Who Was Gaye Advert (Punk Rock Star)?

Gaye BlackPunk rock has not only influenced male artists but some of the renowned female artists also got profoundly associated with this genre. Gaye Advert (born on 29 Aug, 1956) was one of the first female rock stars of the punk rock movement. She was an English punk rock musician, who played bass guitar in the band. She had photogenic looks. Her “panda-eye make-up and ubiquitous leather jacket were the trademark of her personality.

Gaye Advert and T.V. Smith, both belonged to Bideford, a small coastal town in Devon. In 1976 both moved to London and formed a band there. Later that year they got married. Gaye Advert became a sex symbol for her own style and attained the rank of Top of the Pops.

Adverts’ early career was greatly affected with The Roxy club, London’s first live punk venue. Actually, they were one of the ground-breaking bands who performed there during its first 100 days. The Adverts’ raw, passionate sound, quickly grabbed the attention of Brian James, the Damned’s guitarist who later offered the group an opening spot on the Damned’s imminent tour. “One-Chord Wonders” was Adverts debut single which was regarded as one of the greatest early UK punk singles.

In July 1977, this single prompted much larger and better Anchor Records for Adverts. The band released their subsequent single “Gary Gilmore’s Eyes”. This single became hit in U.K. and was considered to be amongst UK Top 20 hits. This single was band’s earliest punk to do a great business in the market.

Interesting Facts about the Dead Kennedys Band

In 1978 in San Francisco, California, Dead Kennedys band incepted as a regular rock band but later it became a big name in the Punk world. In early 1980s, the band got associated with the American hardcore punk movement and then there was no looking back for this Punk band. This was the first American hardcore band that made the great impact in U.K. There are some interesting facts about the band.

Dead Kennedys

  • The band’s first single was released in June, 1979.
  • In San Francisco, on March 25, 1980, Dead Kennedys, punk band performed in Music Awards. For the whole day, the band was practicing and gave a wonderful performance.
  • The song “pull my string” was only performed at the Music Awards and was released only after when band’s done another album.
  • In the beginning of 1980, the band released their single and soon after this Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables their first album was released.
  • In early 1981, Ted was replaced with D.H. Peligro as he publicized that he wanted to leave the band and decided to become architecture. In February 1981, he performed in his last show.
  • In May 1981, when “Too Drunk to Fuck” came out, the song created controversy in UK.
  • In a very short span of time, the band left their hardcore style and changed into jazz style.
  • The band had vilified neo-Nazi skinheads in the past time as members thought that they are trying to destroy the punk scenes.

Facts About Punk Music

Punk rock is a renowned term with which most of the rock fans are aware. Punk music is a division of rock genre that emerged during the mid 1970s. Regions like United States, United Kingdom and Australia saw the origination of punk music in the initial stages.
The musical effect composed by punk bands were composed with petite songs with the background of hard-edged and fast music, however, its roots can be traced to garage rock and protopunk music genre. Apart from the musical impact made by Punk music genre, the same stayed a powerful factor in influencing younger generation in their fashion, outlooks and culture by their different performance styles. Since, the punk music paved way for several talented and popular artists. These artists singed off from this band and formed individual styles of sub genres.

Chronological observation reveals the detail that media approach in New York gave a break for the publicity of the term PUNK globally. Some of the controversial slogans like “Please kill me” encrypted over artists costumes, a soviet hammer and sickle motive selected for their stage show, are remarkable influences of Punk band. The lifestyle that was adopted by people after seeing the punk followers’ inspiration on punk fashion stayed another factor that motivated people to consider certain convictions for granted. Social issues like drugs, racism, change in morals, etc. Moreover, punk genre stayed a prominent influencing factor for people to consider its music as a form of artists own perspective.

A Preface to Gypsy Punk

Gypsy Punk is a different kind of rock music genre since it is a hybrid rock musical genre. Gypsy Punk musical genre crosses successfully and elegantly the traditional form of Romani music with contemporary Punk Rock. The first rock music group that incorporated Gypsy music with punk rock music was Mother Head Bug.

