15 Interesting Facts about Lady Gaga

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta or simply saying Lady Gaga is a famous & iconic American rock artist, singer, record producer, songwriter, social activist, a successful businesswoman, a popular fashion designer and an actress too.

 Lady Gaga

The lady with multiple roles is herself a role model for youth. She is well accredited for her beauty, style statement and cool attitude. She has numerous shades of her personality. There are plentiful facts about Lady Gaga which world still is unaware of. Some of them have been comprised here in this article.

So have a look at the interesting facts about Lady Gaga –

  1. The famous & unique stage name “Lady Gaga” has been inspired from the famous Queen’s song – Radio Ga Ga.
  2. Lady Gaga’s height is just 5’1”. She is quite short
  3. Lady Gaga has green eyes and naturally brown hair
  4. She has got 13 tattoos over her beautiful body
  5. She likes people with unique creativity
  6. Lady Gaga loves white roses
  7. Her favorite color is black & lavender.
  8. She has many nick names. Some of them are Loopy, Rabbit teeth, Gagaloo, Mother Monster, The Germ, Little Mermaid and Stefi.
  9. Her favorite cartoon character is Bugs Bunny
  10. Her much loved food is Peach Cobbler
  11. Her much loved drink is Jameson Whiskey on the Rocks
  12. Rainer Maria Rilke is her favorite writer
  13. Lady Gaga closely admires Carrie Bradshaw character from the ‘Sex & the City’ which was portrayed by Sarah Jessica Parker.
  14. She only uses Daisy or Ralph perfume
  15. Lady Gaga does not like cats

Interesting Facts about Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson – the name does not need any introduction. He is the ruler of rock & roll, the king of billions hearts and an singer & dancer. Here are some of the interesting and lesser known facts about the God of rock & roll himself.


Michael Jackson

Have a quick look

  • Michael Jackson was a billionaire at age of just 18.
  • The favorite cartoon character of Michael Jackson was Pinocchio.
  • Elizabeth Taylor nicknamed Michael Jackson ‘The King of the Pop’.
  • Jackson patented (& invented) special boots called Anti-gravity boots that he used for popular ‘lean’ in his famous music video ‘Smooth Criminal’.
  • Michael Jackson in his life sponsored the education of 10,000 underprivileged kids.
  • He suffered a rare genitical disease termed as Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency.
  • The famous song ‘Heal the World’ by Michael Jackson became the ‘World Peace Anthem’ by UN in the year 1992.
  • Michael Jackson has not one but two stars on the prestigious Hollywood’s ‘Walk of Fame’. One was for himself while second as a part of band Jackson Five.
  • He was very ticklish
  • Middle name of Michael Jackson was Joseph.
  • Michael Jackson was extremely fond of Mexican Food
  • Date of birth of this king of Pop is 29th August, 1958
  • Jackson had won 13 Grammy awards
  • Michael Jackson once played the role of a Scare-Crow in the Wiz (the movie version of famous the Wizard of Oz).
  • Michael Jackson was a pure vegetarian
  • Jackson is Godfather to Micheal (son of Barry Gibb’s) and Nicole Richie
  • Jackson’s father used to work in a steel mill

Is Rock Music Cursed being Surrounded by Crime?

There is not nay question or debate over the success, popularity, high demand of rock music in the world ever since its origin. But that is just one side of the coin – the name, fame, silver lights, camera, reputation, money, high status. But what about the opposite faces of the rock music which is quite grey. The opposite face is shocking, awful, surrounded by drugs, violence, abusive language and even jail. While looking at the bright side of the rock music world how can one avoid or underestimate the dreadful reality of the rock music world? This grey side of the rock music world leads to a debate – whether rock music is cursed being always surrounded by Crime?

Rock and Criminal

Rock music stars and jail time blend together like weed and whiskey, bars and stripes and hookers and cocaine. Well no wonder that many of our favorite musical heroes actually ended up in trouble with the law that leads to jail. This article in honor of the forever famous debate of our rock stars being ‘criminal minded ‘(well though they are criminal of stealing our hearts)?

