15 Interesting Facts about Lady Gaga

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta or simply saying Lady Gaga is a famous & iconic American rock artist, singer, record producer, songwriter, social activist, a successful businesswoman, a popular fashion designer and an actress too.

 Lady Gaga

The lady with multiple roles is herself a role model for youth. She is well accredited for her beauty, style statement and cool attitude. She has numerous shades of her personality. There are plentiful facts about Lady Gaga which world still is unaware of. Some of them have been comprised here in this article.

So have a look at the interesting facts about Lady Gaga –

  1. The famous & unique stage name “Lady Gaga” has been inspired from the famous Queen’s song – Radio Ga Ga.
  2. Lady Gaga’s height is just 5’1”. She is quite short
  3. Lady Gaga has green eyes and naturally brown hair
  4. She has got 13 tattoos over her beautiful body
  5. She likes people with unique creativity
  6. Lady Gaga loves white roses
  7. Her favorite color is black & lavender.
  8. She has many nick names. Some of them are Loopy, Rabbit teeth, Gagaloo, Mother Monster, The Germ, Little Mermaid and Stefi.
  9. Her favorite cartoon character is Bugs Bunny
  10. Her much loved food is Peach Cobbler
  11. Her much loved drink is Jameson Whiskey on the Rocks
  12. Rainer Maria Rilke is her favorite writer
  13. Lady Gaga closely admires Carrie Bradshaw character from the ‘Sex & the City’ which was portrayed by Sarah Jessica Parker.
  14. She only uses Daisy or Ralph perfume
  15. Lady Gaga does not like cats

Lady Gaga Is Now Brunette (+Photos)

Lady Gaga (born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta), a 26-year-old American singer and songwriter tweeted today a photo of hers, where she shows he new hair color, which she calls “Louis Vuitton brown.”

She left only one streak of blog hair: “Im gonna leave one streak of bad by my left ear. Lady when its down, and Gaga when its up. could we belong together?” In couple of hours, though, there was another tweet of hers, that she was to get rid of the streak just to look more like a ‘purist’.

If you check he twitter account, you will see that she receives lots of tweets/question about how to get this color.

Lady Gaga

Image: LittleMonsters.com

Lady Gaga Brunette

Image: Twitter.com/LadyGaga