Linkin Park’s New Track with Steve Aoki – A Light That Never Comes Full

Linkin Park has amazingly surprised its admirers at a sports and music festival held in Tokyo, Japan earlier this month by collaborating with Steve Aoki, the famous Dance DJ to initiate an astounding but unlikely new association.

Linkin Park

On the first day of the Summer Sonic event, Linkin Park performed in the morning. Both the acts of Linkin Park were on the Bill. Here Linkin Park performed a series of their hits and made their fans go mad about them. However, Mike Shinoda, the rapper of the group hinted about a special second appearance of the band by advising the event’s crowd to check out Steve’s Aoki’s gig later at the night and he actually made good by showing up on the stage of the Summer sonic event with band mate Chestor Bennignton when the DJ hit the decks. They then together launched one of their new song’s performance right on the stage.

The song was ” A light that never comes” much to the delight of audiences. Shinoda in that event itself also revealed the collaborative effort between the Linkin Park and Steve Aoki, by saying that I and Steve met up an year before and instantly connected. After that meeting what happened was just amazing and it actually happened quite organically, and in no time we were shooting ideas back and forth. This meeting was the one that made us realize that we can collaborate together to make some good music.