • The band was broken by none other than Clapton when he read a review about their band that the band has turned to be boring as well as repetitious.
  • Even after breakup the band played for three more times on some special occasions – first was the occasion of Clapton’s marriage. The second occasion was a big one when the band got inducted in the prestigious ‘Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’ and third was when they again got reunited for a series of 4 shows in the years 2005.
  • Though the band had only three members but Baker & Bruce were never comfortable with each other. They always avoided each other or else would fight big time.
  • The band actually first decided the name “Sweet and Sour Rock and Roll” but later on Clapton changed that to Cream.
  • Though Bruce & Baker never shared a good relationship still after breaking the band they turned towards forming a new group with name BBM and had guitarist Gary Moore in it.