The most famous example is of one & only legendary Ike Turner. He was accused of being beating brutally his wife, Tina Turner. Plus also got involved in drug charges and died due to cocaine overdose in the year 2007. But whatever happened in his personal life we can’t deny that he was a damn good guitar player and one hell of a creative entity behind the mighty ‘Rocket 88’. He gained immense fame, popularity, recognition and high status as the creator of first rock and roll song ever.

So is it true or a myth that rock music is cursed being always surrounded by Crime but we can’t stop loving it?

Blues – An Essential Component of Today’s Music

Blues is a significant form of music. Most of the music that you hear today contains specific elements of blues in one form or the other. The influence of Blues music is quite evident in all the prevailing forms of popular music like Rock & Roll, Rap, Pop, Jazz or Country.

Afro Americans were the originators of Blues and started this music in the late 19th century in the plantations around Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana as these were the places where most African Americans used to live. Blues music at that time was a combination of work songs, field hollers, religious music, rag time and African music. The Blues music derived a major influence from the African music, as that had a steady and strong beat that was created using drums & some other instruments. This beat and the singing was a major part of the Blues music.

Field hollers and work songs also greatly influenced Blues music, as they were a sort of storytelling songs sung a particular tone. Similarly another musical factors that influenced Blues was Rag time. It influenced the Blues and introduced fast beats with piano. This way as soon as the Blues became popular, it started influencing the rock music in a certain manner.

Although Rock music did not adopt Blues completely, but certainly it borrowed few elements from Blues in order to thicken its music plot. Slowly and gradually every kind of music started to add certain elements of Blues in their own music type to enhance its effect.

The New American Beauty for the Music and Beer Lovers

I love music and I love beer, and if they both come in a combo….I love it even more. Music and beer goes together. Isn’t it? If you are both a lover of music and beer, then this news is going to interest you. It’s the new band themed beer. Yes it’s not the way you were assuming it to be.

Americal Beauty Beer

Last year, some wines were introduced featuring the renowned American rock band Grateful Dead and now the band is collaborating with Dogfish Head Craft Brewery to introduce a beer titled American Beauty. The two leading names in the music and the liquor industry are quite hopeful of American Beauty touching the heart of fans.

Both Grateful Dead and Dogfish Head Craft Brewery have started a combined campaign and are welcoming fans to submit their valuable suggestions regarding the ingredients that would match well with both the beer and the music partner. The participants must be at least 21 years old to take part and the last date to enter the suggestions is 31st December. The head representatives will form a judging panel to choose and award the winning participants. This panel will be constituted representatives from both Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and Grateful Dead.

The winning fan would be invited to the Dogfish’s brewpub at Rehoboth, Delaware in the 2013 springs. So, what are you waiting for? Tell the story, put the ingredient and who knows, maybe you are the winner.

Bob Dylan’s Second Show at Gagosian Gallery

Mr. Bob Dylan’s latest art exhibition was opened in the last week of November at the Gagosian Gallery in New York City. The exhibition named as Revisionism: Thirty New Works will end on 12th January. This is the famous musician’s second attempt at the Gagosian Gallery, the first being soured with some sort of controversies regarding plagiarism. The controversy pertained to the resemblance of images in the Asia Series with that in the public domain. The photographs were criticized by the audiences and the Asia Series was not of a sort of success.

Gagosian Gallery

Image Credit: www.nytimes.com

But, this second attempt of Bob Dylan is a way better than the previous one. On the release, Gagosian said that ‘Dylan has transformed popular design elements from Bondage Magazine to Babytalk by reconsidering the syntax, graphics and chromatic content of each’. Gagosian further outlined that Dylan has combined a wide number of popular styles in this art show to impart new themes and meanings to the images. The work of Dylan has always been surrounded with a lot of criticism or at least it becomes a ground for deep analysis by trade and music analysts.

