Review of the Book Moonwalk by Michael Jackson Himself

Moonwalk BookMicheal Jackson – well the name is sufficient to describe words like talent, popularity, music, fame, name and everything else that explains prestige. Of course there are many books that have been written on this celebrity and king of rock music world. But there is one & only one book that has been written by the celeb himself. That book is his own autobiography that has been written in his own words by himself. The book is Moonwalk by Micheal Jackson. The book was published in the year 1988 and Shaye Areheart along with Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was the editor. So here is the review of the book Moonwalk by legend himself

The book is Michael’s biography but at the same time he was just 30 years old when the book came out so it is more of a snapshot to his life till that date. Micheal described his life as a kid, his childhood memories, his struggle time, rise to success, tensions & stress from showbiz, his love for his kids, his hopes, peace and many more from the core of his heart.

Michael Jackson Moonwalk

The book appears more of as a conversation with the legend himself straightforwardly as if he is sitting before you telling you his life story. He has also discussed in the book about his plastic surgeries, isolation, and gossip reporting along with famous life in a bubble. The book portrays Michael’s search for a true friend and his inner loneliness and sad part of his life.

This book is a strong recommendation for all Michael’s fans if you want to feel close to him and have an insight of Jackson’s life.