7 Interesting Facts about Aerosmith

One of the legendary rock bands in the history of rock music world is Aerosmith. Here we are providing some of the most fascinating yet rarely known 7 facts about the band Aerosmith.

Aerosmith in 1976

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Have a quick look –

  1. Originally the name which Aerosmith band wanted for them was either Jack Denials or Spike Jones but unknowingly they finally got stuck with this name which later on became a trend and get them huge success.
  2. Even the name of their most famous album ‘Pump’ was not the same when finalized. They wanted to rename it ‘Bobbing For Piranhas’ but didn’t.
  3. A string orchestra of total 52 men was used during the recording of the band’s famous song ‘I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing’.
  4. There was a big buzz in 1978 when Aerosmith band took actually a full ton of carottes with them. Still today no one except the band knows why & for what purpose the carottes were used or taken along with.
  5. Till date, Aerosmith has sold over 90 Million records at global level. In USA the figure is 50 Million which itself is a record.
  6. A total of unbelievable 652 flip overs were made by Steve Tyler on the famous Pump tour.
  7. Well everyone knows that Steven Tyler was thrown out of his High school but not all are aware of the fact that he stole the bass of his school’s band when he was thrown out and till date he carries it. Even one can hear this bass at the end of the most famous song by Aerosmith ‘’Livin’ On the Edge’’.

Book Review – Elvis and Me

The book Elvis & Me has been written by Elvis Presley’s ex wife Priscilla Beaulieu Presley. This book is actually the story of this famous couple of the time. The book portrays on various shades of Elvis’s life and character. I recently read this book. Here is the book review of the ‘Elvis and Me’.

Elvis and Me BookThe book revolves around the time when Priscilla met Elvis for the first time when she was 14, how they fell in love with each other, their marriage, the time after their marriage, the love & fights they had and eventually their divorce. Priscilla Beaulieu has narrated the entire story from her point of view. The core of the book portrays the feeling how a person loves another person unselfishly, even adapting him with his flaws. The book has been written beautifully since you can easily grow up page by page with Priscilla and her inner feelings of joy, sadness and finally her wretchedness.

I really like the book but at some portions (may be being a hardcore Elvis fan) the book does not justify (at least not me). The happy part of the book seems like a fairytale but the sad part and especially the deep sore feelings of rejection by Priscilla just made me shiver. But still a must read for all Elvis fans and those who are not Elvis fans (what are doing here?) go through it to have a keen look to the fact how one person can be selflessly in love with another. View the book at Amazon.

41 Greatest Classic Rock Bands

Rock music world has got numerous genres but still today the classical rock music has its own different place in the wide rock music world. Classical rock music has got its own different & diversified style, pattern, manner and technique that separate it from other rock music forms. Even today Classical rock era is considered the Golden era of the rock music world. But have you ever wondered about the greatest artists of classical rock that have contributed devotedly in making classical rock so special? This article is a tribute to all such classical rock bands that with their unique fashion, technique and a Midas touch of music has left the world mesmerized.

Classic Rock Bands List

Here we are portraying world’s 25 greatest classic rock artists classical rock world ever had.

  1. The Beatles
  2. The Rolling Stones
  3. The Who
  4. Led Zeppelin
  5. Jimi Hendrix
  6. Bob Dylan
  7. The Doors
  8. Pink Floyd
  9. Eric Clapton
  10. Elton John
  11. John Lennon
  12. Eric Clapton
  13. Queen
  14. Eagles
  15. Fleetwood Mac
  16. David Bowie
  17. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
  18. Creedence Clearwater Revival
  19. Paul McCartney
  20. Aerosmith
  21. Van Morrison
  22. Cream
  23. Grateful Dead
  24. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
  25. The Byrds
  26. AC/DC
  27. The Kinks
  28. Black Sabbath
  29. Alice Cooper
  30. The Allman Brothers Band
  31. Billy Joel
  32. Rod Stewart
  33. Peter Gabriel
  34. The Band
  35. The Moody Blues
  36. Deep Purple
  37. Bob Seger
  38. Genesis
  39. Tommy James & The Shondells
  40. Electric Light Orchestra
  41. ZZ Top

Inductees of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The biggest & foremost prestige for any rock artist in the rock music world is considered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame which was established in the year 1983 to honor the admirable rock artists. It is prominently dedicated in recording the olden times of some of the eminent & best known most influential rock music bands, musicians, music producers along with those who have by any chief way prejudiced the wide music industry globally.

Hall of Fame Museum

For any rock music world artist, the most important & crucial achievement in his life will always be to be an inductee in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Inductees of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are broadly categorized into six divisions (initially it was four but later on two more categories were added on).

These six categories of inductees of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are as below –

  • Performers
  • Non – Performers
  • Lifetime achievement
  • Early Influences
  • Award for Musical Excellence
  • Sidemen

There have been various inductees in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But overall there have been only 18 performers of the music world who have been inducted more than once in their lifetime. Clyde McPhatter, a famous artist, was the first ever artist who got inducted twice in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Moreover the only artist to be actually inducted thrice has been Eric Clapton. Also Stephen Stills has been the only one who got inducted twice but in the same year.