So far, the gallery has released only one image titled Baby Talk Magazine: Strengthen Your Baby (2011-2012). Babytalk is the oldest baby magazine in the United States and it has made this attempt. The artwork at Revisionism: Thirty New Works consists of large scale and silkscreened canvases that re-contextualize the magazine covers with pop culture iconography.

Supro Ozark 1560 S – The Very First Guitar of Jimi Hendrix

Supro Ozark Guitar Jimi Hendrix got his first guitar at the age of 15. It was purchase from his father’s acquaintance for $5. Before it young Jimi practiced playing ukulele, which was found in a garage. Ukulele (or uke) is a string instrument from guitar family with four courses of strings.

Jimi Hendrix was listening to Elvis Presley’s songs on the radio and spent many hours to learn guitar parts and to follow them with a one-string guitar. All parts were learnt by ear, not notes or guitar chords were available to him.

They the Jimi Hendrix played guitar for 7 hours a day, he grabbed tips of more experienced guitarists and listen to his father’s blues records all the time. Muddy Waters, Howlin; Woolf, Robert Johnson and B.B. King were among the artists which influenced a lot Jimi and his music tastes.

Supro Ozark 1560 S was the first electric guitar of Jimi Hendrix purchased in 1958 from Myers Music shop. The guitar was without an amplifier, thought. Jimi mastered different styles of playing, like playing behind the back and ‘duck walk’ and participated in different bands.

Jimi Hendrix First TV Appearance (Video)

Portraits of Famous Musicians by Ingrid Black

Today I am going to write more about art rather than about music. Namely I would like to write about Ingrid Black, about which I have learned from Bob Marley’s fan page at FaceBook.com. I have never heard of her and I believe she is not (hopefully yet) famous, because I couldn’t even find an information about her on Wikipedia.

I am not an art professional and can’t say much about her paintings. The only thing I can tell is that I like them. If you understand all that stuff about paining techniques and styles you are welcome to contribute in the comment section. I have found two sentences about her on a contemporary art website. They say she is an experimental and contemporary artist.

Actually she paints not only famous people. On Ingrid Black’s website I have found some landscapes and abstract ideas too. I know lots of people love that thing, so you can check up more of her paintings at IngridBlack.com.

I have added some of her works right here and if you click on the image you will be directed right to our store where you can purchase T-shirts, hats or hoodies on the person. And one more thing before I finish. If you too paint or draw famous rock musicians you are welcome to send us your artworks, we will gladly publish them on our blog. Yes, you can become famous with ShirtHunt.com!

Bob Marley


Mick Jagger

john lennon

Burning at a Burning Man Festival

Burning man is a festival of music and art takes place in northern Nevada, in the Black Rock Desert. It attracts thousands of people every year and every year in begins the same day – the last Monday of August and end on the same day to – the first Monday on September. The interesting thing is that it concise with the holiday of the Labor Day.

Burning Man Festival

Image Source: webbery.com, Partick Roddie Photography

So What Burning Man Actually Is?

  • It is a damn huge wooden effigy meant to be burned
  • It is an experiment in community and art
  • It is radical self-expression and self-reliance
  • It is 7 days of crazy joy, good music and unforgettable experience

Last year the height of the effigy burnt was about 104ft, that it is 3m, which is 4 feet higher than the Statue of Liberty which is only 100 feet tall, this year it is will probably be even higher, who knows.

Last year Larry Harvey announced that the Burning Man Festival will be a non-profit thing called ‘Burning Man Project’ to which all the ownership right will be belonged. This process started in April 2011 and supposed to last for three years. This move was caused by ‘bitter infighting’ of the board members.

For the people like us, it don’t really matter who is or who will be the owner of such a great festival. We only want it to be the place where people can find what they come for to the Burning Man Festival. We want quality music, much fun and lots of positive emotions. We want burn out problems ways with that damn 100-feet effigy!