Review of the Complete David Bowie Book by Nicholas Pegg

David Bowie is one the world’s most renowned and famous rock music artist and my favorite too. David’s career is considered one of the most intriguing as well as colorful in the contemporary rock music world. Today we will be reviewing the book ‘The Complete David Bowie’ that has been written by Nicholas Pegg on the life of David. So let us take a look at the review…

The Complete David Bowie

This book covers each & every aspect of our hero David’s life from his early time to his first early appearance in the 60s as ‘balladeer Davy Jones’ to his stunning gender-bending twist as Ziggy Stardust in early 70s to his music work & contribution to rock music world. This book also features some of the David’s unreleased rarities together with histories & list of his live shows along with certain unknown facts about his life.

The author has taken some liberty explaining all the aspects of Bowie’s life and that is the area I loved most since it provides an opportunity to all David fans to have a close insight to Bowie’s life. Well the book is almost 736 pages and that is a bit lengthy for a normal person but for a hardcore David fan it is very little since the book is written so beautifully by Pegg that it keeps the reader’s interest held till end.

Even the language used is quite simple yet attractive and the big plus is the unknown factors of our legend’s life that covers all the tiny this & that of the book making it a must read for every Bowie fan.

10 Interesting Facts about the Pink Floyd Band

Pink Floyd

Here are some cool facts about the famous rock & roll music band – Pink Floyd.

Just have a look –

  1. This famous band Pink Floyd was actually named after the names of two renowned musicians from American Blues, the legends – Floyd Council and Pink Anderson.
  2. In the beginning it was only Mason, Wright and Waters who formed the band. Barrett joined the band later on.
  3. Barrett was kicked out of the band since he was getting over crazy.
  4. Till 1969, people were not fully aware how the band members looked like since before 1969 their album covers rarely had any of their pictures. They were using his benefit to live a normal life.
  5. Pink Floyd had been the first one among British rock bands to make use of famous ‘liquid light show.’
  6. Gilmour is a crazy fan of guitars. He has a broad compilation of guitars (classical ones)
  7. Waters has deep love for golf. Even during their tours, Waters always try to book hotels that were close to golf courses.
  8. Gilmour sold his valuable London house in the year 2002 for $6.48 million claiming that he has now got tired of possessing too many expensive assets.
  9. The founding member of Pink Floyd died of fighting cancer at the age of 65, in the year 2008 at 15th September.
  10. ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ is still their incredible creation and a survey showed that approximately one in a group of 12 people in the world own a copy of it.

35 Greatest Songs of The 60s Rock

Best Rock SongsHere we are presenting you some of the greatest rock songs of the ear of 1960s. On the basis of eternal fame & popularity of these records, these are ranked accordingly along with keeping in consideration their vital impact on the whole rock musical history.

Song – Artist
1. Will You Love Me Tomorrow – Shirlles
2. Stay – Maurice Williams and the Zodiac
3. Only The Lonely – Ray Orbison
4. Georgia on my Mind – Ray Charles
5. Chain Gang – Sam Cooke
6. Let’s Go, Lets Go, Let’s Go – Hank Ballard & the Midnighters
7. Shop Around – Miracles
8. Save The Last Dance For Me – Drifters
9. Cathy’s Clown – Everly Brothers
10. The Twist – Chubby Checker
11. Spanish Harlem – Ben E. King
12. Shakin All Over – Johnny Kidd & the Pirates
13. Wonderful World – Sam Cooke
14. Spoonful – Howlin Wolf
15. At Last – Etta James
16. Walk- Don’t Run – Ventures
17. He Will Break Your Heart – Jerry Butler
18. New Orleans – Garry U.S. Bonds
19. I’m Sorry – Brenda Lee
20. Gee Whiz – Carls Thomas
21. It’s Now Or Never – Elvis Presley
22. Doggin Around – Jackie Wilson
23. The Magic Moment – Drifters
24. When Will I Be Loved – Everly Brothers
25. Fingerpoppin Time – Hank Ballar& the Midnighters
26. Back Door Man – Howlin Wolf
27. I Count The tears – Drifter
28. Stuck On You – Elvis Presley
29. Are You Lonesome Tonight – Elvis Presley
30. Blue Angel – Roy Orbinson
31. Please Come Home For Christmas – Charles Brown
32. Walking to New Orleans – Fats Domino
33. Big Boss Man – Jimmy Reed
34. A Fool In Love – Ike & Tina Turner
35. Let It Rock – Chuck Berry

Music Festivals for POP Music Fans

Music festivals continue to spread out and expand all over America. There are various styles of music that feature in these music festivals.

Pop Music Festivals

Following are some highly popular pop music festivals that are held in US annually:


Summerfest which is also known as “The Big Gig” is one the longest musical events. It continues for 11 days along the Wisconsin Lakefront and attracts around 1 million people. This festival has also been listed in Guinness Book of World Records as the biggest music festival.