10 Lesser Known Facts about Elvis Presley

Well who does not know about the king of the rock music world – Elvis Presley? But there are some unknown interesting facts about Elvis which you might not know. Interesting what those facts could be? Just go through this article and you will get the answer. Below here are 10 unfamiliar yet interesting facts about the legend himself – Elvis Presley.

Elvis Presley

Image: nbcnews.com

Have a quick look –

  1. Elvis’s popular black hair was not actually black. He had brown hair. He dyed those to black.
  2. Elvis was born twins but his twin brother was a stillborn. His brother was named Jesse.
  3. Elvis was actually his dad’s middle name which he took and got it milestone in the history.
  4. Elvis, whom every girl dream of, was actually got rejected at school by girls.
  5. The first ever guitar Elvis purchased was actually against his wish at the age of 11 by his mother.
  6. When Elvis was just 15 months old, he almost died in a tornado ofMississippi. If that would had happened that means the world would have been deprived of this legend.
  7. Elvis was a big foodie. He loved deep-fried fatty goodies, potato & cheese soup, meatloaf with mushroom gravy, biscuits, gravy etc. But he hated fish. He could not stand the sight of fish food.
  8. Elvis was 6 feettall and his shoe size was 11.
  9. Elvis met his wife Priscilla when she was just 14 years old and that too during his Germany military services. Eight years later after their meeting he married her.
  10. Elvis had a daughter Lisa who married Micheal Jackson. Later she married Nicolas Cage who was also Elvis’s obsessive.

Know What Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum Is

Rock & Roll Hall of fame is a museum that is considered a milestone in the world of rock music. This museum is situated in the downtown Cleveland on the shore of Lake Erie at United States of America. This museum is a dedicated to pay tribute to the world’s some of the best, renowned and most influential producers, promoters, artists, engineers and all those who by any mean have immensely influenced positively the music world through rock music genre. This amazing museum with such indifferent theme was created on April 20, 1983.

Hall of Fame Museum Logo

There is an unordered catalog of approximately 660 songs (originally 500) which are the most popular songs from the rock music world. These songs have been selected with a belief that these have been the most dominant & influential in shaping the entire itinerary of rock and roll world. This museum completed its silver jubilee anniversary in 2009 and with grand celebrations their 25th anniversary was celebrated.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame not only achieved fame but with fame they also faced some criticism over past by some personnel. The most recurrent criticism associated with the Hall of Fame is that some does not feel the nomination process to be quite precise & fair and they were blamed for showcasing biasness. According to them the nomination procedure is proscribed by a those individuals who themselves are not musicians. But still today this museum is among the best dedication process for rock world.

How Beatles Changed the Rock Music

There are many different styles of music that encompass the rock music. Even though all rock music bands share the common spirit but the music developed by them is entirely different from each other. When rock music originated in 1950s and 1960s, a band from Liverpool entered the rock music – The Beatles. Before Beatles, only Elvis Presley was the established rock n roll music artist who gave them a competition.

The Beatles
Even then, Beatles admired his music and were also influenced by him to a certain extent. The ensemble of Beatles was supplemented with rhythm guitar, solo guitar, bass guitar, violins, drums and sitar. They experimented with the creative possibilities supported by multiple track tape recording. They changed the rock music to that extent where it was possible to make music in the rock studios but was not possible to produce that kind of music in live performances. They are even today known as the biggest concert draws on earth. Their music greatly influence the life of many people of that generation and also motivated the generation that followed. They at that time became the hottest entities of pop music scene in England at that time.
With such great success, Beatles opened the ample amount of opportunities for the new faces in the rock music market. When they opened up the market in US, many other rock music bands took the advantage of becoming global bands like Rolling Stones and Kinks. The way rock music has achieved global acceptance, much of its credit goes to Beatles.

Mick Jagger Turned 69 Yesterday! Happy Birthday Mick!

Sir Michael Philip “Mick” Jagger, the founder of the Rolling Stones band celebrated his 69th birthday yesterday! He is not only a singer, songwriter and great musician but too an actor. He started acting in films in 1960, in 1985 he released his solo album called ‘She’s the Boss’ and in 2009 he joined SuperHeavy, an eclectic supergroup.

Happy Birthday Mick Jagger

While Mick is probably suffering from a hangout at the moment, let’s recollect more from his life.

Mick is a very cool guy in fact. In 2003 he was knighted, this is why he is actually a SIR. Just in case you don’t know: in Great Britain the knight the coolest guys for the personal achievements or great service to the country. So it is an exceptional honor.

Mick Jagger was born in a family of a teacher (father) and a hairdresser (mother), a middle class family Dartford, England. He had two younger brothers who were brought up to become teachers like their father.

So Mick was born in a ‘right’ family with ‘right’ parents and only God knows how he became a counterculture rock musician.

Anyway, I wish him the best of luck and never-ending inspiration for creating music.

I am also Including video of the Rolling Stones performing first time on MTV.