Gypsy Punk

This rock band was active typically in the 90s, precisely in early 90s. But this genre got majority of fame among people when Gogol Bordello adapted this rock music genre. The band Gogol Bordello presented the world with Gypsy Punk via their music album namely Gypsy Punks: Underdog World Strike. The front man in this art piece was Eugene Hutz and described their art performance as Gypsy Punk Cabaret. This was the actually time when Gypsy Punk spread in the world like hot cakes.

Initially this genre of rock music had to face some criticism. The major reason was that critics considered Gypsy Punk as quite exploitation of the traditional Roma culture. But later on it got the fame which it enjoys even today. Bands using Gypsy punk genre frequently blends rock beats along with instrumentation but with some difference.
The difference is that this genre uses quite more conventional Gypsy instrumentation like accordion, drums, fuddle, tambourine, saxophone and trumpet. One more difference is there. Due to speckled cultural composition of the traditional Gypsy culture, some bands sing usually in a number of different languages. Sometimes these bands frequently switch the language in a number of times even within the same single song.

Hardcore Punk – Rock Music’s Exemplary Genre

We all know there are numerous genres in our favorite rock music world. One of the most exemplary and diverse sort of rock music genre is Hardcore Punk. Hardcore Punks is simply referred to as ‘Hardcore’. This rock music genre basically originated in late 70s. Normally people get confused by considering Punk rock same as of Hardcore Punk. This genre of rock music is quite faster, heavier, thicker and far more abrasive than regular kind of punk rock. Hardcore has generated the imperative straight edge movements along with its related sub movements as well as youth crew and hardline.

Hardcore Punk

This genre of rock music was deeply occupied with abrupt rising in the autonomous record labels in the early 80s and also with the DIY ethics for the underground music prospects. Hardcore Punk has greatly influenced a great number of other music genres. These genres after getting influenced have experienced conventional success. These music genres include big names like alternative rock, grunge, metal core, nu metal, thrash core, Emo, and thrash metal and don’t forget the post-hardcore.

In Hardcore genre, the songwriting put more importance on rhythm than melody. This genre of rock music further got more emphasized through their dressing style. To support their hardcore punk genre rock bands the fans also adopted their dressing style with a dressed down approach of jeans, T-shirts along with a hairstyle of crew cut-style. Along with unique clothing style, diverse music along with influencing other famous music genre, the Hardcore has also influenced greatly the dancing. Hardcore Punk scene has effectually developed slam dancing along with the emergence of stage diving which has now become every star’s famous trend.

Green Day Will Perform at MTV Video Music Awards

Green Day MTV

Photo: Jordan Strauss / MTV

I found this news on the MTV Website, where the article is full of info which is not necessary. So I have picked up only what you would like to know and missed ‘blah blah blah’ which is not worth of your attention.

Today (August, 15) the Green Day band is going to premiere their new video “Oh Love” on MTV and you will be able to see at 7.49 p.m.. Billie Joe, Tre and Mike are going to answer questions submitted by fans during 30 minutes.

Another thing that I bet it will be interesting to learn is that they are going to perform at MTV video awards. Before Pink, Alicia Keys and One Direction were too performing at the show. For Green Day it will be the 5th time, this time on the 6th of September at Staples Center in Los Angeles. Only one star took stage there more times (seven) and that was Madonna.

World’s Largest Drumsticks Belong to Dave Grohl

David Eric “Dave” Grohl is known as a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, lead vocalist of Foo Fighters and the drummer of the Nirvana band. He is too a co-founder of rock band Them Crooked Vultures and the number of side projects of minor importance.
Worlds Largest Drumsticks

In fact it is not Dave who owns the giant sticks, but his native town Warren, Ohio, where recently a status of two 900-poud drum stick was unveiled. Rolling Stone reports that these sticks were certified as the largest in the world by Guiness Book of Records.

The huge sticks will be on public display until September at Warren Amphitheater, then they tocated to Dave Grohl Alley. According to Rolling Stone, Dave was born in Warren but lived there only couple of years. When he was a child, his family moved to Virginia suburbs of Washington D.C.

You can see the huge drumsticks being crafted on the video I am embedding here too.

Worlds Largest Drumsticks David Grohl alley Warren, Ohio