Bonaaroo Arts and Music festival is a four daylong event which is held around Nashville, Tennessee. It started in 2002 and became so popular that it grew itself as one of the premier music festivals of the country.


Sasquatch! began as a hunch in 2002 that there was some space for a music fest that can cater to the eclectic and alternative musical tastes. It initiated in central Washington and is now considered as one of the top music festivals in the North America.

The Bamboozle

Bamboozle started in 2005 as a two daylong music festival in New Jersey. But now it has been expanded to a three day festival which is generally held in early summers every year.

South By Southwest

South by Southwest is a festival that celebrates both music and films. It is held in Austin, Texas in march every year and it is a week-long festival that is being organized since 1987. It has now become one of the premiere musical event.

A Preface to Psychedelic Rock

Well the rock music world is very deep. It has been star studded with numerous jewels in the form of genres. One of such jewel studded genre is Psychedelic rock. Well Psychedelic rock is considered to be influenced or inspired by typical Psychedelic culture. This is also considered an exemplary attempt to replicate as well as enhance the mind altering exquisite experiences of drugs of Psychedelic.

Psychedelic Rock

This rock music is immensely famous since it uses new techniques of recording along with beautiful commendable effects in order to draw on sources (non – Western typically) like ragas and some drones of popular Indian music. This genre was promptly pioneered by world famous rock musicians including The Beatles, The Yard Birds and also by The Byrds.

This genre of rock music world emerged successfully during the era of mid 60s among famous blues rock and folk rock in both UK and USA. But the genre acquired its peak success between the years 1967to 1969. Psychedelic rock has also been well known for influencing the formulation of psychedelic soul as well as psychedelic pop. This genre is well famous for acting as a bridge for the transition from folk based & blues based rock music to glam rock, progressive rock and hard rock. The major contribution
of Psychedelic rock music genre is considered its contribution in the development of one of the most popular & in high demand rock music sub genre – The Heavy metal.

Even today Psychedelic rock genre is known for its hazy guitar sound, audacious compositions along with extended solos.

Art Rock: Definition and Bands

Who can debate on the fame & popularity of the ever famous rock music? But not only have all known that there are several genres in the rock music that makes it more unique. One of such famous & classy rock music genre is Art Rock. Art rock is a sub genre that originally is supposed to be originated in the late 1960s in the UK. It is supposed that this genre of rock music originated with influences from a blend of artistic avant-garde along with classical music.

Rock Collage

Rock music lovers believe that Art rock music came into existence with just one feeling in the hearts of rock music lovers – to extend the roc & roll limits to newer heights. This came into subsistence as a result of opted experimental along with a conceptual outlook for music. Some consider it similar to progressive rock music genre but nevertheless it is quite different from that.

Though Art rock was developed in the late 1960s but it’s attained the utmost heights of success in the early 1970s. The legendary bands that incorporated in the immense success & fame of Art rock in the rock music world includes big names like Electric Light Orchestra, Jethro Tull, The Moody Blues, Lake and Palmer and Emerson and many more are in the list. The legendary rock artists like Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel also opted for Art rock music genre and took this genre to newer statures of success & popularity with their contribution. Art music’s virtuosity along with a unique musical complexity leads to achieve newest heights of success in the wide rock music world.

What is Acid Rock?

Rock Music has influenced the world since 1950s. Rock Music has ruled the world with its uniqueness. There are many genres of Rock Music. One of most popular one, especially among youngsters is Acid Rock. This genre of Rock Music is a kind of psychedelic rock. This sub genre Rock Music is supposed to be originated in San Francisco. This music is normally associated with the hippies of the early 60s & 70s. This genre of Rock Music is exemplified by few lyrics incorporated with musical improvisation and most importantly extensive instrumental solos. This genre of Rock Music came into wider picture in the early 1960s. This typical ‘Acid’ term was given to this genre due to a specific reason.

Acid Rock

In the early 1960s this kind of music used to serve for acid trips as the background music during underground parties. At that time the most popular one were the ‘Acid Test’ and ‘Merry Pranksters’. Most of the times, Acid Rock is referred to as the ‘Psychedelic Rock’. The most famous Acid Rock brands the world has got over past include ‘Cream’, ‘Grateful Dead’, ‘Jefferson Airplane’, ‘Strawberry Alarm Clock’, ‘Big Brother & the Holding Company’, ‘Pink Floyd’ and many more.

The musical structure of Acid Rock normally makes it unique among other genres. Its musical structure normally revolves around repetitive themes with choruses, verses along with improvised long instrumental solos. The instruments used in this genre of Rock music include electric guitars, keyboards, vocal line-ups, drums and bass guitar. The wide use of phaser along with some other effects has got this genre of music to higher levels in the world of music.