Women Power in Rock & Roll

From the inception of rock and roll music, it was dominated by men. But since 1960 some changes started occurring gradually. These changes included introduction of female rock artists on the global platform of music. Few of the top woman rock n roll artists are Patti Smith also known as Godmother of punk, Janis Joplin, Stevie Nicks, Suzi Quatro.

Patti Smith

It was harder for women to enter this male centric music world and they also faced many problems like unfair pay, sexual aggression, exclusion, exploitation. But they managed quite well. They always had risen out to challenges like fight over audience, critics, bandmates. In 1977, Patti smith a rock singer explained it’s really hard to work in rock and roll. Here are few more stories of some well known women rock artists.

In the 1960’s, The queen of rock “Janis Joplin” started her career with never give up attitude. It is considered as the beginning of women rock artists but it was a tragic career in rock history too. She knew that she was stepping into boys playground, and to give men a strong competition she became the loudest ,toughest and boldest person. She even started drinking, smoking and consumed drugs too. Her stage performances were explosive. Unfortunately because of heroin overdose on 4th October, 1970 she died.

Stevie Nicks is another name in this list. She was one of the top rock artist of 1970s and she is also considered as the most selling rock artist in the history of rock for her group Fleetwood Mac. She transformed this normal group in to extraordinary one.

Janis Joplin vs Amy Lee – Who Is More Popular?

Most of the times, when we think about rock music, we only associate male rock artists with it.

Here are two famous female rock artists:

Janis Joplin

Janis JoplinJanis Joplin was an amazing female rock star of 1960. She was the great singer who performed in many pop and folk music albums. She looked marvellous in her exclusive outfits and unique style. Joplin unlocked the door for the generation of female rock artists with his style of singing. She always delivered awesome live performances where she performed with grace and elegance. Janis Joplin tried to express her feelings with help of music. She finally got a perfect musical match for her singing style in her last album “Pearl” which she considered the best and successful, performed with her band Full Tilt Boogie. Unfortunately, the album was released when she passed away because of the overdose of alcohol in 1970.

Amy Lee

Amy LeeAmy Lee is the one of the best female rock artist. She has the unique style of singing as she can bring so much of variation in notes. She is the lead singer in the rock band “Evanescence” which was founded by her. She has worked in some other musical projects with other rock singers. She got a style to engage her audience and always performed in dazzling way. Apart from this, she is a great person with great heart and always ready to cooperate with other rock band star. In musical industry, her voice is considered to be best amongst the other rock artist.