10 Interesting Facts about the Pink Floyd Band

Pink Floyd

Here are some cool facts about the famous rock & roll music band – Pink Floyd.

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  1. This famous band Pink Floyd was actually named after the names of two renowned musicians from American Blues, the legends – Floyd Council and Pink Anderson.
  2. In the beginning it was only Mason, Wright and Waters who formed the band. Barrett joined the band later on.
  3. Barrett was kicked out of the band since he was getting over crazy.
  4. Till 1969, people were not fully aware how the band members looked like since before 1969 their album covers rarely had any of their pictures. They were using his benefit to live a normal life.
  5. Pink Floyd had been the first one among British rock bands to make use of famous ‘liquid light show.’
  6. Gilmour is a crazy fan of guitars. He has a broad compilation of guitars (classical ones)
  7. Waters has deep love for golf. Even during their tours, Waters always try to book hotels that were close to golf courses.
  8. Gilmour sold his valuable London house in the year 2002 for $6.48 million claiming that he has now got tired of possessing too many expensive assets.
  9. The founding member of Pink Floyd died of fighting cancer at the age of 65, in the year 2008 at 15th September.
  10. ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ is still their incredible creation and a survey showed that approximately one in a group of 12 people in the world own a copy of it.

Pink Floyd Jammed on BBC During the Moon Landing in 1969

Apollo 11 landed on the Moon on the 20th of July in 1969. On that day the entire world stood still, because it was the first mission with a human on board. Neil Armstrong was honored to lead the mission.

The event was broadcasted to approximately 600 million of people all over the world. BBC1, BBC2 and ITV covered the covered a 8-day mission and Pink Floyd were performing during it. David Gilmour was extremely excited to perform live and be a part of an event which was of great importance to the humanity. He was 23 then.

Though, I am sure it was Neil who was more excited than even David, because it was him to make the very first step on the Moon.

Michael Collins had to wait for long 15 hours in lunar orbit for Armstrong and Aldrin to return. All three astronauts returned to Earth in safety after being in Space for 8 days.

Pink Floyd’s First Album Anniversary

Pink Floyd first album cover

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Yesterday (on the fifth of August) the Pink Floyd band celebrated the UK release of their debut album ‘The Piper at the Gates of Dawn’ which was released in the year 1967. At that time Syd Barret was the band’s leader, who was too a co-founding member who supervised the release and the recording process.

The album was released at Columbia/EMI records (UK) and Tower/Capital (US), later on, there were two special editions released to mark the 13th and 14th universities. So maybe we should expect surprises from Pink Floyd, like we have from Judas Priest. This year the album became 347th in the list of 500 greatest albums of all times published by Rolling Stones.

‘The Piper at the Gates of Dawn’ is a psychedelic album with some instrumental songs and lyrics about scarecrows, space and gnomes. It was the first year when British architecture students signed a contract with EMI for 5000 pounds as an advance fee. Before they were performing as ‘Pink Floyd’ for two years.

Their first single ‘Arnold Layne’, about kleptomaniac transvestite, was rejected to be aired on Radio London because of the controversy its lyrics carried. Their next singer ‘See Emily Play’ was released the same year on the 18th of May and was number 6 in UK charts.

Pink Floyd ‘Wish You Were Here’ Album

Wish You Were Here T-shirt‘Wish You Were Here’ was released in 1975; it was a ninth studio album of the Pink Floyd band. There are three major themes the album covers: the music business, absence and Syd Barrett’s mental decline. The song ‘Shine On’ was actually a tribute to him.

Once he entered the studio, when the song was being recorded, but others were so busy and Syd was looking so differently that they even didn’t recognized him. Syd Barrett gained in weight and shaved his body and head, so it was really difficult to recognize old Syd in a new one.

The album enjoyed a really great success. The rush was so great that the EMI group (record company) was unable to release enough copies for everybody who wanted to purchase it. Also Richard Wright and David Gilmour say that ‘With You Were Here’ is their favorite Pink Floyd album.

This album is the second Pink Floyd’s album where Water’s was given a full freedom to use his conceptual themes. It begins with an eight minute introduction which gradually becomes the beginning of “Shine on You Crazy Diamond” song.

The last time when they saw Syd was on Gilmour’s wedding ceremony. That day Syd Barrett left without even saying ‘goodbye’ to anybody. They say Syd’s conversation was ‘not entirely sensible’ and he didn’t even understand the song ‘Shine On’ was devoted to him.

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Pink Floyd – Shine On You Crazy Diamond [Live]